30 Best Friend Finger Tattoos for Gal Pals to Ink in 2022

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Finger tattoos are a great option for BFFs looking to share ink. They’re small, so they hurt less, and they’re easily hidden. The one concern I have for this tat style is that complex designs overwhelm fingers. Fortunately, there are simple designs to choose from. 

I love how versatile friendship tattoos are. They can be matching or unique tattoos with hidden meanings. There are also BFF tats that require both friends present to create a full tattoo—those are fun!

Finger tattoos are a perfect starter tat. They’re meaningful and not big enough to regret later. Considering best friend finger tattoos? Check out these design ideas for inspiration. 

1. Ring Finger Symbol Tat for Besties


This finger tattoo covers the entire ring finger. Now that’s a commitment. I love the patterned design, including different elements. The arrows remind me of a compass always pointing toward friendship. 

2. Starburst Flip-Off Friendship Tattoos


A threesome of friendship tattoos on middle fingers is fiery. I don’t know if it softens the blow when you get flipped off, but I love the subtle starburst pattern they chose. 

3. Inner Finger Holy Cross BFF Tat


Is there a more noble cause than friendship? Possible, and this pair inked it on the side of their fingers. The small nod to spirituality moves me. I like the delicate fine line work and bold black ink.

4. Celestial Bestie Tats for Fingers


The moon and sun on one finger and a tiny star sparkle tat on the pinky is a lovely tribute to friendship. The world revolves around the sun, so using it to represent friendship is a big deal. Very moving.

5. Bond Over Butterfly Finger Tattoos


Butterflies represent rebirth and freedom. Finding a friend to share these things with is amazing. Butterflies are also a delicate and feminine tattoo design. Love them!

6. Colorful Heart Outline BFF Tattoos


There’s no better representation of love for a friend than a small heart. This colorful collection of tiny tats is perfect for a large group of friends to share. A heart is a universal symbol of love, and I extra love it. 

7. Botanical Handpoke Finger Tattoos


Plants are popular right now. These tiny vines are a good fit for BFFs with green thumbs. I love the fine linework and minimalism in the design. I’m also a fan of using different fingers for sporting the same tattoo. So unique.

8. Matching Eye Finger Tats for Protection


Eye tattoos mean many things, including protection and foresight. Protecting each other’s hearts is half of what friendship is all about. These adorable eye finger tattoos are cute and delicate. Perfect for the pinky finger.

9. Nautical Anchor Friendship Tattoos


I simply adore all nautical tattoos. This simple little anchor tat is a great ode to friendship. Anchors often represent strength and stability, and friends are definitely that.

10. Cheers to BFFs Wine Tats


Who better to clink glasses with than your bestie? These little wine glass finger tats are adorable. There’s not much to them, but that’s the beauty of it. It’s just a few fine lines perfectly drawn together—sounds a little like friendship.

11. A Rose By Any Other Name Thumb Tats


Thumbs are fingers too! These gorgeous rose tats stretch down the side of the thumb onto the hand. Rose tattoos represent love, which is fitting because I love these floral tats. 

12. 1/3 Tattoo for a Trio of Besties


This is such a cute tattoo idea, no matter how large your group is. Matching number tats are fun whether you’re one of two, one of three, or one of many. 

13. Zodiac BFF Finger Tats


I love a good astrology tattoo. These tiny zodiac signs are a perfect fit for the side of a finger. This is a great tat for friends with varying tastes. Everyone has a zodiac sign. Why not ink it on?

14. Diamonds on the Ring Finger Friendship Tats


Wearing a diamond on your ring finger represents love and commitment. Who better to commit to than your best friends? I love the look of these delicate blingy tats.

15. Spaceship and Planet Finger Tattoos


This is such a fun and unique friendship tattoo idea. A planet and spaceship are two things that go together. So much more original than a PB and J or a cookie and milk. #loveit

16. A Coffee and Coffee Pot Kinda Friendship


Your friends should energize you and fill you, not drain you. This coffee pot and mug friendship tattoo has many meanings. I love that someone else loves coffee enough to get it inked on their fingers. This might be my next tattoo!

