21 Matte Brown Nail Design Ideas on Trend in 2022

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Brown nails aren’t as simple as they seem. There are many rich shades to play with in styles like ombre, animal print, and autumn-themed glitter. My favorite way to wear this deep earthy color is matte. Matte brown nail designs are bold and eye-catching.

Some ladies find matte brown less catchy than the bright, colorful nail options available. I disagree. Brown nails are stunning when designed artistically or paired with the right outfit. 

If you’re like me and love matte brown nail art, I’ve got some trendy ideas to try. Not a brown nail lover yet? These designs are sure to inspire a change.

1. Long Coffin Shaped Brown and Gold Glitter Nails


This look is fun for a night out or a special event. The long coffin nail shape lends an air of elegance, while the gold glitter shouts, “Pop the champagne!” I love the choice of a rich chocolate brown for this look. Buy these nails at Etsy.

2. Pale Brown With Pink Accents


Nothing makes a nail pop like a custom design. These beautiful pale brown nails stand out with a pastel pink border. The wide coffin shape emphasizes the flirty feminine look they deliver. Buy these nails at Etsy.

3. Matte Brown Glitter on a Short Nail


This short nail looks adorable with a matte glitter design. The hot cocoa shade is a great look for glitter. It adds welcome depth to the look. Short nails can be elegant, and this glittery look proves it. Love it. Buy these nails at Etsy.

4. Extra-Long Light Brown Square Nails


This shape is somewhere between a coffin and a square shape. I adore this light-brown nail color on a long nail. I’d pair this look with moss green or mauve for the best color effect. Buy these nails at Etsy.

5. Ombre and Marble Matte Nails With Press-On Gems


Ombre is such a great look for matte brown nails. This stylist paired four ombre nails with a single accent marble nail. Add a few gemstones, and the look is complete. I’d wear this as a casual or dressy look. Buy these nails at Etsy.

6. Matte Brown and Autumn Plaid Nails


I love the look of plaid in the fall. This brown on

plaid look is killer. Two plaid nails and three matte nails in a cool brown color work so well together. Pair it with a solid top, but definitely add a plaid bag to make those nails pop. Buy these nails at Etsy.

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7. Brown Matte With Cow Print Accent Nail


Okay, cow print isn’t for everyone, but these are so fun. I love the addition of cow print accent nails with long matte brown coffin-style press-ons. It’s funky and unique, and would go great with my cognac leather cross-body bag. Buy these nails at Etsy.

8. Taupe-Brown Gold Leaf Matte Nails


These are legit so bougie. I love the look of gold leaf on almost anything, but on these taupe-brown coffin-style nails—AMAZING. The finished look is refined and playful. Buy these nails at Etsy.

9. Sugar and Matte Brown Nails


Sugar and spice and everything nice. I love the look of glitter with matte, which make for a very cute nail design idea. This “sugar” accent design is everything. A few glittery talons with a cool brown matte combo looks good with almost any outfit. Buy these nails at Etsy.

10. Textured Fall Leaf Brown Nail Design


Stop the presses! Seriously though, these are by far one of my favorite brown nail designs. There’s something about textured nails that make my fashion-loving heart race. Brown ombre nails with a leaf embossed effect = perfection! Buy these nails at Etsy.

11. More Plaid But They’re Short and Sweet


Short oval nails are dying for an accent sticker. This pale brown ombre design is so sweet with white and brown plaid accents. I love the vintage Burberry vibe it inspires. Buy these nails at Etsy.

12. Light Brown Shimmer Coffin Nails With a 90s Inspired Accent


Light brown nails are very popular this year, and this shimmer effect is everything. We all know 90s fashion is back, and this accent nail certainly illustrates that. I dig the bright yellow and deep brown splatter paint look. Buy these nails at Etsy

13. Pink, Brown, and Ice Cream on an Almond Nail


A lot of brown nail designs are perfect for fall, but this is a summer style for sure. The brown drip pattern combined with an ice cream accent makes my heart sing. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream nail art! Buy these nails at Etsy.

14. Caramel and Dark Brown Leopard Print Tips


If you don’t use matte brown in a leopard tip you’re missing out. These gorgeous dark brown and caramel wild cat tips are so fun. Perfect for a day out with the girls, or an evening on the town. Buy these nails at Etsy.

15. Pale Matte Brown Almond Nails With Chrome Accents


I’m no good with free-hand nail art, but these chrome on light matte brown designs are shockingly good. The brass/chrome color design is so regal. It makes me think of something I’d wear to the ballet or opera. #bougiebae. Buy these nails at Etsy.

16. Matte Base and Metalic Mocha Swirl


Light brown is taking the matte nail design crown this year. These pale brown nails with metallic mocha swirl accents are winning fall. They wouldn’t look nearly as good on another nail shape. #coffinnailsforthewin. Buy these nails at Etsy.

17. Brown Cheetah Print Oval Nail Stick-Ons


Get it girl! These cheetah print nails aren’t messing around. Shades of brown with a matte finish on an oval-shaped nail make my heart happy. These are so fun for day or night wear. Buy these nails at Etsy.

18. Brown Zebra Ombre Multi-Pack


Is there such a thing as too much zebra print? I think not. Shades of brown with zebra design are a fun and funky way to celebrate the matte brown nail trend. I’m in love. Buy these nails at Etsy.

19. Brown to Nude Matte Nails


Brown to nude ombre is the only way to ombre. This dark brown to pale white nail design is so striking. I really enjoy it in matte vs. gloss polish. On a long square tip, it’s extra fierce. Buy these nails at Etsy.

20. Solid Mocha Brown Matte Nails


Sometimes a solid matte brown nail on all 10 fingers is the perfect look. I love this dark mocha color with magenta undertones for the job. The short coffin style emphasizes the subtle warmth of this style. Buy these nails at SHEIN.

21. Deep Dark Brown Matte Coffin Nails


Another solid one-color nail style I love is this super dark brown coffin nail. The brown is almost black, which reminds me of black nail designs. This is a great look for fall and goes with a variety of outfits. Buy these nails at SHEIN.

Summary and Top Picks

Brown isn’t as plain Jane as some gals think. There are so many ways to dress up a matte brown nail, and I hope you found some winners in my selection above. This look is best for fall and winter, but with the right outfit, you can wear it year-round.

Brown nails are generally a great look, but these are my top three picks:

  • #2 Pale Brown With Pink Accents: Brown and pink are shockingly divine together. This pale brown coffin nail with pink outline accents slays all day. 
  • #10 Textured Fall Leaf Brown Nail Design: Embossed nails are the new big thing, and I love leaves on brown nails for that cozy fall feel. With an ombre effect, they are genuinely perfect for autumn.
  • #18 Brown Zebra Ombe Multi-Pack: Zebra print looks so great in brown, and this ombre effect amps up the wild vibe. I’m digging the depth of brown in this selection.

Okay, I left you with some real jaw-droppers up there, but I’m dying to know which is your fave. Are you more of a glitter and gold brown nail girl, or do you like the neutral matte brown? Comment and let me know!

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