83 Hand Tattoos for Women That Are Trending in 2022

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The placement of a tattoo is always a huge decision for many reasons — the pain factor, the designs that can fit, and more. Hand tattoos are a great option which I’ll be exploring today. 

Hand tattoos are a great opportunity for a delicate, minimalist design, a super bold, detailed one, or something in between based on your preferences. 

And for the most part, hand tattoos are always visible, making them great for remembering circumstances you’ve overcome, your values, or as a way to commemorate those you love most. 

So, are you ready to dive in? Let’s take a look at some trending hand tattoos for women.

1. “I Am Human” Simple Text Tattoo


This tattoo is simple, but it conveys a message everyone can get behind: “I am human.” 

You’re allowed to make mistakes and cry, and you’re also allowed to change the world in your own way. Whatever being human means to you, remind yourself of it with this tattoo.

2. Bouquet of Flowers With Name Tattoo


This bouquet of flowers is beautiful, delicate, and minimalistic. The name below it in the original design is for this woman’s daughter, making this tattoo a great way to commemorate your loved ones.

3. “Create” Simple Text Tattoo


I love the simplicity of this tattoo. Something about its no-frills nature makes the “create” feel commanding. If you’re an artist, designer, or another type of creator, consider getting this tattoo to represent who you are and what you do.

4. Butterfly, Vine, and Small Flower Tattoos


I’m a huge fan of butterflies, and tattoo trends show that I’m not alone in saying that. Butterflies have an elegant look to them, and they look great when paired with botanical tattoos like the vine and small tattoos of flowers on this woman’s hand.

5. “Rare” Cursive Tattoo


This small tattoo is both minimalistic and elegant, being a simple cursive text. At the same time, it conveys a great message about how you’re uniquely you.

6. Blue Flower and Butterfly Tattoos


These hand tattoos caught my eye immediately, and I’m sure it’s easy to see why. The blue flower on the left is gorgeously colorful. I love how it contrasts with the simple color palette of the black butterfly tattoo on the right. 

Even without color, the details make that design pop, including the little crescent moons on the wings.

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7. Elegant Butterfly and Flower Tattoo


Butterflies and flowers are a perfect pairing, as seen in this elegant hand tattoo for women.

8. Disney Castle Tattoo


If you’re a huge fan of Disney, why not get the Disney castle tattooed on your hand? It’s one way to show your love for the brand, especially if they shaped your childhood with all their classic animated movies.

9. Rose Tattoo


Besides butterflies, rose tattoos are another trend. I love the delicate simplicity of this one specifically, like with the dot shading around the petals.

10. Flowers and Dangling Charms Tattoo


I like how unique this design is. You have the classic flower arrangement, of course, but it also has chains and charms dangling off them to represent things that are important. 

It works like a traditional charm bracelet, but it leaves a permanent impression and is with you wherever you go.

11. Cute and Colorful Swallow Tattoo


Besides being cute little birds, swallows also have plenty of symbolism attached to them that makes them great for a tattoo. Among their many meanings, swallows can represent luck, hope, prosperity, joy, and peace.

12. Sleepy Sun Tattoo


I like it when hand tattoos incorporate the hand’s shape in a unique and creative way, like how this tattoo uses the side of this woman’s hand as the horizon line for this sun. 

13. Linework Thumb Tattoos


Tattoos don’t always have to have meaning — sometimes, you can just get them because they look great. That’s what I love about linework tattoos like these. 

14. Beautiful Sun and Stars Tattoo


This tattoo is radiant looking, not only because of the celestial theme but also the little details in it. The ray lines and dots around the sun reinforce it as the focal point of the tattoo design.

15. Mandala Tattoo


Mandala tattoos look great when they’re centered on the hand; it’s true. But don’t discount the power of an off-center mandala. Even a simple change in position makes the tattoo feel unique

16. Rose Memorial Tattoo


The permanent nature of tattoos often leads people to get something really special, whether it’s symbolism that means a lot to them or a design they love. 

Others use tattoos as a way to remember their loved ones, just like this tattoo. The rose goes perfectly well with the year since it’s a symbol of love for someone.

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17. Detailed Magnolia Flower Tattoo


Floral tattoos have a timeless elegance to them, so it’s no wonder they’re still trending. You can always go simple with your floral designs, but detailed floral designs can make your hand stand out.

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18. Leaf Tattoo


If you want a beautiful botanical-themed hand tattoo, leaf tattoos are a great option. You can make the tattoo only on your hand, but I personally like the look of this tattoo trailing down the arm and ending at the hand.

19. Finger Heart Tattoos


Finger tattoos are a great way to express yourself while staying minimalist. Choosing hearts can symbolize your love for life, other people, and yourself.