17. Wild & Safe Bestie Tattoos


It feels like one friend is always a little edgier than the other. This bestie tattoo expresses these differences perfectly. “Wild” with a moon and “safe” with a sun. Hmm, I wonder which friend I am.

18. Hand Drawn Heart Ink


What better way to show your love for your bestie than getting their artwork inked on you? These tiny hand-drawn hearts are rustic but beautiful. I love the creativity and personalization involved.  

19. Tribal Turtle Tattoos


Tribal tattoo art is making a comeback in small decorative pieces. These tiny turtles are a great way to incorporate tribal ink without overdoing it. 

20. Make a Wish and Get a Finger Tattoo


A good friend is hard to find. Definitely something worth wishing for, which is why these tiny wishbone tats are so ideal. I love how delicate and feminine they look. 

21. Buzzworthy Finger Tattoos for Besties


It’s BEES! I love bees, and these little finger tattoos are so well done. Perfectly simple and very, very tiny. Bee tattoos usually stand for loyalty, which is fitting for a BFF finger tattoo. 

22. Flaming Finger Tat


These cute little flames remind me of some of my fiery friendships. We all have that one wild friend. Why not celebrate the crazy years of shenanigans and fun with a little fire-finger tat?

23. Tiny Dinos Inked on Fingers


I’m living for these little dinos. A Brontosaurus and Triceratops are inked in a super simple style. The fine detail in these little critters is phenomenal. Such a fun friendship tattoo. Very “The Land Before Time”!

24. Yin and Yang Friend Tattoos


The Chinese Yin Yang symbol represents two opposing forces coming together. Friendship is a lot like the Yin Yang. Friends fit perfectly together, and opposites attract. I love the beauty in the simplicity of this tiny finger tattoo.

25. Key and Keyhole Finger Tats


A simple key and even simpler keyhole are unpretentious and understated. These tiny tats perfectly fit on any finger without overwhelming the canvas. It also offers a special meaning. Besties are the key to all the secrets. Shhhh.

26. Transforming Butterfly Finger Tattoo


A profile view of a butterfly inked on the outside of the pointer finger is clever. When best friends get the same tattoo and put their hands together, voila! A full butterfly, just like your very full friendship. Priceless.

27. Key to My Heart Finger Ink


This is one of my favorite BFF finger tattoo ideas of all time. The key to my heart concept is so meaningful. The inkwork is also stunning. It’s tough to incorporate such intricate linework in a tattoo so small. 

28. Matching Bolts of Lightning


Lightning could mean power and strength, or it could be an homage to “Harry Potter.” Whatever the cause, these sweet little bolts of lighting are a fun ink idea. I like that they chose to have just the outline and leave the fill blank.

29. Hugging Stick Finger Tattoos


Sadly we can’t always hug our besties. A finger tattoo that creates a stick figure hug is the next best thing. I really enjoy friendship tattoos that require both halves to become a whole. This one is super cute.

30. To Infinity and Friendship Tats


Flowers, smiley faces, and rainbow swirls aren’t just for hippies. These feel-good nails are super sweet. I’m a big fan of the nostalgic 70s vibes these nails inspire.

Summary and Top Picks

Finger tattoos are a great way to solidify a friendship. They’re small, inconspicuous, and so fun to choose from. With finger tattoos, the question is always, how detailed is too detailed? For me, the perfect friendship finger tattoo is a simple one.

I love all the ink I’ve shared above, but my favorites are:

  • #6 Colorful Heart Outline BFF Tattoos: Friendship is a special kind of love. Hearts are the perfect finger tat to share with your crew.
  • #13 Zodiac BFF Finger Tats: Zodiac tattoos are unique to you but also something to share. This tattoo says great things about the future of your friendship. 
  • #27 Key to My Heart Finger Ink: This homage to friendship is both a beautiful concept and beautifully done. The fine detail makes it an attractive finger tat option. 

Which of these finger tats speaks to you? Do you share any tattoos with your friends? Leave me a comment below and fill me in!

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