21 Box Braid Styles with Curls That Are Slaying in 2022

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Box braids are a protective style for growing natural hair with minimal damage. The braids are segmented into squares across the head. Extensions are usually attached as the hair is braided. Adding curls to this style turns it into goddess braids. 

Goddess braids are super trendy right now. The look combines the protective care of box braids with curls for a fun, flirty vibe. The one issue I have with this style is deciding where to put the curl. Fortunately, I’ve come to find it looks great anywhere!

If you’re like me, you probably want to see hairstyles in action before committing. Here are some of my favorite box braid styles with curls.

1. Long Curls and Box Braids


This look includes a mix of long box curls with box braids interspersed throughout the look. I love the combination. It provides the protection of the braid with a little something extra for aesthetics.

2. Box Braids With Curled Ends


This box braid style uses thick braids to lengthen the hair. Rather than interspersing braids, she’s chosen to curl the unbraided ends. I love the color. The honey shade really stands out against the black outfit she’s chosen.

3. Extra Long Curls With Red and Brown Box Braids


The colors in this gorgeous style are everything. The red and honey bring out the natural highlights in these curls. The assortment of brown shades complement each other without overpowering the look.

4. Burgundy Box Braids With Curled Ends


Curls at the end leave the perfect amount of room to play. The long box braids can be easily styled into a ponytail or bun. The curly ends add a playful elegance to the style. I love this deep burgundy on her. It really makes her eyes pop.

5. Curly Box Braid Updo


This is one of my favorite ways to style box braids. The classic 90s style high ponytail with side braids is a winning combination. She looks badass, and she knows it. #slayqueen

6. High Side Half Ponytail With Goddess Braids


I’m in love with this look. The curls at the end in a golden blond are a great accent to her dark braids. The half-up do keeps the braids out of her face while adding a youthful look.

7. Layered Curls and Thick Box Braids


I like the layered look of these curls. The braids have been unwoven at varying lengths. It’s a more natural look than the even leveled curls I sometimes see. I like the uniform color here. It suits her.

8. Goddess Braids With a Money Piece


A money piece colors the segments of hair, framing your face a different color than the rest. These goddess braids stand out with long dark curls and a pale blond money piece.

9. Shaved Side With Knotless Braids and Curls


This edgy look is killer. I love the one-side shaved look. It gives me Viking braids vibes. She looks fierce but feminine. The curls soften the look, adding just the right amount of grace and elegance to the style.

10. Deep Wave Goddess Braids With Mermaid Pattern


These aren’t your typical box braids. The mermaid scale pattern takes things up a notch. I love the mix of light and dark brown, especially as the braids spiral out into curls.

11. Extra-Long Knotless Braids With Curls


Extra-long braids are trending this year. It adds a little mermaid vibe to even the most natural hair color. Her hair is so lustrous. The curl adds texture and shine, making it even more vibrant.

12. Top-to-Bottom Curls and Box Braids


There’s something beautiful about a root-to-tip curl with box braids. The long ringlets add life to this braid style. It’s the kind of beauty that looks effortless yet luxurious at the same time.

13. Knotty Pigtail Box Braids With Curls


I love this style! It’s very 90s schoolgirl chic with a twist. The color is stunning. A copper shade with high and lowlights. And her edges are on point. All in all, a perfect style for a night out.

14. Box Braids With Beads and Ringlets


Metallic beads are the perfect accent for these dark glossy braids. The curls are layered throughout for an overall natural look. This style would go amazing with stark black nails.

15. Triangular Box Braids With Interwoven Curls


I love when box braids switch up the shape. It’s a whole new design with these triangular box braids and thin curls. This style focuses more on the braids than the curls, but it works.

16. Trio of Colors Box Braids and Curls


Loving this arrangement of tri-toned box braids and curls. The pale blond, honey brown, and dark brown are a perfect combination. The beads emphasize the unique color palette.

17. Box Braids and Curls With a Heart on the Side


Check out this clever hair design. The way the braids are arranged creates a heart shape on the side of her head. The rest of the braids are segmented into a geometric pattern. The curls add some much-needed softness to the look.

18. Pop of Color Pink Braids


Pink isn’t a color I see a lot of in box braids, but I’m living for it. This playful pop of color creates a whole new vibe. It works with her “Friends” t-shirt, playing up the 90s energy.

19. Bleach Blond Curls Baby!


I don’t know if blonds have more fun, but she looks ready to party. These beachy blond braids are a perfect summer style. I like that there are so many curls mixed in.

20. Short and Sweet Box Braids


So many women opt for long extensions in box braids. These short braids with curls are looking so sweet. I especially love the added hint of golden blond in the weave of the braid.

21. One Chunk of Blond on Box Braids and Curls


This whimsical look is killing it with a large chunk of pale blond amidst dark box braids. It’s giving me classic Disney Cruella de Vil vibes without the mean streak.

Summary and Top Picks

There are no rules for box braids and curls. Some people add color, while others keep them uniform. Some women prefer to curl the ends, and others go root to tip. As long as you feel confident in your style, that’s all that counts!

All of these stylish braids are amazing, but my favorites are:

  • #9 Shaved Side With Knotless Braids and Curls: One shaved side of the head is such a fierce and fiery style. Pair it with box braids and curls for a feminine touch.
  • #12 Top-to-Bottom Curls and Box Braids: Adding curls from root to tip is a natural way to style goddess braids. I like it with the uniform color. 
  • #19 Bleach Blond Curls Baby: I love this beach babe look. Her sassy shades set the style off. Bleach blond box braids with curls are super fun.

After looking through all these box braids and curls, I’m wondering about your preference. When you get your hair done, do you opt for color or keep things natural? Comment below and let me know!

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