20 Cute Outfits With Bralettes

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Hello ladies! Welcome back. I wanted to talk about something that has become super popular these past few years: Bralettes. Starting off as lingerie, bralettes have become a thing of every day and multiple occasion fashion. 

But what I hear often asked, is how you can style bralettes without being too… revealing? Great question, because we’re taught when we were young that undergarments are meant to be covered so it is to be expected that this causes some confusion, right? 

I mean, there’s regular undergarments and then there is lingerieㅡboth of which are considered personal items and not meant to be on display, until recently!

I wanted to show you 20 cute outfits with bralettes because them being hidden is a thing of the past!

1. Strapless Bralette with a Jumpsuit

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Is this wide leg overall jumpsuit not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I can’t get enough. She’s wearing a strapless bralette with it which is actually perfect since it lets the jumpsuit’s straps stand alone in their glory.  Wear a cute pair of mules or even strappy heels with this!

2. High Waist Jeans, Button Up, and Peek a Boo Bralette

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This is a cute look that most already have sitting in their closets. A pink, unbuttoned, button up, short sleeved blouse knotted at the bottom just above where the high waistline on her jeans begins allow for her black bralette to be seen. 

If you wear something like this outfit, be sure to take advantage of the exposed chest and wear a cute necklace!

3. Casual Long Sleeve & Bralette

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This is a really popular (and also very easy) way to style a bralette. Any top you have that is loose fitted at the neckline would work! Plus, doesn’t it look super comfortable?

Her distressed denim adds some fun texture to her look. This is a great look to wear sandals, flip flops, or even sneakers with!

4. Long Sleeve Off the Shoulder Button up & Bralette

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Another super easy look to replicate because most of us have a long sleeve button up in our closets! Even a chambray would work! This is cute though because it has embroidered sleeves…I just love that.

Anyway, she’s left it half buttoned and pulled one side off over-the-shoulder, so it displays her lacy bralette. Simple! Rolled sleeves, tucked into a pair of high waist jeans and given an accented belt and she’s ready to go. A cute pair of ankle boots, strappy heels, or mules would be perfect with this.

5. Sweater and Bralette Outfit

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These sweaters are probably one of the most comfortable out there, and they’re super cute with the knot at the bottom and deep V-neck. I especially love that she wore a white bralette beneath the gray sweater that matches her jeans. Layering some dainty necklaces is a sweet way to give it an extra pop!

6. Sexy Bralette and Denim Jacket Outfit

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This is a change of pace as it shows the entire bralette rather than just parts of it! Such a sexy look, with a fully exposed bralette beneath a denim jacket and light wash, high-waisted jeans. Plus, she added this Gucci belt, and overall is killing it with the high contrasting clothing.

A cute pair of heeled boots or thin strappy heels would be awesome to wear with this look, especially if you’re wearing it out to a club, concert, or party!

7. Distressed Jeans and Sweater over a Bralette

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Here is a rough and sexy look, with black distressed jeans and a tattered, white, cropped sweater tucked in. You can’t see the whole bralette like the one before, but the off-the-shoulder aspect is still sexy and displays just enough of the bralette to know what’s happening. Who said shoulders can’t be sexy?

8. Bralette with a Tank and Short Shorts

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A cute summer outfit with this lacy bralette beneath the satin, spaghetti strap top. The partial tuck in the front of high waisted short denim shorts ensures the front of her look is fully on display! Plus she’s also wearing a denim jacket, which is super cute because denim sets are awesome. 

Add a pair of strappy sandals, slides, or sneakers to complete this look!

9. Bralette Business

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This is a sexy spin on business attire, but not one to wear to the workplace for real. 

Here you see a bralette on full display beneath an open blazer. This alone is sexy and would look great with jeans or shorts, but instead, you see a pair of high waisted pleated trousers! Yep, trousers. It’s almost like she just forgot her blouse today, but I promise it’s intentional. 

Add a pair of heels, and take this outfit out. You won’t be disappointed!

10. Even More Bralette Blazer Business

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This is similar to the one before in that it’s a pair of high waist pants, a blazer, and a bralette. The big difference here is that this is a much more tailored and fitted look, therefore making it much more sexy. 