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20. Black Butterflies Tattoo


Besides looking elegant, many women choose to get butterfly tattoos for their symbolism. 

They have a lot of positive meanings attached to them, like transformation, resurrection, hope, and change. This is mainly because of how they metamorphosize from a caterpillar into a butterfly.

21. Pink Butterflies Tattoo


Black butterflies are always great, of course, but if you’re looking for a little pop of color, pink is a great color to get. It symbolizes affection, friendship, kindness, femininity, and unconditional love, among a number of other meanings.

22. Bandaged Broken Heart Tattoo With Roses


I really love the meaning behind this tattoo. Even though the heart is broken, there are bandages around it holding it together. 

It can work as a symbol of endurance and overcoming the worst of circumstances, especially if you’ve been through a heartbreak of your own.

23. Lotus Tattoo


The lotus flower is another symbol with many positive meanings. They tend to grow in lakes and swamps. Despite their muddy environment, they still bloom, making them symbols of purity and rebirth.

24. Detailed Rose Tattoo With Water Droplets


Rose tattoos are a very popular option, but you can make your tattoo your own by deciding how detailed you want it to be. A simple cartoonish rose looks cute, while an intricate rose looks elegant and artsy. 

That’s especially the case with this detailed rose. The water droplets also add to the look due to the realistic shading.

25. Skull and Rose Tattoo


Skull tattoos have a variety of meanings, making them a popular choice for women’s tattoos. The main thing it represents is death, but the interpretation is everything. 

A skull tattoo can be a reminder that death is inevitable — much like “memento mori” or “remember death” — so you should live life to the fullest. 

It can also be a symbol of overcoming death for some people or being a survivor of a traumatic event.

26. Floral Mandala Tattoo


I often think of mandalas for their looks, but much like the other tattoos on this list, they are symbolic as well. 

The most common meaning for mandala tattoos is the concept of perfection due to the symmetry in the design. It can also represent balance and wholeness.

27. Red Mountain Laurel Tattoo


Mountain laurels not only look beautiful, but they also have some beautiful symbolism behind them. 

Due to their ability to grow in the mountains, they can represent perseverance and overcoming difficult situations. In Ancient Greece, a wreath of laurels was a gift to someone who accomplished something.

28. Smiley Face Tattoo


Looking at this one puts a smile on my face — it’s just so cute and a great reminder to stay positive.

29. “Darling” Cursive Tattoo


The word “darling” has a few meanings. 

It’s often used as an affectionate term to refer to someone’s loved one, but it can also mean a lovable person in general. Whether you want to use it to symbolize someone special or use it as a symbol of self-love, “darling” might be the right tattoo for you. 

30. Skull Tattoo


I mentioned skull tattoos earlier, but the skull with a snake is another popular combination with a variety of different meanings. 

One of the most common meanings is spiritual death (snake) and physical death (skull). It can also represent overcoming death at the hands of a symbolic snake.

31. “Dreamer” Simple Text Tattoo


Sometimes being a dreamer is underrated compared to being a doer. Of course, taking action is necessary in life, but you can’t underestimate the power of dreaming. 

It gives you goals, ambitions, and ideals to work towards, which is much better than simply going through the motions of life. Show what being a dreamer means to you with this simple tattoo.

32. Matching Disney-Themed Big Sis/Little Sis Tattoos


Matching tattoos are symbols of enduring love, as permanent as the tattoos themselves. 

They’re great for all kinds of relationships, including siblings. If Disney has a lot of significance to you and your sister, then these matching “big sis” and “little sis” tattoos may be the ones for you.

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33. Eye Tattoo


Not all tattoos have to look cute or elegant. You can make a bold statement with a detailed eye tattoo like this one.

34. Crown Tattoo


You might not be born royal, but that doesn’t have to stop you from getting a beautiful crown tattoo.

35. Death Moth Tattoo


Death moths are real bugs with a skull-shaped marking on them. It’s not nearly as detailed as in this tattoo, but making the skull more detailed can give it an artsy look. 

Much like skulls, they can symbolize death, perseverance, and mortality. But like butterflies, they can also symbolize metamorphosis and change.

36. Red and Black Butterfly Tattoo


Line work butterflies like this one can have a delicate look. They also give you the opportunity to include colors in a way you wouldn’t normally find on a butterfly, like this red and black outline.

37. Cat Skull Tattoo With Flowers


Much like human skull tattoos, cat skull tattoos can represent death and overcoming difficult circumstances. They can also be used as memorial tattoos to remember a favorite cat that has passed on, especially when paired with flowers.

38. Portrait Tattoo


They say a photo is worth a thousand words, and you can keep one wherever you go with a realistic portrait tattoo.

