Ultimate Style Guide For Leather Leggings

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Ladies, hello again! Welcome back, I’m so excited to share with you this style guide on wearing leather leggings! I love to wear my vinyl and leather leggings (especially during the winter), but they’re rather easy to wear year round!

Leather isn’t thought of as a regularly worn or casual material. I don’t know, I always think of catwoman, or some sexy movie character when I think of how to style leather leggings. At least at first. Anyone else? Let me tell you...they’re so much more versatile than you’d think!

In this style guide, we’ll be focused solely on discussing Leather Leggings.

1. Best Tops to Wear With Leather Leggings

Leather leggings will fancy up your look pretty much no matter what top you wear with it. Not exclusively fancy, but they instantly give an otherwise frumpy top some flare and purpose which makes them an excellent pant to have on hand. 

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Sweaters! Sweaters love leather leggings, especially when they’re slightly oversized. This outfit shows a cute , dusty rose, distressed knit, off-the-shoulder sweater (wow that was a mouth full, huh?) over the top of her green leather leggings.

It’s a stylish cozy combo with a pop of animal print in her slip on sneakers and black baseball cap. Did I mention comfortable? Because that’s what leggings are about!

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Graphic tees are the most universal top. As long as you’re not trying to wear them to a formal or fancy event, you can never go wrong with them, so of course they look great with leather leggings.

In this outfit, you see her graphic tee, black leather leggings, and black ankle boots! Easy and stylish!

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It shouldn’t be forgotten that leather leggings aren’t only for casual, formal, or comfort! They’re super sexy too! Check out this Victoria’s Secret Angel wearing a leather crop tank top with her leather pants and heels. If a VS Angel wears it, it’s got to be good.

I have a similar look where I tucked a ruffled tank into my black vinyl pants and paired matching white boots. Check it out here!

2. Best Shoes to Wear With Leather Leggings

Leather leggings have been happily accepted into all styles, making them super versatile and happy with almost any shoe you choose to wear with them. I’m only going to give you three examples, but trust me when I tell you that leather leggings are going to be your shoes’ new best friend.

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Sneakers. The champion of comfortable footwear. You can see this outfit is rocking a pair of adidas with black leather leggings, a hoodie, and a trench coat. 

This outfit falls into the athleisure look, which you can clearly see has welcomed leather leggings with open arms. All around cozy comfort here, while still looking awesome.

Check out my Black Vinyl Pants with sneakers outfit to see how I like to wear mine!

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Sandals. And ladies I mean all sandals. If you want to wear flip flops, slides, mules, espadrilles, whatever your heart desires in the form of a summer shoeㄧdo it.

She looks super cute (and comfortable) in her leather leggings with tan, Tori Burch sandals. A camouflage, zip-up jacket wrapped around her waist and a heathered gray tee makes for an easy on the go outfit!

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Laguna Beach’s Kristin Cavallari is spotted rocking heels with her leather leggings and a just slightly, oversized turtleneck sweater. It’s dressy, but not over the top.

Heels are great shoes to wear with leather leggings, especially for nights out on the town! So go ahead ladies, wear those favorite heels with those leggings. You’re bound to stand out!

​3. ​​​Best Boots to Wear With Leather Leggings

Boots are shoes, yes, so I could have included them above, but they’re so great with leather leggings that they deserved their very own list of examples. Check out these three great boot styles to wear with them!

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A cute fall look is leather leggings with an oversized sweater and boots like these. She’s dressed nicely, but it’s not overly sexy or solely for hitting the town.

Check out my Plaid Cape outfit, I’m wearing boots similar to these with my vinyl pants!

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Over-the-knee boots are such awesome boots to wear. They do some serious complimenting for your outfits. 

I really like that these over-the-knee boots are suede. It gives a different texture to her outfit and offsets the black from her leggings, making them almost seem like a different color.

I have a favorite pair of tall snake print boots that I like to wear with my vinyl leggings. Check them out here!

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Ankle boots are super cute with leather leggings, too. I love this fall look with her tan colored boots, leather leggings, a white long sleeve top, and a black and tan scarf to match. 

She added a pop of color with a burgundy bag and a floppy hat to accessorize! Yes girl!

I love to wear my Dr. Martens with my vinyl leggings, you can see it in one of my OOTD posts here!

4. Cute Outfits with Black Leather Leggings

Leather leggings come in a ton of colors and even patterns. But the most popular you’ll see worn are black ones simply because black pants are amazing and can go with pretty much anything you wish. Don’t believe me? See these cute outfits with black leather leggings for yourself!

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I have a soft spot for over the knee boots, I really do. So of course, I love how cute this black leather leggings look is with a black turtleneck, grey OTK boots, and a matching cardigan sweater.

If you’re not one for black on black on black, wearing different colored boots will help change it up some for you!

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Here’s a great black leather legging look! These Spanx leggings are super cute, by the way. The texture on them is amazing and really does something for the pants!

She’s matched a wine-colored, leather jacket to her boots, and I cannot get enough of them. A simple, white, v-neck sweater beneath and a purse, there is nothing more that could improve this outfit! I’ll take it!

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A cute way to wear a chambray shirt with your leather leggings! I love that she’s rolled her sleeves up to display the white, long sleeve beneath it. It helps carry more color  contrast through her look, but the best part (besides the leggings) are these mustard colored mules!

You could easily omit the layer beneath and button up the chambray shirt to make it a little more friendly for warmer weather, too. Cute, right?

So there you have it, 12 great ways that any girl can rock leather leggings.

I personally love how leather leggings look with oversized sweaters. They make for super cute fall outfits, and I just can’t get enough of it. Maybe I’m just ready for the cooler temperatures already, this summer has been a hot one!

I hope you liked this post!  What look was your favorite?  Are you a big fan of leather leggings?  Leave me your response in the comments below!
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