These aren’t pleated trousers, so if you wanted, you could swap them out for a pair of black jeans even. Just keep the blazer and bralette. They’re perfect how they are! 

11. Racerback Muscle Tank with Bralette

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Here’s a cute way to wear a bralette beneath of a muscle shirt. Bralettes are actually really great to wear with these, because then you don’t have to worry about the side boob being on display. 

With a pair of denim shorts, this is a super casual and cute summer look. Sneakers and sandals would be perfect footwear with it too!

12. Casual Yet Sexy in Jeans and a Bralette

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Similar to those before it, here is a great combination of sexy and casual. This bralette is just barely displayed by a V-neck with buttons which lets the collar be just loose enough to pull off-the-shoulder just slightly.

Tucked into a pair of dark denim and rocking a great pair of studded, strappy heels, this is one outfit that wouldn’t let you down for a girl’s night out or even on a date! Don’t forget the accessories!

13. Open Back Sweater with a Bralette

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The bralettes that come in a racerback deserve to be seen! Wearing backless tops is a great opportunity for that, like this sweater! 

This exact sweater would be cute with a pair of denim, over a pencil skirt, or even with a pair of leggings and Uggs! Where would you wear it?

14. Bralette beneath a Lace Crop Top

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Most of these bralette outfits we’ve shown you so far have been partially hidden in one way or another. Wearing a mesh top over one is a great way to put the entire thing on display! 

Here, you see a cute embroidered crop mesh top over a black bralette with a pair of high waist jeans. Sexy, isn’t it? A great outfit to wear for a night out dancing or to something like a concert!

15. Bralette and Mini Skirt

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If you’re comfortable wearing a bralette as a standalone top, I encourage you to! Look how cute this one is with a wrapped mini skirt! 

I know that this could be looked at as a lace crop top, but technically because of the band on the bottom of it, it’s a bralette. Be sure that if you do wear one like this, you’ve got coverage behind the lace! A liner, or even skin colored pasties would work!

16. Bralette with a Dress

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A cute indie style, this bralette beneath a plaid shirt dress is super cute with a choker wrap necklace and a wide brimmed fedora. 

Having the buttons unbuttoned lets the neckline spread and fall down the shoulder some, which lets the bralette be seen.

17. High Neck Bralette with Scoop Neck Tee

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High neck bralettes will give you a different look beneath your clothes, so it looks especially good with a scoop neck tee. This look here is a comfortable casual one, she’s even wearing patterned leggings with them. 

Add a pair of sneakers or moccasins with them and enjoy being both super comfortable and cute!

18. Strappy Bralette and Distressed Denim

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Not all bralettes are lace, some have straps across the front, and they’re cute beneath v-neck and crew neck tops. Here is one beneath a tank that’s tucked into some seriously distressed denim jeans. They both look great with these strappy heels and would be great for a day or night out!

19. Overall Shorts and a Bralette

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Similar to the very first I showed you, here is a pair of overall shorts with a bralette beneath it. Overalls are great to wear most any top beneath, so of course, a bralette works perfectly!

Add a pair of sneakers with this and feel free to swap the plain beanie for a fedora or baseball cap!

20. Bralette Over a Tee and Jeans

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Last but not least, we see Kendall Jenner channeling the 90’s trends and wearing a bralette over top of a plain white cropped tee with a light washed denim. 

This is a cute alternative when wanting to wear a bralette but not have the girls hanging out or on display too much! Like Kendall is wearing, some boots are cute with this outfit. You could also swap them for heels, or if you’re wanting to be casual with it, you could easily slip on some sneakers with this look!

Okay, so now that you’ve seen a variety of 20 cute outfits with bralettes, which is your favorite? I really love the first look, with the wide leg overall trousers. Truly, I love all of them because of how cute they are, but that first one speaks to me.

Anyway, I want to hear from you. How do you style your bralettes? Are you more of a dressy bralette outfit girl or a comfy/casual bralette outfit girl? Tell me in the comments below!
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