50 Pretty Nail Design Ideas That are Trending in 2022

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Choosing the perfect nail design can require deep thought and hours spent browsing through tons of nail inspiration online. Even more than finding my OOTD, figuring out what my next manicure will look like can take me hours. 

I often want my next design to top the one before or at least perfectly embody the vibe I’m feeling, and with so many gorgeous ideas swirling around on social media, there’s no way I can hide my excitement and keep these new finds to myself.

Trending again this year are your classic french tips, daisy designs, abstract swirls, polka dots, and dashing ombre blends. On the come-up more than ever are croc print nails, meanwhile, pastels and the marble effect continue to have their moment.
All the above-mentioned don’t even begin to uncover the extensive amount of ways you can dress up your nails. That’s why I’ve rounded up a compilation of pretty nail designs trending right now. Feel free to snag one for your next appointment!

1. Rose Quartz Almond Nails with Gold Glitter Flakes


For the ultimate elegant design, these rose quartz nails are so fitting. They have a breathtaking glass-like and luminous quality that’s beautifully accentuated by pinches of gold glitter flakes. You can get these nails at Etsy.

2. Mint and Teal Green Swirl Almond Nails


Swirls aren’t just pretty, they’re also fun to wear. Design them in shades of mint and teal green over muted nude nails for a cute and versatile earth-toned mani. You can get these nails at Etsy.

3. Blue and White Coffin Nails with Gold Glitter


Blue is, hands down, one of the classiest colors, whether in its lightest or darkest tone. For this design, multiple shades of blue are combined with white, along with loose gold glitter and chunky gold foil for a fancy and eye-catching look. You can get these nails at Etsy.

4. Short Sage Green Nails with White Leaves


These sage green nails have such a calm and feminine aura and are perfect if you want a look that’s a bit more laid-back but still stylish. 

Negative space plays a big role in this look as well, providing a contrast in hues to complement those cute white leaves. You can get these nails at Etsy.

5. Slate Blue and White Ombre Coffin Nails with Glitter


These nails are giving Cinderella vibes but with a modern twist, transitioning from slate blue to milky white with iridescent glitter for a stunning and subtle ombre design. You can get these nails at Etsy.

6. Pastel Multi-Colored Easter Egg Coffin Nails


This nail design follows a pastel theme, incorporating purple, pink, and multiple shades of green with specks of black for a soft-toned yet colorful Easter egg-inspired look. You can get these nails at Etsy.

7. Green Watermelon Stripe Coffin Nails


With light green nails overlaid by dark dark green stripes, you can easily achieve a cute watermelon design for Summer. Instead of straight lines, apply your stripes with a slight curve or transform them into swirls for a playful touch. You can get these nails at Etsy.

8. Nude Floral Ombre Coffin Nails with Gold Glitter Flakes


This gorgeous floral art is brought to the forefront thanks to the subtlety of the nude nails. 

The combination is accentuated by gold glitter flakes that make this design sparkle—it’s one of the most mesmerizing and elegant manicures I’ve ever seen. You can get these nails at Etsy.

9. Mauve Pink Coffin Nails with Gold Glitter Lines


Mauve pink is one of my favorite shades to coat my nails in. It’s an effortlessly feminine color that brings a girly vibe to anything you wear. Stylized by gold glitter line art, the finished look is so posh, and I’m here for it. You can get these nails at Etsy.

10. Yellow Ombre Stiletto Nails with 3D Daisy Art


There’s never a wrong time for daisy nail art. Rock the look in 3D over vivid yellow ombre nails for a super girly and vibrant design. You can get these nails at Etsy.

11. Lavender and White Almond Nails with Flowers and Hearts


If you love all things cute and the color purple too then these nails are meant for you. It’s a darling mix of lavender and white with the most adorable flower and heart designs. You can get these nails at Etsy.

12. Dark Green and White Almond Nails with Rose Gold Glitter


This look pairs rich pigmented dark green lacquer with white for an elegant combo that has a mature edge. The ring finger is coated in rose gold glitter bringing a touch of luxury to this design. You can get these nails at Etsy.

13. Reggae Swirl Coffin Nails


You don’t always have to recreate palm trees and waves to achieve a cool tropical nail design. Opt for a reggae-colored manicure instead, decorating negative space with swirls of black, green, red, and yellow. You can get these nails at Etsy.

14. Pastel Yellow and Pink Daisy Square Nails


Girly Spring nails are among the easiest to accomplish. Simply select your favorite pastel shades, for instance, yellow and sheer pink, then embellish them with classic daisy nail art. You can get these nails at Etsy.

