Floral Blue Top with Distressed Jeans Outfit

Thalita Ferraz // Last Update: March 19, 2022 // 0 Comments

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How do you feel about floral prints? They really made an enormous comeback in fashion, which is amazing because they're so pretty! Especially when they're on a delicate ruffly flow-y top, the floral print just enhances the femininity and beauty.

I hope that after seeing this OOTD, two things happen to you. The first, you'll fall in love with the floral print and get yourself something with it on it if you haven't already. The second thing I hope happens, is that you fall in love and will give a blouse with such a deep V neck cut a try, also if you don't already.

Tops like this one from Majorelle will instantly make you feel beautiful and sexy. Women in general are beautiful creatures. Whoever you are, in case you need this today, you are beautiful. Don't ever doubt that. But in case you need a boost, a top like this will certainly provide it.  

I think the same applies for any high waist pair of pants. I picked these GRLFRND jeans up and have really loved wearing them. They look great with pretty much any top tucked into them. Crop tops also work well!

I picked out this pair of Raye sandals to wear with this outfit because I wanted something that wasn't going to take anything away from how soft the top is. These sandals, I feel, really embrace the feminine look going here. 

The same goes with this picnic basket hand bag from Forever 21! The tightly woven pattern that matches the color of my shoes is sweet, and the camel colored leather handles and strap are perfect color pops! If you don't like the strap hanging below, you can tuck it into the bag itself, like I did with this maxi dress outfit!

Dress: Majorelle / Jeans: GRLFRND / Shoes: Raye / Bag: Forever 21 

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