50 Box Braids with Beads for 2022 That Look Absolutely Fabulous

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If there’s one thing I know, it’s that I can count on box braids to come through every time; for style, versatility, and a long-lasting look. These days, that’s what matters most—a protective style that’s truly worth our pennies, and box braids are it!

Beyond the fact that they’re super easy to achieve, whether you’ve employed the services of a professional or you’re self-taught, this look is simple yet stunning—worn short or long, large or small—they make being fashionable a whole lot easier. 

There are several ways to amp up box braids too. Some of the common ways are by diversifying the way hair is sectioned, for example, using triangular parts or adding colored extensions. 

You can also get creative by decorating your braids with one of the leading accessories, beads. Box braids with beads have been taking over, and these aren’t ordinary. 

Women are rocking beads in different styles and colors to make an impact, and in this round-up, I’m about to show you how you can do the same. Here are box braids with beads that look absolutely fabulous!

1. Small Black Box Braids With Clear Beads


This look is simple, but I love it nonetheless! It’s small box braids styled with clear beads. If you’re not aiming for anything too eye-catching, this classic look will serve you well.

2. Brown Box Braids With High Ponytail and Baby Blue and Pink Beads


Brown is a color that has continued to grow on me over the years. It’s now my go-to for a simple yet chic look, and that’s exactly what this box braid style is. 

The braids are pulled into a high ponytail, accessorized by baby blue and pink beads. It’s just so cute!

3. Black and Yellow Box Braids With Clear Beads


Add extra oomph to classic black braids by introducing a pop of color.  Yellow certainly won’t disappoint. Complete the look with clear beads on each braid to strike a balance between both contrasting colors.

4. Brown Box Braids With High Ponytail and Pink and Clear Beads


Brown braids in a high ponytail are one thing, but when you add pink and clear beads, then you’ve really got my attention. 

I love everything about this look—the color combination is simply the cutest. Not to mention those two braids that grace either side of the face.

5. Brown Box Braids With Two Top Knot Buns, Swoop Bang, and Pastel Beads


This hairstyle blew my mind. We’re accustomed to seeing double top knots and brown box braids, but all those features styled with a swoop bang and pastel-colored beads take this look to another level, and I’m loving every bit of it.

6. Gray and Golden Brown Box Braids With Nude and Clear Beads


Now, this is what you call stepping outside of the box. Pair two striking colors together, such as gray and golden brown, for a head-turning look. Add large nude beads with clear ones to complement both colors.

7. Black Box Braids With High Bun and Brown Beads


I’m loving how the beads are embellishing this sassy box braid updo. See, high buns don’t have to be boring. For this look, nude, mustard yellow, and clear beads are left hanging around the bun with beads for added style.

8. Black Box Braids With Pink Beads


Show off your impeccable style by adding pink beads to the end of classic black braids. You’re bound to enjoy a super cute look with minimal effort. That’s the aim!

9. Small Black Box Braid Bob With Brown Beads


It’s neatness for me! It makes this box braid bob look extra chic and boosts the impact of these super stylish brown beads as well.

10. Long Black Box Braids With Clear Beads


Long black braids with clear beads? Such a vibe! No matter what you’re wearing, a casual fit, or the sassiest dress in your closet, you’ll be the one to watch with this fab look.

11. Burgundy Box Braids With Two High Ponytails and Clear Beads


What better way to complement beautifully burgundy box braids than with clear beads? Clear beads don’t take away from the color. Instead, they enhance it. 

Make this look super cute by sectioning your hair into two and rocking high ponytails.

12. Long Black Box Braids With Bang and Colorful Beads


If you’re aim is a box braid style that will make you stand out, this gorgeous look is it! Beads are everywhere, even on the bangs, and that’s what makes it unique. Plus, the theme is colorful, so you’ll never grow tired of this style.

13. Small Black Box Braids With High Bun and Brown and White Beads


Women are becoming more confident with adding beads all over their protective style. 

This look is another great example of that. Box braids are worn in a half-up style with a high bun but don’t let that deter you from accessorizing with as many beads as you want.

14. Platinum Blonde Box Braids With High Bun and Brown and White Beads


Platinum blonde is such a striking hue that we sometimes avoid accessorizing, but this box braid bun style is serving as great inspiration.

Brown and white beads are added to complement the color and add a warm tone to this look, making it perfect for fall.

15. Small Burgundy Box Braids With High Ponytail and Clear Beads


Thinking of new ways to style your burgundy box braids? A ponytail is an effortlessly cute way to start, but clear beads will definitely be the icing on the cake.

