What’s The Best Bra to Wear With a Corset?

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Ladies, so glad you’re here. I’m covering a topic that so many women are wondering about and I’m excited to do so. We’re going to take a look at wearing bras with corsets.

But first, let's talk about this purpose and history of corsets a little bit.  Corsets go back to the 1500’s (crazy, right?) and were meant as an undergarment to shape a woman’s body by slimming the waist, flattening the tummy, and pushing up the breasts. 

Eventually, it became more than just an undergarment and is worn as a piece on it’s own for fashion, as lingerie, or has been adopted by other clothing that will imitate the lace up effect on the back with the same purpose: to slim the waist, flatten the tummy, and push up the breasts. 

Now, when I think of wearing a corset, I don’t think about wearing a bra with it. After all, most of us assume that it should serve as shapewear or a bra on its own, right? Well, yes, and no. It depends on what type of corset you’re wearing, truly, and what your preference is.

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Should I Wear a Bra With a Corset?

This is the big question: Should you wear a bra with a corset? The answer is maybe. It depends on what type of corset you’re wearing, first of all, and what your personal preference is. 

An underbust corset stops just beneath the breasts. So in this case, yes, you probably want to wear a bra as most do with this type. Check out this image below, you’ll see the underbust corset as well as a bra.

You can see why wearing a bra with the underbust corset would be important, otherwise it would be like you not wearing a bra at all. But in opposition, you can see in this next image that the overbust corset supports and covers the breasts, therefore it isn’t necessary to wear a bra with it.

Both, ultimately, come down to personal preference.

Best Bra to Wear With an Underbust Corset

So, since underbust corsets do not have breast support, the type of bra you choose to wear with it is definitely your choice!

If you’re wanting to show off some cleavage, then you probably want to wear a good pushup bra, such as a Victoria’s Secret Bombshell bra. If you are looking for something more comfortable, you can absolutely wear whatever is your favorite. I love the feel of t-shirt bras! However, if you’re not wanting to wear a bra with it, you could wear the underbust corset on the outside of an outfit, such as this one below.

Best Bra to Wear With an Overbust Corset

Since overbust corsets offer support for the breasts, you certainly don’t have to wear a bra with it. However, if you wish to wear one to give yourself more support or enhancement, a bra may give you the look you’re seeking. It is important to consider what it would feel like, though. Corsets are tight, so if you wear a bra with too much padding it may become uncomfortable after a while as your girls might be squished.

Also, if you wear a bra that has an underwire built in, you’ll likely experience some uncomfortable rubbing and poking so consider wearing one without an underwire. If you’re looking for some extra boost beneath the corset you could also resort to an adhesive bra.

Today, corsets are worn as an undergarment, lingerie, and as actual clothing. The options and styles out there are so broad, which makes them a fun garment to wear. If you were questioning if you should wear a bra with your favorite corset, hopefully this answered your question!

Do you prefer wearing corsets with or without a bra? Do you like to wear them as tops with outfits? Tell me in the comments below!

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