What to Wear to Spain

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Thinking of traveling to Spain but unsure what to wear? Fret not, girlfriend, I’ve got you.

It’s important to factor in when you’re going to Spain and where you’re going, because like most other countries Spain has all four seasons and what you’ll be wearing will be dependent on that!

Northern Spain is gloomy and damp during the winter making spring through fall it’s most favorable seasons.

Southern Spain is warm and humid during the summer (most popular for tourists March through May) so the coastal areas are busy with locals and visitors trying to beat the heat. 

Most importantly, what you’re going to wear. I’m going to give you four cute outfit ideas to wear during each season in Spain!

1. What to Wear to Spain in Spring

March to May in Spain is peak season for beating both the heat and crowds, but still warm enough to enjoy the beaches and rock your favorite open toe shoes, dresses, and short sleeves during the daytime. 

You’ll see temperatures anywhere from the low 40’s to the mid 70’s these months (fahrenheit)!

3 S’s: Sweater, Skirt, Sneakers

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Because the temperature hovers right between that chilly/warm range, a cute outfit option could be something like this one here! 

A tucked in sweater will keep the chill away, while a cute pleated midi skirt will give you enough airflow to keep you cool in case it warms up some. You can always push your sleeves of the sweater up! 

A pair of sneakers will protect your feet from being cold AND if you’re doing sight seeing that requires some walking around, they’ll definitely keep you a bit more comfortable while you’re getting those steps in.

Cargo & a Crop Top

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We saw cargo pants come back this year, I personally love mine (check them out in this OOTD!) Don’t leave them behind when you go on vacation!

This outfit is simple, with a black cropped tee, cargo pants, black moto inspired boots such as Dr. Martens, and a black leather bag. I even love the chain accent on the pants!

Weather wise, the pants should do enough to keep you warm while the cropped top keeps you from getting too warm! A great outfit for exploring towns in Spain!

Linen Pants and Tank Top

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This outfit here would be so perfect if you’re visiting anywhere on Spain’s coast! I mean really, isn’t this the perfect beach look? 

A great pair of striped linen pants with a button up tank top looks amazing with her wedge espadrilles and wide brimmed fedora. She’s picked a super cute basket bag too which reminds me of those gorgeous wicker furniture sets you see in beach houses. I’ll take it!

A bag like this Forever21 purse I’m using in this Yellow Polka Dot Set OOTD would also look great! (So would this outfit!)

Cropped Jeans and an Off the Shoulder Top

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You can never go wrong with a good pair of jeans. Especially on vacation because you can wear them casually and dress them up! Perfect when you’re trying to pack lightly!

So this is a great outfit example because not only will it keep you comfortable temperature wise, you can wear the converse (or other sneakers) during the day while you’re out and about and then switch to a cute pair of heels or wedges for a great dinner look! Talk about packing lighter!

2. What to Wear to Spain in Summer 

June to August in Spain are the hottest months in Spain, so be prepared to dress to keep yourself cool because temperatures can reach triple digits! Shorts, tank tops, sundresses, and hats will be your best friend during these months.

Bralette and a Top Knot

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I recently just did a post that shared 20 Cute Outfits With Bralettes, so if you’re digging this look here be sure to check out that one for some more inspiration! 

But let’s talk about this. Wearing a bralette beneath a tank is great for two reasons: 1) you don’t have to fuss with a strapless, sticky bra, or worry about wearing no bra, and 2) it gives your look a great textured element! 

So wearing it beneath a tank tucked into a pair of shorts totally works. Plus, she’s got some cute Tory Burch sandals on and is definitely beating the heat with her hair partially up in a top knot.

It isn’t a complicated outfit and would surely help keep you cool during Spain’s hottest months!

Roam Spain in a Romper

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Rompers won’t let you down in the cute outfit department. One like this would be great out to explore a town or even as a cute beach cover up! 

Remember that since rompers are one piece it’ll save you on suitcase room and you have lots of opportunity to add a cute hat, bag, and shoes here!

Bohemian Beach Babe

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The beach loves Bohemian fashion. I’m not sure if it’s because of the patterns or how flowy and light the material usually is, but it makes for great beachwear. So if you’re at the beach in Spain, this would be a great look to wear!

Another cool thing is this kimono- or is it a wrap? Either way, it’s a piece you can easily style with other clothes you bring such as a pair of denim shorts or jeans, a tank, and heels!