15. Pastel Multi-Colored Marble Almond Nails


Pastel nail designs are really taking over and this multi-colored marble mani is all the proof you need. If you’re searching for a colorful look that’s not too out-there, this muted mix of shades is the design for you. You can get these nails at Etsy.

16. Matte Deep Purple Coffin Nails


Purple is hailed as the color of royalty and that’s exactly how you’ll feel when you wear this gorgeous deep purple shade on your nails. Opt for a matte finish and you’ll be rocking an enviable ultra-chic and sophisticated mani. You can get these nails at SHEIN.

17. Glossy Multi-Colored Coffin Nails


These nails alternate between nude, blue, yellow, and pink with a glossy finish that adds that extra glow. It’s such a chic combination of colors that will look absolutely amazing worn with Spring and Summer fashion items. You can get these nails at Etsy.

18. Nude Peach Marble Coffin Nails with Gold Glitter


Marble nails are always on-trend. Rock the look with a nude peach undertone and sprinkles of gold glitter for a soft glam vibe. You can get these nails at Etsy.

19. Nude and White French Rim Butterfly Coffin Nails


Here’s another matte nail design that I really love. The nude base is made the star of the show and acts as the perfect backdrop for cute nail art. 

A pretty white butterfly is outlined on the ring finger with white lines used to create a chic french rim design and smile lines on the remaining nails. You can get these nails at SHEIN.

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20. Daisy Polka Dot French Nails


Polka dot nails will never lose their pizazz but you can still make them your own. In this design, small white and yellow dots decorate the tips of each nail, resulting in a unique, cute and easy-to-do daisy french mani. You can get these nails at Etsy.

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21. Nude and Dark Pink Glitter Coffin Nails


I love light-colored nails but there’s truly something special about a nude-toned look. The softness of the shade is naturally beautiful, and it looks amazing dressed up with dark pink glitter and highly detailed white leaf art. You can get these nails at Etsy.

22. Short Yellow Coffin Nails


Yellow nails are naturally vibrant and attention-grabbing—that’s what I love so much about them. This look will instantly brighten up your OOTD, and bring the most beautiful color contrast, especially if you’re wearing neutral pieces. You can get these nails at SHEIN.

23. Pink Double French Almond Nails


These nails are on the simpler side but super cute nonetheless with a sheer pink base and a double french tip design that’s chic in every way. You can get these nails at Etsy.

24. Metallic Rose Gold Coffin Nails


These metallic rose gold nails know exactly what it means to be chic. The color is incredibly classy too with a shiny finish that will keep you mesmerized. You can get these nails at Etsy.

25. Pastel Pink and Purple Ombre Coffin Nails


Pink and purple complement each other perfectly, even more so in pastel tones. Starting with pink, transition to a light shade of purple halfway into the design for a cute and trendy ombre effect. You can get these nails at Etsy.

26. Neutral Almond Nails


I’m thrilled that gray is no longer seen as the dreariest of all shades because these nails are anything but that. They’re the perfect neutral set, combining black, multiple shades of gray and white for a chic and versatile look.

27. Blush Pink Ombre Square Nails with Iridescent Glitter


An easy way to dress up your nails is with sparkling accents. For this look, blush pink gradient nails are highlighted by iridescent loose glitter in an ombre design on the ring finger.

28. Short Multi-Colored Ombre Nails


As soon as I saw these nails, I thought of how amazing they’d look on my next Summer excursion. Not only do I love all the colors and how rich in pigment they are, but I’m a fan of the length too because I love short nails with loads of attitude.

29. Nude Square Nails with Gold Glitter Flakes


Speckled nails hold a special place in my heart, but these aren’t your ordinary kind. Each speck is a gold glitter flake and boy, do they jazz up this nude mani in fine style.

30. Short Glossy Pink Square Nails


Sweet, girly and elegant—all the words I’d use to describe these glossy pink nails. If you want to have some fun with this look, I’d recommend popping on a few floral decals, or swirls if you’re feeling the vibe.

31. Short Multi-Shade Blue Glitter Nails with Line Art


We’re showing some love to blue with this multi-shade glitter design. It features sky blue nails decorated with pale blue line art, periwinkle glitter nail polish on the index finger, and a full coat of pale blue for the thumb.

32. Multi-Colored Tie-Dye Deep French Coffin Nails


Tie-dye nails are such a hot trend for the Summer. Incorporate the style into a classic deep french design with patches of the brightest colors you can think of applied on your tips for a fun and vibrant finish.

33. Glossy Purple Monochrome Round Nails


Play around with as many purple shades in your collection as possible, and you’ll enjoy a gorgeous purple monochrome design. Complete the look with a glossy top coat for a sultry high-shine finish.

