21 Super Cute Pink and Brown Nail Designs for 2022

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Do you know what I love about pink? It goes with any color, including neutrals, and there’s one neutral trending non-stop lately that blows me away each time I see it paired with pink. I’m talking about none other than brown. 

Whether in the shade pastel, mocha, caramel, or coffee, brown with pink makes for a gorgeous combination, and you’re about to see why. In this round-up, we’ll discuss some of the hottest manicures that have been polished in pink and brown.

Along with the stunning color combo, the designs are going to amaze you. If you love classic french tips, glitter designs, creative mashups, and posh looks, then you’re at the right place! Here are super cute pink and brown nail designs that you need to try.

1. Baby Pink and Mocha Brown Coffin Nails With Swirls


One of the designs that have been in demand lately is swirl art. No matter how you rock it, the look just never gets old. 

Give this design an adorable twist with mocha brown and baby pink on coffin nails. Opt for a matte finish for a chic vibe. Buy these nails at Etsy.

2. Mismatched Pink and Brown Angled French Coffin Nails


Your nails will look automatically chic when you wear angled french tips. Polish them in shades of pink and brown with white for a cute mismatched gradient design. Buy these nails at Etsy.

3. Light Pink and Brown Gradient Almond Nails With Chrome Gold


Pair both colors in a unique way, starting with a light pink base overlaid by shades of brown and white. Accentuate the look by outlining the brown lacquer with a chrome gold line for a posh finish. Buy these nails at Etsy.

4. Pink and Brown Angled French Coffin Nails With Gold Glitter


I love the creativity of this look as it features gold glitter criss-cross lines and a chic angled french tip design. 

At the same time, there’s a simplicity to this manicure that I also adore. The combination of pink and brown is balanced beautifully by nude, giving these nails a girly and sophisticated blend. Buy these nails at Etsy.

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5. Light Pink and Brown Plaid Almond Nails


This is such a stylish way to incorporate line art into your nail design. Polish a few nails in a bright shade of brown, amping up the look with a light pink base overlaid by a snazzy brown, white and red plaid design. Buy these nails at Etsy.

6. Pink and Brown Angled French Square Nails


Spruce up sheer brown square nails with a trendy angled french tip design. For this look, brown is polished on one side, with pink on the other. The color contrast creates a cute and eye-catching look. Buy these nails at Etsy.

7. Pink and Light Brown French V Tip Nails


I’m definitely feeling this look. It’s easy to achieve and perfectly combines both colors.

For classic french tip nails, the lighter color often begins the design. In this look, light brown acts as the base before transitioning to a pretty shade of pink. Buy these nails at Shein.

8. Short Light Pink and Dark Brown Negative Space Nails


Light pink paired with dark brown is a look I can’t get enough of. Even more so when abstract art is brought into the mix with negative space giving these nails a super trendy vibe.

9. Pink and Brown French Almond Nails With Hearts


Now, this look is as cute and chic as it gets—short french almond nails coated in light pink and brown with a mismatched heart design to add a flirty appeal.

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10. Pink and Brown French Coffin Nails With Polka Dots


I’d rock this look in a heartbeat! The polka dots make this design easily noticeable, and I love that they were placed on every other nail to give this mani a simple yet creative flair.

11. Short Pastel Pink and Chocolate Brown Nails With Hearts


Here’s another cutesy look that I’ve got my eyes on. The ring finger is the only nail that’s polished in brown. Still, the color pops thanks to its deep, rich texture. It’s embellished with a tiny heart. So too, the pinky finger, and I’m loving the look.

12. Pink and Brown Stiletto Nails


This look gives each color its moment to shine. One set of nails is coated in pink with the other in brown. A glossy finish completes this gorgeous design.

13. Pink and Chocolate Brown Coffin Nails With Glitter


These nails are glamorous, trendy, and fun, all in one. Chocolate brown lacquer leads the way, complemented by light pink, polished on the thumb and middle fingers. 

Glitter and black nail art decorate this look, and I love the edgy vibe it’s giving.

14. Pink and Brown Almond Nails With Gold and Black Nail Art


The elegance of this manicure can’t be overlooked as rich and muted shades of brown and pink are glazed over almond nails, dressed up by the cutest gold sequins and black leaf designs.

15. Pink and Brown Nails With Looping Hearts


If you want to add a heart design to your pink and brown nails, this is a stylish way to do it. Use pink as the base, overlaying the color with a looping heart design painted in red.

16. Pink and Brown Nails With Checkered Print


I love everything about this look. The soft shades of pink and brown look so smooth and girly. I also love the checkered print design. It brings a modern and trendy appeal to these nails.

17. Pink and Brown Coffin Nails With Swirls and Glitter


We’ve seen tons of manicures with swirls but none like this pink and brown combo. The swirls range from small to large, looping around the pink base in a playful design with gold glitter adding a fancy touch.

18. Pink and Brown Nails With Floral Stamp Art


For a look that’s super cute and elegant, this stamp art design will come in handy. Brown is used as the base color, with a gorgeous and very detailed light pink floral pattern applied on top.

19. Pink and Brown Glitter French Coffin Nails With Swirls and Flowers


Pink and brown may be a cute combination, but with the right accents and designs, you can achieve a stunning look for a special occasion. 

Here, brown glitter nail polish is used to create fancy french tips and swirl art over a soft pink base, enhanced by small flower decals.

20. Light Pink and Brown Coffin Nails With Swirls and Hearts


The shade of pink used in this look is so subtle it resembles white, which makes this design delicate and youthful. Swirls and hearts add to the adorable flair with a matte finish that makes the details stand out.

21. Blush Pink and Brown Nails With Leaves


Here’s another stunning pink and brown floral nail design that you’ll love. This time, the base is a deep brown hue overlaid by full blush pink leaves.

Summary and Top Picks

I love that both pink and brown are getting the love they deserve in the world of nail artistry. Generally, pink is seen as too girly and brown as basic, but these combinations prove to us just how chic both colors are.

My top picks from this list are: 

#8 Short Light Pink and Dark Brown Negative Space Nails: Negative space nails have become one of my all-time faves! They look so cool and cute at the same time.

#18 Pink and Brown Nails With Floral Stamp Art: I love subtle nails, and this pink and brown stamp art design captures that perfectly.

#21 Blush Pink and Brown Nails With Leaves: Blush pink is one of my favorite shades of this color, so I had to say yes to this look!

What about you? Which of these pink and brown nail designs are you gushing over? Let me know in the comments below!

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