39. “Warrior” Cursive Tattoo With Flowers


Show how there’s beauty in strength with this gorgeous cursive tattoo with flowers.

40. Colorful Moth Tattoo


Butterflies tend to get all the love for being colorful bugs, but did you know moths can be colorful as well? Also, like butterflies, they carry the same symbolism of change and regeneration.

41. Paw Print Tattoo


Paw print tattoos are a favorite among pet moms. They’re great for showing you love your pet while creating a more minimalistic statement than a full-on animal tattoo. 

42. Sparkles Tattoo


I loved this design when I first saw it. It’s so whimsical and cute, all while remaining minimalistic.

43. Ornamental Star Tattoo


I love ornamental tattoos like this one since they’re super gorgeous and easy to customize. And because they’re easy to customize, you can put the design anywhere on your hand and still have it look good. 

The elongated shape of the star naturally fits with the side of this woman’s hand, but changing the design to be more symmetrical would make it work as a great center of the hand or even a palm design. 

Meanwhile, shrinking it down would make it work as a great finger tattoo. The possibilities are limitless. 

44. Abstract Mandala Tattoo


I mentioned mandalas earlier, but I should probably also mention that they don’t all have to be circular. 

Mandalas are circular most of the time, but changing the shape can allow you to capture each stroke in greater detail and have it naturally fit with the shape of your hand.

45. Realistic Cat Portrait Tattoo


Besides getting a portrait of a person, you can also get hand tattoos of your favorite pets as well. 

Even if you’re at work or on vacation, you can keep them with you always. It also works well as a memorial tattoo so you can keep your pet’s memory with you forever in a tangible way. 

46. Snake and Flower Tattoo


Snakes can show up in creepy or horror concepts like the snake coming out of a skull I mentioned earlier. 

But of course, that’s not all they’re good for. Snakes can also be positive symbols of rebirth, fertility, and even immortality. There are few better ways to showcase that than with an elegant snake tattoo.

47. Purple Moon Tattoo


The second full moon in April is sometimes called a “purple moon.” The moon doesn’t actually turn purple, but it is an extremely rare event that only happens once every few decades. 

Depending on where you live, sometimes it can take 50 years to see a purple moon or even longer than that. For that reason, purple moons carry a sense of rarity and wonder. Due to the purple color, they also look elegant and refined.

48. Sunflowers Tattoo


Sunflowers are probably one of the most cheerful-looking flowers out there with their bright yellow color. Unsurprisingly, they symbolize optimism and happiness. 

For some, the flowers also symbolize faith and devotion since they’re always reaching up toward the sun.

49. Rose with Thorns Thumb Tattoo


Besides the rose symbolism I mentioned earlier, roses can take on different meanings when shown with thorns. They represent a sense of duality and bittersweetness since they’re both beautiful and harmful.

50. Floral Pattern Tattoo


Sometimes tattoos can just be for their own sake rather than representing anything, and that’s a perfectly valid option. Abstract tattoos like this one look elegant and eye-catching, especially considering how it trails up the hand. This is a perfect tattoo for women.

51. Medusa Looking Up Tattoo


Medusa tattoos have been a thing for a while now, but more recently, they’ve become trending as symbols of feminine strength, especially for sexual assault survivors. 

In the myth, Medusa was an ordinary woman until she was assaulted by Poseidon in Athena’s temple. Viewing this as a slight against her, she punished Medusa and turned her hair into snakes. 

Eventually, her head was cut off and used as a weapon. While her tale ends tragically, many have reclaimed this symbol as one of strength for survivors.

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52. Owl Mandala Tattoo


Mandalas look beautiful by themselves, but I love how this design combines an owl with mandala design elements. It gives you a chance to be artsy while showing off your favorite animal. 

53. Flowers and Berries Tattoo


I love floral tattoos that trail up the hand like this, and adding berries gives them a unique flair.

54. Pink Rose Tattoo


Roses have universal symbolism, yes, but also different colors of roses can represent different things. Pink roses represent innocence, admiration, gentleness, grace, and femininity.

55. Delicate Linework Rose Tattoo


You’d think seeing so many rose tattoos would get boring after a while, but there are so many individual art styles that give a fresh take on the classic symbol. 

I love the delicate line work in this one, which gives the rose an air of simplistic elegance. 

56. Simple Crown Tattoo


Besides being symbols of royalty, crowns can also symbolize power, authority, and responsibility.

57. Trailing Vine Tattoo


If you aren’t into having a trailing vine go up your arm and to your hand, you can take a simpler route with a vine that goes around your thumb.

58. Realistic Owl Tattoo


Owls are commonly associated with knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence. I love this tattoo — the yellow eyes against the black almost makes it look like they’re glowing. 

