Cargo Pants Outfit

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You may be familiar with cargo pants as men's clothing, but that is certainly not the case! Really though, why should guys get all the amazing pockets on their clothes? Give this outfit a good gander, you may pick up a pair for yourself next time you're out shopping!

So the star of the show here, these khaki cargo pants. They aren't men's, thankfully, if they weren't they wouldn't fit perfectly in all the right places like they do. I ordered these bad boys off of Zara, aren't they great?

They have a high waist that fits perfectly. The belt isn't even needed (though a Gucci belt always looks good), but I love the little accent of color, it matches my Dr. Marteen boots well. Which, by the way, if you're going moto-inspired with your clothing, combat military style boots are a must! Also, note the bottoms of these are ruched, which means your pants will stay where you want them. Can you imagine these with a pair of strappy black heels?

I opted to wear a haltered crop top with these pants to show some skin. If you weren't wanting to wear something similar, a white v-neck bodysuit t-shirt would be perfect! You'll want that waist to show, something form fitting would be best!

I picked a black and beige Fendi shoulder bag to accessorize. Yep, these bad boys are making a comeback from a decade ago. The black strap and pattern of course matches my belt and boots, whereas the beige color on it matches the khaki color of the pants. I will never stop reminding you guys- don't miss the opportunity to match your purse to your shoes if you can!

Top: Zaful / Pants: Zara / Shoes: Dr.Marteen / Bag: Fendi

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