15 Cute Outfits to Wear With Lace Shorts

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Have you ever been out shopping and had an item catch your eye so intensely that you instantly fell in love with it and just absolutely had to have it? This happened to me recently, I couldn’t resist!

I was out shopping for an event and couldn’t help myself with a pair of lace shorts! I probably passed and admired them three times before I finally grabbed them to take home.

I love these shorts so much, so I wanted to share 15 cute outfits to wear with lace shorts with you!

1) Lace Shorts With Metallic Heels

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Aren’t these metallic heels so fun! I just found a pair of metallic shoes just yesterday hiding in my closet and laughed because I don’t remember the last time I wore them. This is perfect!

I think the black button up tucked into these yellow lace shorts gives off this “I mean business but I’m fun” vibe. A mystery. Adding metallic heels makes this look fierce and edgy, amazing for a night out on the town!

2) Lace Shorts With a Blazer

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I’m a big fan of blazers, so of course I’m going to wear a blazer with my new lace shorts. I love this all white look with the gold and bronze accents!

It’s so elegant looking and would be perfect for a day out with girlfriends at a vineyard or a brunch date! I probably would wear a pair of pumps with this look too.

For a similar look, check out my Blazer and Shorts outfit that also would be perfect for a brunch or day out occasion. I love that blazers are so much more than just work attire because they can be styled so well!

3) Lace Shorts With Tights and Heels

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If fierce is a look you’re into rocking, add this to your archive because IT IS FIRE!

There are a few things here that I really admire aside from these shorts, the first being the use of the tights. Wearing tights does something special to an outfit, and these do not disappoint!

Second, her thigh high boots! Thigh high and over the knee boots are very present in my shoe collection. I love the effortless flare they add to my outfits. Super cute addition to these shorts!

4) Beige Lace Shorts

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These beige lace shorts and sheer keyhole sleeved shirt is super cute and casual, yet it shows effort and would be perfect for a day out. I’d pair this look with some nude pumps!

5) Lace Shorts With a Leather Jacket

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Something that draws me to these shorts is how dainty and feminine they are. Adding a leather jacket, ankle boots, a graphic tee, and a hat that would be a little more edgy in appearance which really gets my attention! I really like the contrast!

This is a super cute outfit, and I can totally see wearing this out to a concert! I love the attitude a leather jacket gives to an outfit. Here’s one of my favorite leather jacket looks!

6) Nautical in Lace Shorts

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Ahoy! Isn’t this nautically inspired outfit gorgeous? I think in the right setting, it would even be appropriate for some workplaces.

They’re very subtle, but she’s accented the primary navy and cream colors with a small coral bracelet and coral colored flats. Perfect for the beach or vacation! A fedora would be a cute addition as well.

7) Chambray Shirt and Lace Shorts

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Chambray shirts came back in a huge way these last few years, and adding them with a pair of lace shorts and a thin belt reminds me of something we’d see in a country music video!

It has this sweet spring and summer look to it that just feels good. If you don’t have cowboy boots (which would be super cute here), a pair of wedges or cute sandals would be perfect footwear. Don’t forget to grab a sweet tea too!

8) Animal Print Heels and Lace Shorts

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This outfit is super easy and can be pulled off by anyone! Her black tee and white lace shorts can be complemented with literally any shoe you own.

But here, you see animal print heels in all their fabulous glory. If you’re not a big fan of the animal prints, vibrant colored shoes would be fun!

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9) Bohemian Inspired Look With Lace Shorts

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A common misconception that exists in fashion is that you’re supposed to wear something fitted with something that is not fitted. This look debunks that!

I love the keyhole sleeves on this chiffon blouse paired with the lace shorts. It leans toward a bohemian look and it’s awesome. Complete this look with strappy sandals!

10) Beachy Boho With Lace Shorts

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This color combination is such a happy one! This plays on the boho look like the one above, but I really love the bright colored shorts!  A perfect look for a day at the beach!

11) Fierce in Lace Shorts

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I know I already shared an outfit with a leather jacket and another with tights, but this look here really shows off the tights and it’s awesome!

If any look were to portray a woman on a mission, this one is it. Like the leather jacket one before, this one could have a graphic tee swapped out for the collared button up.

12) Business Casual With Lace Shorts

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Wearing vibrant and contrasting colors makes fashion fun. That’s why we love it, anyway. It’s about the freedom to express ourselves visually!

This outfit is a great example of that with it’s black lace shorts and bright blouse. This even went a step further by having embellishments that match the color of the shorts, which could also be done by adding a statement necklace!

13) Simple Beauty in Lace Shorts and Tank

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If this look is not the epitome of summer fashion, I don’t know what is! How beautiful is her outfit!

I love that her shirt is simple and loosely tucked into her almost vintage inspired shorts. I think I  love her shoes and bag even more though! This is a great example of having fun with accessories.

Check out my Blue Mini Dress outfit to see another example of a unique and cute basket inspired bag!

14) Button-Up With Lace Shorts

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There are multiple aspects about this look that are cute, so when combined of course it makes for the ultimate outfit. Plus the color pallet is amazing!

This outfit has so many fine details. The embellished pocket flaps, rolled sleeves, great accessory selection (and that bag, yes please!), to her super cute heels. All of this paired with the texture of her shorts is perfection.

15) Business Casual Blazer and Lace Shorts

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Yes, yes, another blazer outfit- I can’t resist! This is one of those “sorry, not sorry” moments, because this outfit is glorious.

Having her shirt tucked into her lace shorts allows her to show off her accenting belt. Adding the blazer to it makes the outfit more versatile, and would probably be great in the workplace!

If the blazer is removed, there’s a whole other outfit right there which would be perfect for going out after work and wanting to have a different outfit without actually changing your clothes. I love a good 2 in 1!

If you’re not a fan of the blazer, or perhaps you don’t have one, a cardigan would work perfectly! Don’t forget cute shoes and accessories!

What are your thoughts on lace shorts? Comment below and tell me about your favorite lace short outfit! I really want to hear from you!

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