15 Cute Summer Outfit Ideas With a Pair of Vans

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Ah, Vans. A classic skate shoe and by far the best slip on sneaker one could possibly step into. With a variety of colors, patterns, and styles, they’re a must-have for your shoe collection!

I’m not sure about you, but sometimes I want to wear closed toe shoes without wearing true workout shoes or boots. I think there’s a line of athleisure and not athleisure that we tread with some of our looks, and our shoes can really make a difference there.

I was going out to run an errand that required no special attire, but I was definitely in a closed toe shoe mood.

This was a hair in a bun, white v-neck and linen shorts kind of outfit, just so you have an idea. A pair of Nikes would have given this look more of an athleisure vibe, and I wasn’t wanting that this time.

My Vans are my go-to for that mood because they’re super comfortable and work great with just about every outfit I put on, so I wanted to show you 15 cute summer outfits to inspire you and that look great with Vans.

1) Vans and Ripped Mom Jeans

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This is similar to what I had going on that brought me to my Vans. I don’t care who you are or what you look like, this outfit will look great on anybody!

Her mustard (gorgeous color by the way) shirt is unruly and partially tucked into her ripped mom jeans which are cuffed at the ankles. This is a great way to show off those lace up black vans!

2) Romper and Vans

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Rompers scream pretty in summer. I love the contrast in the dainty romper and subtle boldness of wearing sneakers with it. It’s almost… rebellious feeling.

These Vans give this look a playful element that I just can’t get enough of!

3) Casual in Colored Vans

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On a regular summer day, when I’ve got to run out, I usually throw on shorts and a t-shirt. Easy to wear with a pair of sandals and keeps the temperature down when it’s especially warm out.

I love this look as inspiration because besides her high waist shorts, graphic tee, and sunglasses, her blue Vans are super fun! This is an effortlessly fashionable look.

4) Cheeky in Checkers

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Checkerboard slip on Vans is a token Vans look. You’ll see it across all of their shoe styles.

Like the romper outfit above, I love the contrast of sneakers with a dainty outfit! So, this dress is super sweet with a subtle floral pattern. Looks amazing with the boldness of the shoes!

5) Long Deep V Cut Dress with Vans

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These deep, V-neck long dresses look awesome with sneakers─so of course these lace up Vans rock with it. Like the romper and other dress outfits above, this really feels like she’s breaking fashion rules!

I think this is a great example of how those favorite dresses can be worn casually. The shoe makes that happen.

The cool thing about Vans is that you could pretty much wear any style of them, and it’ll work with your outfit. Can you picture wearing a pair of colored vans with this dress? Navy blue or pink ones would be super cute!

6) Mini Denim Skirt and Vans

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I know I’m sharing another pair of checkered slip on Vans, but I love the almost punk feel this look gives off. If you love the look, know that you could wear slip ons with any pattern! Vans is great about patterns on their canvas shoes!

Mini skirts came back last year in a big way, so tucking in a loose band graphic tee into it with these slip ons is such a fun and simple summer look.

Check out my denim skirt and basic t-shirt outfit. I’m wearing heels (so disregard that part), but it is another great example of what outfit would look awesome with sneakers.

7) Camo Cargo with Crop Top and Vans

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Military style anything is fun, so of course a pair of camouflage cargo pants with a crop tank makes the summer outfit list.

Something I like about this look, is that rather than overdoing it with the gung-ho moto, she kept it to just the pants. Easily, she could have paired some combat inspired boots, which would have worked, but wearing her Vans tones the mood down some.

Check out my camouflage jacket dress look for more military fashion inspiration! I’m wearing over the knee boots, but you could absolutely wear your Vans with it!

8) Fishnets and Vans

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Okay, not everybody is in love with fishnets, I understand that. But can we take a moment and appreciate this outfit?

From her hat all the way to her shoes, this is an awesome look. The cool thing about it, is it’s really very simple in all black and white. This makes it easier if some days you’re struggling with finding the right colors to wear.

9) Oversized Shirt Dress and High Tops

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This truly is an effortless outfit. It’s like she woke up, put a hat and shoes on, and ran out of the house in her nightshirt. I promise you, that this is a look though.

So, that means it is perfectly acceptable to wear your husband or boyfriend’s shirts out in public, just wear them as a dress! And hello high top Vans! I think we can all enjoy a good pair of fashionably placed high tops. It isn’t every day we see them outside of a sports arena.

10) Night Out In Vans

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Just because Vans are sneakers doesn’t mean they can’t be worn with a sexy outfit. Let’s be real, sometimes our heels hurt our feet and we wish we could wear more comfortable shoes while still looking fire. 

This is an awesome outfit idea for a night out with the girls! Wearing a lace corset or a lingerie inspired top with a pair of high waisted jeans and Vans is a great way to stay looking sexy while being comfortable! Dance on!

11)Swimsuit and Vans

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Sandals are not the only beach or pool attire shoe, as you can see! I love this example because Vans are traditionally skate shoes, so seeing her on a skateboard makes my heart happy.

Of course, her shorts, printed top, and amazing colored Vans help! Ladies, rock those sneakers with your bikinis!

12) Swing Dress and White Vans

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Isn’t this such a cute outfit? Perfect for a day out. I really love how her white slip on vans compliment her dress. It gives it this extra crisp and almost feminine element. 

Wearing a dress with Vans is super easy, and I think after going through these ideas we can gather that accessorizing to really boost our look is just as simple. Here, she tied a chambray shirt around her waist.

I personally love to tie my red and black plaid flannel around the waist of my black swing dress. It helps give the look some dimension while letting me show off my waistline. Plus it is mega comfortable.

13) Denim, Leather, and Vans

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I’m a sucker for leather clothes. Really. I love the texture and tough girl vibe it gives off, therefore I love this outfit.

Another very simple one, denim shorts, white v-neck tee, leather jacket, and Vans. That’s it.  If it’s a little chilly that day, swap those shorts for a pair of mom jeans! Keep the Vans- in any print or style. They’re awesome.

14) Overalls and Vans

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Another item that came back in a big way- overalls! Overall shorts, overall skirts, overall pants (in skinny, and boyfriend), they’re back. Look at this outfit!

Her brilliant white overalls look bold and amazing with a grey cold shoulder crop top. Adding checkerboard slip on Vans gives this outfit an even bigger “wow” factor!

15) Wild for Animal Print

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I had to save the best for last here. Isn’t this outfit fun? I’ve been saying that Vans produce shoes with other prints on them, and here’s a great example.

What’s even better is that she’s wearing a skirt with multiple animal prints on it! I know some are afraid to double up on the animal prints in one outfit, but this is really the perfect way to do it.

So now that you’ve seen some example summer outfits with Vans, I want to know what you think.  

How do you wear your Vans? Do you prefer slip ons or lace ups? Which of these outfits was your favorite? Tell me in the comments below!

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