15 Cute Outfits With Gray Jeans

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I remember at one point, years ago, thinking that gray jeans were tricky to wear, sort of like black jeans.

Are they more dressy than casual jeans? Did you have to wear them with specific colors? Are there colors you can’t wear with them? Can you wear them all year long? There were just so many unanswered questions, and I wasn’t completely sure.

In case you’re how I was back then and wondering these same questions, I’m here to show you 15 cute outfits to wear with your gray jeans. Trust me, you won’t doubt your outfits after we’re done here!

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1. ​Gray Jeans with Brown Cardigan and Leopard Heels

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A common misconception with gray is that because it is a cool tone, you can’t wear it with warm tone clothes such as a brown cardigan you see here. It looks great though, doesn’t it? So we’ve debunked that misconception right off the bat.

You see her gray pants with a white button up blouse beneath this brown cardigan. Her choice of wearing these leopard heels was such a perfect shoe choice because the black pulls from the gray pants (cool tone) and the gold pulls from the brown cardigan (warm tone).  These shoes tie the whole ensemble up.

2. ​Gray Jeans with Nike Sneakers

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Gray is guaranteed to always look good with black and/or white. Pops of colors are great, yes, but you will never go wrong or be disappointed when you wear black or white with your gray jeans.

So this outfit, for example, is a good one that shows gray jeans with a lighter gray jacket, a white shirt, and then she added subtle little flares of color by wrapping a light pink scarf around her neck and picking white Nike’s with a blue/gray check.  Sometimes it’s the little things that matter.

3. ​Gray Jeans with a Blazer and Matching Heels

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Just like the last picture, this one has a great addition of soft color with a light pink blazer over top of her white blouse, gray cuffed jeans, and matching light pink heels.

Maybe it’s because gray isn’t a super bold color, but softer colors like this light pink looks amazing with the gray. A vibrant shade of pink would almost be overwhelming.

4. ​Gray Jeans and Shirt With Black Leather Jacket

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Here’s a cute outfit for going out! Gray jeans with a gray graphic tee beneath a black leather jacket and matching black heels. I really love the zipper detail on the jacket. This would have been a great opportunity to wear some layered bracelets or necklaces!

Check out my post on How to Wear Multiple Bracelets and Rock the Look for some inspiration on that!

This outfit could easily work with a cool pair of grunge boots like Dr. Martens, ankle boots, sneakers, and even flip flops!

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5. ​Monochromatic Grays

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This outfit with jeans is one of those that can go so many ways. It’s nice with the heels. It could be dressed down with sneakers and a ball cap, or it can be super comfy with a scarf and a pair of Ugg boots or moccasins. (See my post on Moccasins here!)

But what you’re seeing is simple. A cute pair of strappy black heels, gray jeans with a slightly faded wash, and a chunky lighter gray sweater partially tucked in. Anyone can sport this outfit, just don’t forget the black purse to match the shoes!

6. ​Gray Jeans, Business Casual

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Here is a cute outfit that would totally work as business casual! These light gray jeans work well with her darker gray striped blazer (I’m a serious fan of blazers), and her purple button up blouse and matching purple heels are perfect with it!

By the way, this eggplant purple color is an amazing fall color. If you don’t have anything this color for this upcoming fall, be sure to get yourself something in it!

7. ​Dark Gray Jeans

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You know how sometimes you just see an outfit and whoever it belongs to and the whole thing is cute? This girl and her outfit both are just adorable. Just had to mention that.

So, this here is a great combination of mixing brown with gray, like we’ve seen before with the first outfit featuring leopard heels, except we see dark, slightly distressed gray jeans with a light gray shirt. Her brown cardigan matches her nude heels and her black hat matches her black purse.

This girl has matched it all so perfectly!

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8. ​Light Gray Jeans and Bright Yellow Shoes

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Changing things up a little bit, here are light gray jeans, a white graphic tee with a camouflage jacket  overtop and (drumroll please) bright YELLOW heels! Yes! So far, we haven’t seen super bright colors, so this is a fun pop of color.

You could totally wear a different color than yellow, too, but I recommend you keeping a white or black shirt on if you do!

9. ​Gray Jeans and a Mustard Blouse

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I know, I’m on a yellow kick now. I just love gray and yellow together (especially darker mustard or golden yellows). Plus she’s got more just yellow happening here! Take a look at that orange/red cross body bag!

But setting aside the bag, this mustard blouse is super cute with these gray jeans and ankle boots. I actually think these are perfect shoes for this outfit, but if you wanted you could wear heels with it!

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10. Gray Jeans and a Black Tunic

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A change in style here with this pair of dark gray jeans and a deep V-neck, black tunic partially tucked in. Between the strappy sandals, lace sleeved tunic, and the studded belt, this is a little more of a punk bohemian vibe than it is preppy.

But I wanted to show you something a little different and disheveled. It would be super cute to add layered necklaces to it since the V-neck is so cut, and some layered bracelets too.

11. ​​​​Gray Jeans & Denim Top

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So, I needed to show you this one because there is something important happening here. If you wear gray jeans with a chambray or denim top you need to be sure your gray jeans are a lighter wash and your top is a darker wash like you see here.

White sneakers work, and if you really wanted you could wear black heels, but I wouldn’t do much more than those!

​12. ​​​​​High Waist Gray Jeans with Gray Crop Top

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Cropped tops love high waisted jeans. This is a super simple look because besides these two gray hued items, she’s wearing white slip on sneakers and an army green jacket with rolled sleeves. Adding a large cuff bracelet makes an enormous difference. Don’t forget to accessorize ladies!

But really, you could easily wear a white, black, or even a graphic cropped top with this outfit. You have very few limitations.

13. ​​​​​Gray Jeans with a Velvet Kimono and High Top Converse

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Converse give any outfit a classic look and vintage graphic tee feeds into that too. In this outfit, she really played the faded look with all of her pieces making it look pretty vintage.

A super fun element here is the velvet kimono she’s rocking! Kimonos have been huge lately and it’s a hundred times more awesome because it’s velvet. This would go great over any jeans just about, but these gray ones (especially with gray high top converse) is pretty perfect.

​14. ​​Gray Jeans with Oversized Sweater

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There’s a lot of contrast happening here, but you see one main thing: gray jeans, black undershirt and boots, and a white sweater. Three you can always pair and not go wrong with! It’s okay that there aren’t any other colors in this outfit, too.

It’s cute that you can see her sleeves coming out from beneath her sweater. It’s also cute that she’s layered her bracelets with this outfit. All together, it’s a look that you could wear to a holiday dinner party or even a date!

​15. ​​​​Gray Jeans and Bodysuit

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Okay, there is a good chance that these are actually jeggings because the pockets don’t look real, BUT you get the idea. A black bodysuit beneath a pair of gray jeans and some sexy heels would make a great outfit to wear out to a club!

If you were wanting to cover up a little bit, you could put a fur vest over top of the body suit and hold onto that elegant/ sexy vibe too.

Alright, so now that we’ve taken a look at 15 cute outfits with gray jeans, which was your favorite? (Mine was either the first outfit or the seventh!) What questions do you have about gray jeans? Tell me in the comments below!

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