15 Cute Outfits to Wear With Doc Martens

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Do you have a set of wardrobe items that you hold dear above the rest? If yes, then I can totally relate because that’s how I feel about my doc martens boots. There are countless reasons why I love them, but if I were to list a few, I’d have to say, their durability and undeniable ability to make anything look good have won me over!

These boots are my favorite all year round. So, if you’re looking for a faithful and classy wardrobe staple, look no more, because right now, I’ll be sharing with you 15 cute outfits that look stellar with doc martens.

1. Black Turtleneck Sweater Blouse and Leopard Print Skirt with White Doc Martens

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I’ll admit, there’s a lot going on with this outfit, but I actually find it quite interesting. It’s intriguing how she has managed to pull off an oversized sweater blouse and a leopard print, mini skirt with white doc marten boots. 

I believe what has made this look work so well is the fact that the sweater blouse is slightly tucked into her mini skirt, adding some attitude to the overall look.

2. Black Sweater Blouse and Black Leggings with Black Doc Martens

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Doc martens provide a finishing touch to this outfit that no other pair of shoes could. That easy-going yet high-fashion aura emanates from this style combo because of the choice of footwear.

The contrast in size between the sweater blouse and the skin-tight leggings also helps the doc martens to stand out in a pleasant way.

3. Grey Crop Top Sweater and Green Plaid Pants with Black Doc Martens

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This grey sweater, green plaid trousers, and doc martens get-up is slightly quirky which is actually why it works so well. She is confidently rocking this outfit of varying colors, as well as, texture and quality. 

Going even further to add these bold doc martens is worthy of applause and proves there ought to be no fear in fashion.

4. Red Polka Dot Dress and Black Leather Jacket with Black Doc Martens

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This fun and flirty red polka dot mini dress really gets the chance to shine because it’s been paired with a black leather jacket and black doc martens. 

If your goal is to flaunt the design or color of your favorite dress or top, a great way to accomplish that is by wearing black shoes, a black overall, and even a black handbag along with it.

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5. Black Top, Black Jeans, and Blue Denim Jacket with White Doc Martens

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White doc martens are definitely a trend that will last for a long time. They add such interest value to any outfit you decide to pair them with. Take this look for example: a black blouse matched with black jeans and a blue denim jacket.

The first thought for most would be to add a black pair of shoes, but by going against the grain and including a white pair of doc martens boots, this outfit increased in personality.

6. Black Tee and Army Green Pants with Black Doc Martens

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An army style pants and a black tee were made to be worn with doc martens. After all, these boots possess a militant essence. 

This outfit makes me feel completely fearless, like I can take on anything I put my mind to. Just imagine how much more daunting this get-up would be when a leather jacket is included.

7. Mustard Button-Up Blouse and Denim Shorts with Black Doc Martens

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A mustard top is a great way to add some color to your attire when wearing a denim shorts and a pair of black doc martens. 

If your reason for wearing a loose top and shorts is because you desire comfort and you’re wondering how doc martens come into play, rest assured, they are known for being very comfortable. I can definitely attest to that.

8. Black Tank Top, Blue Ripped Jeans and Grey Cardigan with Black Doc Martens

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This casual, everyday look is right up my alley. I love throwing on a cute cardigan over a simple tank top, plus, these ripped jeans are super trendy. Not to mention, they’re high-waisted, just how I like them. 

Doc Martens just know how to fit right in to this modern look, keeping the modest theme of the outfit.

9. White Tee and Blue Jeans with Brown Doc Martens

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As they say, simplicity is key but at the same time, there’s nothing wrong with being simply… stylish. I love when I’m able to dress down but still look like I have great taste in clothing. 

A modest white tee with a pair of jeans and doc martens is a great way to express that taste.

10. Red Turtle Neck Sweater Blouse and Black Jeans with White Doc Martens

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When has red, white, and black ever not been a cute style combination? And although this outfit has an ‘every-day’ vibe, it really stands out. Each style piece is rich in its specific shade and pops out as if it were standing alone.

Plus, this look is a mixture of comfort and sophistication as the red turtleneck top is loose fitting and has a warm appearance. The black jeans are form fitting and the classic white doc martens bring a sassy touch.

11. Black and White Stripe Blouse and Denim Romper with Red Doc Martens

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Every single thing about this outfit is working for me. Even her red-orange ombre hair and matte red lip color are doing a good job at making this a well put together ensemble. 

The black and white stripe top and denim romper contrast extremely well with her red doc martens, taking this casual look up a notch.

12. White Tank Top and Blue Jeans with Yellow Doc Martens

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Her yellow doc martens are definitely the focal point of this outfit. You can dash out of the house in a plain white top and jeans, still looking fashionable, and all because your doc martens are dripping with a bright hue, which is impossible to ignore.

13. Green Long Sleeve Sweater Blouse and Denim Shorts with Green Doc Martens

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That’s right! Doc martens come in basically every color, and green is one of them. 

This ensemble is a fun and vibrant blend of hues and textures, further accentuated by her doc martens, which attests to why these boots are so highly esteemed.

Cute Outfits with White Doc Martens

14. Green Hoodie and Green Sweatpants with White Doc Martens

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Green works really well with white because it’s like you’re tastefully going from one extreme to the next, as no color is clashing with the other. 

This green athleisure combo expresses to us that sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zones when styling our outfits. Next time, rather than reaching for the usual pickーa pair of sneakersーbe bold with white doc martens.

15. White Blouse and White Pants with White Doc Martens

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Have you ever thought of wearing your white doc martens to work but just never mustered up the courage? Well, here’s your motivation.

There’s no rule that says you have to wear the same pair of flats or a pair of heels to work all the time. You can definitely switch things up by matching your white worktop and white trousers with white doc marten boots instead. 

Doc martens have been a fashion staple for decades; they help us to unveil our style personality and become more open to trying new looks. 

Are you excited to try some of these outfit ensembles with your doc martens? Which look stood out the most to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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