59. Tiny Dot Tattoo


If you want an ultra-simple hand tattoo, these tiny dots might be for you.

60. Hibiscus Tattoo


Hibiscus flowers are commonly associated with tropical settings due to where they’re grown. They also have a variety of symbolic meanings, like beauty and elegance.

61. Scribbly Hand Bone Tattoo


Outlining your hand bones can make for a standout statement, which you can easily mix up with a scribbly art style.

62. “Grace” Calligraphy Tattoo


It’s all fun with these artistic nails. Each nail bears its own design to keep you smiling all day long, from a strawberry to smiley faces and rainbows, and from stickers to the bright morning sky.

63. Remina Eye Tattoo


This design is based on a manga called Remina, which features a sentient planet called Hellstar Remina that consumes other planets. It’s a great hand tattoo idea if you’re a fan of manga or horror in general.

64. Linework Tattoo


I love the bold lines and intricate linework in this tattoo — it really makes a statement.

65. Peacock Tattoo


Peacocks are stunning in real life and as tattoos. I love the creativity of this tattoo, which combines the peacock wings with botanical elements.

66. Flying Swallow Tattoo


I mentioned the meanings of swallows earlier, but you can emphasize the freedom symbolism by getting a tattoo of a flying swallow.

67. Cute Stars Tattoo


For a cute minimalistic tattoo, small stars are the perfect subject.

68. Delicate Flower Tattoo


I love how this tattoo combines bold line work for a standout look while also remaining feminine and elegant.

69. Offset Mandala Tattoo


I love the offset look of this mandala tattoo already, and the chains coming off it create a unique and delicate look.

70. Infinity Rose Tattoo


The infinity symbol is a great choice for tattoos, and you can add a rose for an elegant touch.

71. Butterfly and Roses Tattoo


I love this tattoo’s design, which is made even better with the dramatic contrast between the black outlines and the white highlights.

72. Lioness Floral Tattoo


Lioness tattoos represent feminine strength and ambition. It’s great for showing off your inner strength in a tangible way.

73. “Nothing’s Forever” Tattoo With Clock and Bone Outline


Normally people would think of a tattoo that says “nothing’s forever” as depressing, but it can be a great reminder to live life to the fullest.

74. Flower Vine Tattoo


I love the delicacy and elegance of this floral vine tattoo. It’s great for making an elegant statement.

75. Small Stars and Dots Tattoo


Big and bold hand tattoos are always great, of course, but there’s also value in delicate, barely-there tattoos as well. They work to ornament your hand without taking away from any nail designs or jewelry you have on.

76. “Love,” “Loyalty,” “Respect,” and “Peace” Tattoos


Tattoos are a great way of showing what you believe in and value, which you can do in a very literal way with tattoos like these. 

Another great thing about it is that it’s between the fingers, so it’s hidden unless you open your fingers in a specific way.

77. Feather Tattoo


Feathers symbolize freedom and lightness, and they’re also a common symbol for writers due to feather pens. 

78. Black and Red Floral Tattoo


Trailing floral tattoos are always beautiful, but I love how this design adds in some red for a pop of color.

79. Tiny Butterfly Tattoo


Tiny butterflies are super cute and a great tattoo for minimalists.

80. Elephant Tattoo


Elephants are symbolic for luck, prosperity, wisdom, and power. I love how this design combines an elephant with abstract design elements for an artistic flair.

81. Black and Red Koi Fish Tattoo


Koi fish are probably some of the most elegant-looking fish out there, and they have many positive meanings attached to them, like luck, strength, and prosperity.

82. Colorful Butterflies Tattoo


These butterflies may be simple, but their many colors make them stand out.

83. Medusa Tattoo


I love the way this Medusa tattoo fits on the hand in such a natural way, like the snakes in her hair combining into a single snake on the middle finger.

Summary and Top Picks

Did you enjoy taking a look at these hand tattoos for women? They’re great for showing your artistic side or showing off powerful symbolism. I loved all of these tattoos, both the ones that conveyed deep messages and the ones that just existed for the sake of looking great. 

Choosing just three was difficult, but I’ve narrowed it down to these favorites:

  • #6 Blue Flower and Butterfly Tattoos: I love how colorful and vibrant the blue flower is, which stands in contrast with the monocolor butterfly tattoo. 
  • #17 Detailed Magnolia Flower Tattoo: The amount of detail put into this magnolia flower tattoo is truly stunning. 
  • #51 Medusa Looking Up Tattoo: I love the symbolism behind Medusa tattoos and reclaiming her story for a positive one about overcoming the worst of circumstances. 

I’d love to know what you think about these hand tattoos. Which hand tattoo design would you get and why? Let me know in the comments below. 

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