16. Small Black Ghana Braids With Light Brown Beads


You no longer have to worry about diversity when it comes to your Ghana braids. Since they’re braided down the head, it can be tricky to switch things up, but that’s where beads come in. 

These light brown beads totally transform this Ghana braid style from your simple everyday look to one that’s oh-so chic.

17. Small Ghana Box Braids With Dark Brown Beads


Dark brown beads will also add a stylish touch to your Ghana braids, but thanks to the deep tone, a more neutral look is accomplished. If you’re going for a style that’s a bit more laid back but still trendy, give this look a go.

18. Long Jumbo Black Box Braids With White Beads


There’s just something about white. It makes everything chicer, box braids included. These jumbo braids were truly brought to life thanks to these layers of white beads. I’d pull them into a high ponytail to really show them off.

19. Medium-Length Black Box Braids With two Ponytails and Clear Beads


If long braids aren’t your thing but you don’t want to go too show, medium length is the way to go. Give them a little pizzazz with clear brands and a half-up style featuring two high ponytails.

20. Long Brown Box Braids With Clear Beads


These brown box braids are giving me chill vibes. Such a perfect look for a casual day out. Styled with clear beads, it becomes trendy and an even more valuable part of your OOTD.

21. Pink Box Braids With High Ponytail and White Beads


Not many colored beads will complement the bright undertone of pink but white certainty will. As a neutral tone, you can rock white beads with any style. Pop them onto your pink braids and wear them in a high ponytail for the cutest look.

22. Short Black Box Braids With Colorful Beads


Unlike pink braids, black braids serve as the perfect protective style for lots of color experimenting, as seen above. This short box braid look has primary and secondary-colored beads bringing a creative flair, and I’m here for it.

23. Black Box Braids With Large Nude Beads


What makes this box braid style so amazing is the size of the beads used to accessorize it. Because the beads are larger than most, they instantly grab your attention. I also love the nude color. It’s such a classy hue with a chic edge.

24. Black Box Braids With 70s Style Beads


It’s so fitting that this girl is rocking beachwear because these braids are giving me boho-chic and vacation-in-the-tropics vibes. 

The beads decorate each braid almost in an asymmetrical way, and the diversity and color coordination are just spectacular—It’s 70s-styled fusion of silver, brown, red, and black beads in several sizes.

25. Short Blonde Box Braids With Cornrows and Clear Beads


There’s no limit to what clear beads can do. They flatter this blonde box braid style so well, enhancing every feature, from the color to the cute stitch cornrows braided on top.

26. Black Fulani Ghana Box Braids With Clear Beads


If you look closely, you’ll see that these are more than your average Ghana braids. 

Reverse cornrows are braided along the side above the ear, making them Fulani-inspired braids. With clear beads added to the mix, this protective style is beyond chic.

27. Brown Box Braids With Brown Highlights and Brown and White Beads


Sometimes it feels like your black box braids are missing something. You’ve added color with brown highlights, but you may just need the right accessory for the final touch, and these clear and white beads understood the assignment.

28. Black Box Braids With Zig-Zag Cornrows and Clear Beads


First, it was the nifty zig-zag cornrows, then the clear beads that caught my eye. Together, they make an impeccable team and bring that well-needed trendy and edgy flair.

29. Long Multicolored Ombre Box Braids With Clear Beads


With such a colorful braided style like this, you only need clear beads to top it all off. This look transitions from black to purple, green, and yellow, so clear beads bring the perfect balance.

30. Black Fulani Ghana Box Braids With Brown Beads


These box braids have it all, and we’ve got those diverse cornrows to thank. 

Braided around the frame of the head with a cornrow running down the middle, this look is a mixture of Ghana, lemonade, and Fulani braids, completed by dark brown beads for a trendy touch.

31. Black Stitch Cornrow Ghana Box Braids With Brown Highlights and Clear Beads


When you’ve got a super neat style like these stitch cornrow Ghana braids, you really don’t have to do much. That’s why these clear beads are fitting. They complete the chic black and brown color combo while keeping things simple.

32. Half-Up Black Box Braids With High Ponytail and Clear Beads


Beads are a great way to add some flavor to a style you may have grown accustomed to. The half-up ponytail hairdo is super cute but also very popular. Adding beads can be your way of setting your look apart.

33. Light Brown Box Braids With Clear Beads


Complement the natural essence of light brown braids with clear beads. Brown braids are effortlessly chic,but it doesn’t hurt to amp them up with some chic accessories.

