What to Wear With High Top Vans

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Are you familiar with high top Vans? Vans are known skate shoes and have been around since the mid 60’s, but these high tops made their debut in 1976.

They were originally referred to as, “Sk8-Hi,” shoes, or technically called by Vans themselves as, “Style 38,” because they numbered their styles rather than named them.

The purpose of these shoes were to protect the ankles of the user (primarily skaters) from being hit during the action. Anyone else ever been hit in the ankle by a skateboard, or maybe a Razor Scooter? IT HURTS.  So we can easily understand why the high top was so cherished.

You know how sometimes you can love a shoe but because it’s purpose is so present, you wonder if you can wear it just for the looks? Anyone else? I know that I’ve seen shoes and thought, “Gosh, I’d love to wear those with ____.”

Don’t be discouraged if you’ve seen these awesome Vans shoes and not known how to style them. That’s what I’m here for.

1. ​What Pants to Wear With High Top Vans

Steal The Look

When you’re considering what type of pants you’re going to wear with your high top vans, remember this: you want them to be seen.

Having them be visible lets you make them a part of your outfit, rather than just a shoe. After all, if you’re wearing these vintage beauts, you’re probably proud of them and want them on display. Therefore, you’ll be wearing pants that either tuck into the shoe or don’t go all the way down the leg.

Like this outfit here, she’s wearing distressed denim jeans with the bottom of the pant legs rolled up to be sure these cute, pink, high top Vans can be seen in all of their glory.

You’ll see joggers, skinny jeans, capris, skirts, and all types of shorts worn with high tops! The point is to show them off. So as long as your pants don’t cover the shoe, you’re all good.

2. What to Wear With White, High Top Vans

Steal The Look

White, high top vans are super versatile and will work with any outfit you’d normally wear white sneakers with.

Take this outfit, here, for example. All she’s wearing is a pair of high waist denim, cutoff shorts and a bell sleeved lace crop top with a saddle bag. That’s it.

Imagine this outfit with a graphic tee? Or what if you wanted to wear actual pants, like the image above? Go for it. White high top Vans work with everything.

Check out my electric purple pants outfit where I’m wearing white high top Converse. You could easily substitute the Vans for the Converse!

​3. ​​What to Wear With Black, High Top Vans

Steal The Look

Check out this outfit. She’s wearing black, high top Vans, and it’s super sporty yet fashionable looking!

Her black, high waist joggers have a white stripe down the outside of the leg which is awesome because the black Vans have white stripes on them. Of course, some are black on black, but this is a really popular color combination of these high tops.

The rest of her outfit, a white shirt tucked into the pants and a denim shirt over the top with the sleeves cuffed, give the look some attitude, don’t you think?

Black, high top Vans look great with all colors of pants, too. I like that she matched her shoes to her pants here!

4. ​What to Wear With Gray, High Top Vans

Steal The Look

Gray, high top Vans are so fresh! I’m sorry this isn’t a full outfit example, but I had to show how awesome these shoes are.

I really love the contrast here. The white and gray are great together, both vibrant (it helps that the white parts are clean). With the dark black leggings, it really makes them pop.

So, what to wear with gray, high top Vans? If you’re wearing black leggings or jeans like these, you could easily style a graphic tee on top, a favorite oversized sweater, or even a tank that shows some tasteful side boob.

There is no limit to what you can wear with these shoes. Don’t forget that you can style these shoes with your favorite leggings, dresses and skirts too!

So what do you think? Would you wear high top Vans? I’m curious to know, so be sure to tell me in the comments below. I’m especially curious if seeing these outfit ideas helped you find style inspiration on how to wear high top Vans!

After all, we went over types of pants you can wear with them, white, high top vans; black, high top vans; gray, high top Vans.  That’s only scratching the surface, though, because these awesome shoes come in a plethora of color combinations!

Don’t forget to tell me your answers in the comment section below!

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