Paper Bag Shorts and a One shoulder Tank

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Paper bag shorts are super cute, lightweight, and comfortable! This is a sweet summer outfit with pieces that can be mixed with other favorites too for multiple looks with just a few different clothing items!

These shorts look great with tees, tanks, crop tops, tube tops, and even long sleeves! Also, they’re super shoe friendly. 

Check out my Two Piece Set with paper bag shorts!

3. What to Wear to Spain in Fall

September to October are amazing months to be out sightseeing while you’re visiting. Gorgeous hues of yellow, orange, and red can be seen throughout the country and the temperature isn’t too hot or too cold!

Leather Leggings Outfit

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A really popular travel outfit is leggings, sneakers, and a top. Step up your legging game with a pair of leather leggings such as these! 

You won’t go wrong wearing an outfit like this during the fall in Spain. Especially if you’re walking around, a pair of sneakers will make your day even more comfortable.  In the event that the daytime is too warm for short sleeves, swap the long sleeve out for a cute graphic or plain tee!

Check out my Ultimate Style Guide for Leather Leggings for some more outfit inspiration featuring these amazing bottoms!

A Night Out in Thigh High Boots

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Thigh high boots will amp up your outfits every time. Wearing a swing dress with a leather jacket over top during your trip to Spain in fall will be inevitably cute. During the day you can wear sneakers or sandals with it, but at night breaking out the thigh high boots would be super sexy!

Fall loves dresses, but sometimes we need more coverage. Without wearing a longer dress, the boots do the work! Check out my Sweater Dress with Thigh High Boots OOTD, it would also be cute in Spain!

Bell Bottom Jeans and Bralette

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I showed you a bralette outfit earlier with shorts, but here is a cute way you can wear one beneath a sweater tucked into some awesome high waist bell bottom jeans!  

A cute pair of mules would be perfect to wear with these, and in the event that it is a little too warm to wear a sweater like this you could opt for a tee or a tank and still rock the bell bottoms!

Deep V, Tie Front Blouse with High Waist Jeans

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Deep V blouses are such sexy tops, especially when they’re cropped. Having long sleeves, this blouse will keep you the right amount of warm and cool for a mild fall day! A cute pair of high waist jeans will show off your curves while you strut through Spain.

I have a similar outfit, where I’m wearing a floral blouse with a deep V and high waist jeans, check it out here!

4. What to Wear to Spain in Winter 

December through February are Spain’s coldest months, some areas are even popular for skiing. You’ll appreciate wearing cute boots and coats if you’re visiting during the winter!

A tricky part of traveling to colder climates is you have to pack more to stay warm! So having outfits that mix and match well, especially staple pieces such as coats, boots, and scarves.

Gray Jeans, Military Boots, Long Coat

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A good coat over top of a turtleneck sweater will keep you nice and toasty visiting Spain during the winter! Especially if you’re in the north and in snow.

Check out my blog on Gray Jeans to see other ways you can style them. I like her military style boots, which will keep her feet dry in the snow. If you’re not in the snow, a great pair of knee high boots would be adorable!

Pom Pom Beanie, Leggings, and Snow Boots

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I love these pom pom beanies, they’re so cute! Here is a great outfit that shows how to style snow boots with leggings, a vest, and long sleeve.  

Of course, if you’re going to be out in the elements you’ll probably want more than just a vest and long sleeve, but this otherwise would keep you covered if you’re running from the car to a building!

A good tip would be to wear fleece lined leggings, they’re super cozy!

Spain Street Style for Winter

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A faux fur coat will give you this added element of elegance (plus keep you super warm!). This is a great winter look for while you’re on your trip, especially if there is no snow on the ground so your feet don’t get cold or wet!

A turtleneck tucked into high waist jeans, beneath a faux fur coat, a beanie, and a pair of boots (maybe chelsea boots?). I have a similar look with Dr. Martens that have a turtleneck sweater which would be perfect if its REALLY cold while you’re there! See that OOTD here!

A Dress During Winter?

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Yep, you see it. A dress, during winter. Of course if it’s freezing you probably won’t want this, or maybe you’ll want a heavier coat, but wearing a dress during winter is a thing!

Dresses like these look fab with thigh high boots beneath! The cool thing about this, is that if it’s really cold you can wear tights or leggings beneath to keep your legs warm and nobody will know!

It’s edgy with the leather jacket, but sexy with a deep V cut neckline. Would you wear it?

So now that we’ve gone through each season and some cute outfit examples that you can wear on your trip to Spain, what do you think? Which season would be your favorite to dress for? Tell me in the comment section below!
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