34. Small Black Knotless Box Braids With Clear Beads


If you’re going for a simple look, then you’ll love short black box braids, but you may find those moments when you want to spruce things up a bit. For that, clear beads won’t let you down.

35. Black Box Braids With High Bun and Red and White Beads


The beads in this box braid style are so elaborate you could easily think that there are red and white braids in the mix, too, but these are all beads. It’s a perfect example of how you can transform your braids by styling your beads creatively.

36. Burgundy Box Braids With Two High Ponytails and Clear Beads


We’ve already highlighted burgundy braids with clear beads, but this look also deserves some attention. 

This look features two high ponytails with braids hanging at either side of the face, all resting above the shoulders with clear beads at the ends. It’s, hands down, one of the cutest box braid styles I’ve seen.

37. Black and Pink Box Braids With Twin Ponytails and Pink Beads


Looking like a complete doll has never been easier—these black and pink box braids make it effortless. They’re completed by pink beads and worn in the cutest low twin ponytail style with a fab swoop bang.

38. Black Fulani Box Braids With White and Clear Beads


This is another Fulani-inspired look that you should try. This style features both reverse cornrows and a cornrow braided down the middle. It’s enhanced by white and clear beads, and I’m still amazed.

39. Black Box Braids With Brown and Pastel Beads


The old hair-behind-the-ear trick never grows old. Show off your cool style by tucking your braids behind the ear and over your shoulder to display your beads. Opt for brown and pastel-colored beads for the most adorable look.

40. Black Jumbo Cornrow Box Braids With Light Brown Beads


Add something special to your jumbo cornrow box braids, and by something special, I mean light brown beads. The color is light enough to brighten the look and simple enough to maintain a neutral, chic vibe.

41. Light Brown Box Braids With Small Ponytail and Clear Beads


Now, let’s try the reverse; brown braids, but this time with clear beads to add a cute touch. These braids are also pulled back, making them more than a casual look but a sophisticated addition to your OOTD.

42. Dark Brown Box Braids With Clear Beads


For a more laid-back vibe, dark brown box braids can set the tone. Complete with clear beads to make them above average.

43. Burgundy Box Braids With Brown Beads


Your beads don’t have to be added to the ends of your braids all the time. For this cute burgundy box braid style, they’re slid all the way to the mid and top sections of the select braids. This gives way to a unique sense of styling.

44. Short Black, Blonde, and Brown Box Braids With Beads


If it’s black, platinum blonde, and brown, then I’m here for it! I’ve always loved how the colors complement each other, and this time it’s no different.

What I love even more are these stylish nude, brown, and gold beads. It’s such a fab look to transition from fall to winter.

45. Half-Up Black Box Braids With Pink Beads


Without these pink beads, this box braid style would be your ordinary half-up style. Still super cute, but there’s no denying the extra oomph these beads bring to the table.

46. Green Box Braids With Brown Beads


Let’s get into some real color! Have you ever felt the vibe for green box braids? Let this look be a sign that you should definitely get them, and when you do, amp them up with brown beads to add that chic touch that neutral shades are known for.

47. Long Black Stitch Cornrow Ghana Braids With Light Brown Beads


Stitch cornrows have become my favorite way to wear the timeless Ghana braid look but what’s even more stunning are these light brown beads. They’re all it took to bring this look to the next level.

48. Black Box Braid Bob With Brown Beads


Braided bobs are another protective style that has truly grown on me over the years. They’re super cute, simple, and easy to style with anything, including these tasteful brown beads.

49. Black and Green Box Braids With Beads


Here are green braids once more, in their element, but now sharing the spotlight with black braids, accessorized by green and brown beads. I’m getting an outdoorsy vibe from this look, and I love it!.

50. Black Fulani Box Braids With High Ponytail and Beads


It’s everything to me! The nude and white beads, the Fulani cornrows, and the high ponytail. It’s way too much perfection to handle.

Summary and Top Picks

I really could go on and on about how amazing box braids with beads are, but I’m positive this compilation is more than enough to get you contemplating about which one you want to try for your next hair appointment.

As for me, my favorites from this list are none other than:

  • #1 Small Black Box Braids With Clear Beads: Because I just love a classic box braid style.
  • #5 Brown Box Braids With Two Top Knot Buns, Swoop Bang, and Pastel Beads: The girly girl in me came alive when I saw this look. It has everything you’d want; high buns, a chic color, and cute beads.
  • #10 Long Black Box Braids With Clear Beads: Long black box braids are one of the easiest ways to achieve an effortlessly fab protective style. With beads, they’re even more stunning.

How about you? Which of these box braids with beads are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below.

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