25 Trendy Small Back Tattoos Women Are Getting in 2022

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The back is a great place to put a tattoo because it acts as a wide-open canvas to put just about whatever you want. There are plenty of full-back tattoos that make a dramatic statement. 

But of course, you don’t always have to fill up the entire space when you get a tattoo. There are plenty of small back tattoos for when you want to make a minimalistic statement or when you want to put multiple tattoos. 

Whatever your reasons for getting one, let’s take a look at some of the trendiest small back tattoos

1. Blue Butterfly Tattoo


Monochrome tattoos are always great, but I love the vibrant look of this tattoo. The bright blue and pink accents make this small tattoo stand out.

2. Floral Tattoo


Floral tattoos are an elegant option, especially when they have delicate linework like this one.

3. Blue Dragonfly Tattoo


Tattoos with a watercolor effect are a beautiful and artistic option. This tattoo, in particular, also has beautiful symbolism — dragonflies symbolize change, new beginnings, transformation, and self-realization. 

It can be a great tattoo to have hope through a difficult time or to symbolize a new season in your life. 

4. Roses and Butterfly Tattoo


If you’re looking for an elegant and feminine tattoo, this rose and butterfly tattoo is a great option.

5. Butterfly With Abstract Linework Tattoo


I love how the abstract linework in this one adds an artistic touch to a traditional design.

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6. Black Butterfly Tattoo


Butterflies have a lot of positive symbolism associated with them. The main ones are change and transformation, referring to how butterflies start as caterpillars and transform through metamorphosis.

7. Bats Tattoo


Bats have many meanings attached to them depending on the culture. Many associate them with death, although much like skulls, this is not always a negative thing. 

Bat tattoos could be used to represent leaving a time in your life behind or could be a reminder to live your life to the fullest, knowing that it won’t last forever.

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8. Fine Line Floral Tattoo


Cartoonish flower tattoos can look cute, so they’re always welcome in my book. But I always appreciate detailed floral tattoos like this one — they are truly stunning. 

9. Lotus Mandala Tattoo


Lotus flowers are often considered symbols of rebirth because they grow in muddy waters, yet they stand out as pure and clean.

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10. Shark Heart Tattoo


As you can probably imagine, sharks symbolize strength, but they also have many other meanings to them too, like adventure and protection. Putting two sharks in a heart can be symbolic of what your relationship is like.

11. Minnie Mouse Tattoo


If you’re a huge Disney fan, a great way to show it is with this cute Minnie Mouse tattoo.

12. Tiger Tattoos


Tigers are often positive symbols that represent might, strength, and determination.

13. Date in Roman Numerals Tattoo


Getting a date tattoo is great for representing an important event in your life, like an anniversary or even your birthday. But if you want to spice things up a bit, using Roman numerals can do the trick. 

14. Rose Tattoo


Rose tattoos often represent romance, love, and beauty.

15. Abstract Breaking Butterfly Tattoo


I love this back tattoo because it reinforces the transformation symbolism of butterflies — breaking free from the old self and stepping into the new.

16. Lotus Tattoo With Ornamental Linework


Besides purity, lotuses are also symbols of calmness, meditation, and reflection.

17. “Unique” Tattoo With Star


Remember how you’re a unique person like no other with this cute “Unique” back tattoo with a star. 

18. Growing Wildflower Tattoo


Despite not being any specific type of flower, wildflowers have symbolism attached to them, too. They can represent joy and happiness, as well as being a free spirit. 

19. Tree Tattoo


Trees often represent life, growth, and wisdom.

20. Peony Tattoo With Crescent Moon


I love this unique tattoo. The sparkles make it look like the peony is glowing radiantly in the sun. 

21. Sun and Moon Tattoo


I love this tattoo of the sun and moon being together. The sun and moon are often considered opposites, so this can represent them coming together in harmony. 

22. Gemstone Moon Tattoo


I love all of the colors in this tattoo, as well as the details of the rhinestones. The artistry of this makes it look like the tattoo is practically glowing.

23. Dragon Tattoo


Dragons are sometimes associated with negative meanings, but this depends on the culture. Dragons can also represent wisdom, power, and good luck.

24. “Unforgettable” Tattoo


This “unforgettable” tattoo can be used for a variety of reasons, including representing an event or loved one in your life you can never forget. It can also be a reference to Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable,” a well-known love song.

25. Snake Tattoo


Snake tattoos are often associated with negative symbolism like evil, but they also have positive symbolism associated with them. 

Because they shed their skin, they are often seen as symbols of rebirth, renewal, and healing. Some cultures also view them as fertility symbols. 

But others get snake tattoos just because they love snakes, and that’s a perfectly valid option as well, especially if you have a pet snake. 

Summary and Top Picks

So, did you enjoy looking at these small back tattoos? They’re great for minimalism, and they can even work as hidden tattoos depending on the placement, like if you get one on your lower back. I love all of these designs and hope you did too!

Out of all of these, I’d have to say these three were my favorites: 

  • #15 Abstract Breaking Butterfly Tattoo: I love this tattoo’s meaning of breaking free from the past and becoming something beautiful. 
  • #22 Gemstone Moon Tattoo: The colors in this design are so radiant, and the details so precise that the gemstones almost look real. 
  • #23 Dragon Tattoo: I love the little details in this design that make it cute, like the little charms hanging off the dragon’s wings. 

Now it’s your turn. What small back tattoo would you get and why? Let me know in the comments below! 

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