15 Best Shoes to Wear With a Swing Dress

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Have you ever had a favorite outfit or clothing item that you wish you could wear all year long and to a variety of occasions? It’s hard to love these and have to store them for part of the year or have to wait for something special to happen to wear it. Trust me girlfriend, I know.

Let me tell you though, swing dresses have saved me numerous times! Just last weekend we were out to dinner, and I picked this black swing dress with an army green vest, and these AMAZING nude strappy stilettos.

It was perfect. But we ended up spontaneously going out to meet friends afterwards, involving a lot of walking and a much more casual evening setting. These beautiful heels would have made it so difficult to get around.

Luckily, I almost always keep a pair of sandals in my car, so I was able to switch from my heels to these tan gladiator sandals. It made for a much more casual and comfortable look while still being super cute!

Moral of the story is that swing dresses are amazing because they work with EVERY shoe. So I wanted to share 15 swing dress outfits that show some cute shoe possibilities that can be worn with them.

1) Pink Swing Dress With Tan Strappy Sandal Booties

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You guys, I’m not even sure where these booties are from, but I need them! This outfit is super sweet and simple. She’s beautiful in this blush colored swing dress, which looks amazing with her tan booties.

This outfit, in my opinion, would work well as both a casual and dressed up (like going on a date) look because of her shoes.

2) Black Swing Dress with Tan Gladiator Sandals

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This black swing dress looks great with these gladiator sandals. She looks summer ready! These shoes are similar to what I was talking about in my story earlier, aren’t they great?

I would love for her to add a hat to this outfit! Either a baseball cap or a fedora, what do you think

3) Swinging Into Fall in a Swing Dress and Sock Boots and Socks

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I’m a big fan of wearing dresses during the fall with boots, you’ll see them in my OOTD posts like this one here.  

Swing dresses are really great to wear during those cooler months, and I’ll show you some more amazing examples later in this post.

She’s wearing scrunched down sock boots with socks showing beneath them to give this long sleeved swing dress outfit some flare. So cute!

4) Slip on Sneakers and a Swing Dress

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I love how cute this high neck sleeveless swing dress looks with her matching slip on sneakers!

She tied a long sleeve chambray around her waist to give some shape to her outfit. Since swing dresses are flowy, this is a great way to show off your curves. Plus, the knot gives some texture to the dress, and that’s always fun.

5) Rain Boots With a Swing Dress

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Rain boots are a total underdog in the shoe world. Don’t these hunter green rain boots look great with this striped swing dress? The boots pull the green out of her scarf, and it’s amazing. 

In the event it is too cool to not wear a form of legwear, you could easily put a pair of tights on with this outfit

6) Over the Knee Boots with a Swing Dress

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A love of mine, my over the knee boots get some miles put on them because they’re so fun to wear. Check out my Long Sweater with Red Over the Knee Boots outfit for an example of how to wear them with a turtleneck sweater!

So of course, I couldn’t resist sharing this swing dress outfit. She has so many things going on, it makes a big statement. Her over the knee boots leave just enough skin, but cover her enough to add some warmth.

It would be really cute to add some leg warmers with a swing dress and boots!

7) Cowboy Boots with a Swing Dress

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Let me tell you a secret. Actually, it’s no secret, but in case you need a reminder- cowboy boots in fashion are for everyone, not just girls in the south or who live on a ranch!

This swing dress with cowboy boots look is incredibly simple. You could easily add a scarf, vest, or denim jacket with this and dress it up some! It certainly isn’t needed though, clearly, because it looks great just as it is.

8) Swing Dress and Heeled Sandals

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These nude heeled sandals are awesomely neutral, and the small heel really dresses up a swing dress without going over the top. Perfect for a summer lunch or dinner date without looking like she’s heading to the club.

I have a similar pair of heeled sandals, in black, that I love because they really can go with any outfit. You can see me wear them with a cute two piece blazer and shorts set.

9) Swing Dress and Wedge Sandals

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Wedges, especially with the bow ties, are so cute and amazing to wear during the summer!  

If you aren’t wanting to wear the wedge sandals, a cute pair of espadrilles like the ones I’m wearing here would look great with a swing dress too.

10) Swing Dress and Mule Sandals

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Fun fact, in case you didn’t know, slip on sandals like this (where the toe does not show) are called mules. Slip on sandals, where the toes show and has one strap across the top of the foot, are called slides. Here is an OOTD outfit where I’m wearing slides, for reference.

These mules  are so dainty and adorable with her swing dress. I love the simplicity here. (Plus I’m an enormous fan of dresses with pockets!) A great pair of shoes to wear casually out and about.

11) Swing Dress and Platform Espadrilles

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I mentioned a pair of espadrilles looking great with swing dresses as an alternative to wedge sandals earlier. Here is a great example of how they look together!  

Check out my Sabo Maxi Dress outfit! I’m wearing yellow platform espadrilles for a subtle pop of color and to give a little bit of height so the dress doesn’t drag. That isn’t an issue with swing dresses, but in case you need a little boost without hurting your feet in heels or wedges, these are perfect shoes!

12) Swing Dress and Lace up Sneakers

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I’ve talked about how amazing sneakers look with dresses in other posts. Here is another cute example of wearing sneakers with a swing dress! You could easily rock your favorite Converse, Vans, or Adidas with this!

13) Swing Dress and Flat Espadrilles

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I love everything about this outfit. The striped sandals, the beautiful coral color of the swing dress, and the cute hat. This is an amazing swing dress summer look.

I’m guilty to having owned a pair of printed shoes at one point and not known what to wear them with. But once you realize that it truly is super easy to match printed shoes with solid colors, it’s game on! I promise, you can wear printed shoes with printed clothes too!

14) High Knee Gladiator Flat Sandals and Swing Dresses

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Aren’t these fabulous shoes? I cannot get enough of them, and how easily they go together. A pair of high knee sandals really brings the eye down. It would be fun to wear them with a leather jacket and a ball cap!

The thing with gladiator sandals like this is you’re limited to wearing dresses, shorter skirts, and shorts in order to show off their full glory. But they work well, don’t you think?

15) Swing Dress and Flats

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Sorry for the mirror shot, but this outfit was too cute to not share with leopard print flats. I think there’s a misconception that we aren’t supposed to mix warm and cool tones together when matching for an outfit, but clearly that’s not the case.

The browns from her flats and bag look amazing with the army green swing dress, of course, and the addition of the gray jacket is adorable even though it’s a cool tone. Isn’t fashion awesome?

Anyway, flats are fun and work well in all seasons, casually and dressed up.

Basically, all of the shoes that exist would work with swing dresses, but I hope that these 15 example outfits inspired you to let your shoes steal the show with your swing dresses!

Tell me in the comments below, which shoes were your favorite look with a swing dress? Which shoes are your favorite to wear with yours?

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