34. Peach and Yellow French Ombre Stiletto Nails


This yellow and peach nail combo has a vibrant sunny vibe with a girly flair. It features a chic french tip design and ombre blend for all the diversity you’ll need.

35. Brown Deep French Square Nails


Everything about these brown nails is sophisticated, from the french design to the chocolate brown tips. 

I also love that these are deep french nails, resulting in a profound curve that extends farther than the average french tip would which makes this look stand out all the more.

36. Blue Ocean French Round Nails


Bright colors aren’t the only way to make Summer nails happen. Recreate relaxing vacay vibes with blue ocean nail wraps and a stylish french ocean design, accentuated with a gold smile line.

37. Pink and Milky White Butterfly French Almond Nails


Carefully detailed black lines were used to create a cool butterfly wing effect on these nails. The remaining nails are coated in milky white lacquer with the middle fingers flaunting a cute butterfly-styled design at the tips.

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38. Black and Gray Ombre Glitter Round Nails


Add some oomph to your black nails with a smokey ombre design that transitions from black to cloud gray and vice versa. This mismatched gradient design is both edgy and classy with gold glitter flakes to boost the latter.

39. Navy Blue Daisy Coffin Nails


Daisies on navy blue nails look amazing! Those white petals and yellow floral discs really pop against a deep-toned backdrop, giving this design an effortlessly cute combination of contrasting colors.

40. Short Pink Marble Round Nails


Pink is one of those colors that you can rock any time of year with any outfit. If you’re feeling for a classy pink look, opt for the marble effect—it’s one of the most classic elegant designs.

41. Long Blush Pink and Gray Square Nails


Sometimes, a bold mani all depends on the length and shape, as seen with these long gorgeous square nails. They’re varnished in blush pink and a sheer gray hue for an absolutely charming finish.

42. Peach Zebra Print Coffin Nails


I love the sassy vibe of this animal print design as thin black zebra stripes overlay pretty peach nails. It’s a classy look, played up by some trendy nail art.

43. Short Pink and Yellow Floral Nails


These nails are some of the cutest I’ve ever seen, coated in pink and pastel yellow nail polish. The ring finger is varnished in nude with beautiful white and light green flowers designed on top.

44. Pink Holographic Coffin Nails


You’ll be bringing the fun wherever you go with this holographic watercolor manicure. Complementing this colorful design are bright pink nails for an overall girly, modern, and sophisticated look.

45. Pastel Purple Ombre Almond Nails with Glitter


Make your nails the embodiment of subtlety and class with a pastel purple ombre design adorned with dashes of white glitter. Be sure to add a glossy top coat for the finishing touch to get that high-shine quality.

46. Periwinkle Almond Nails


Periwinkle is such an adorable shade of blue, and it will look just as flattering polished onto your nails. 

This hue works beautifully with pastels and other soft-toned pieces—it also pairs well with neutrals, so feel free to rock some gray and beige outfits with this mani.

47. Mustard Yellow and Orange French Stiletto Nails


We tend to go all out for Summer but fall fashion is just as important. So, when you’re reaching for those chic turtle neck tops and knee-high boots, keep this Autumn-inspired look in mind.

It has all the elements you need; warm-toned colors—mustard yellow and burnt orange—along with butterflies and sunflowers for a nice outdoorsy touch.

48. Multi-Colored Croc Print French Coffin Nails


Croc nails are popping up everywhere, in all the colors you can think of. Rock yours in a trendy french tip design with silver sequins to add a fancy flair.

49. Glossy Red Almond Nails


No matter what your favorite color is, when it comes to the ultimate classy nail design, a red mani is undefeated. Red nails can be flirty or serious, elegant or bold but never boring.

50. Sage Green and White Angled French Almond Nails


Sage green looks absolutely charming on its own but if you want to bring some diversity to your manicure, design a few nails with angled french tips. White will complement the look effortlessly, at the same time, amping up the elegant feel.

Summary and Top Picks

In a time when comprehensive beauty regimens are the norm, getting your nails done has become vital—not solely to complement your outward beauty but also because a cute manicure can honestly boost your mood which is a major plus.

With new techniques and modern trends coming to the fore, there are no limits to the designs you can try and while I see myself wearing all these looks, the prettiest of the bunch for me are designs 9, 12, and 14—they’re vastly different but all so classy.

Now, over to you. Which of these designs do you think are the prettiest. Do you prefer solid-colored manicures or are you a huge fan of nail art? I’d love to know. Share your thoughts on this compilation and all the questions you’d like to ask down below.

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