15 Best Shirts a Woman Can Wear With Jeans

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I absolutely love jeans, you guys. It’s something about how seasonally versatile and era friendly they are mixed with all the different styles, washes, cuts, and colors that make them such a favorite closet staple.

Currently, in Chicago, it’s been cool at night but warm during the daytime, so I needed an outfit I could wear to the Cubs game that would work for both temperatures.

Being at a baseball game, I wanted to be dressed comfortably while still looking cute─and of course wear my Cubs jersey. Given the nighttime temperature, it was a no-brainer to pick out a favorite pair of jeans!

So I wanted to do a blog that shared just how versatile jeans are. Here, you’ll find 15 different shirts we wear with our favorite pair of jeans!

1) Jeans and Team Spirit

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Okay, this was a given, since it was a baseball game that inspired this post. It may be a different team jersey she’s wearing, but we’ll let it slide... this time!

I wanted to show you how simple it is to be fashionable at a sporting event! She did what I did, actually, and wore a black crop top beneath her Astros baseball jersey! While it’s warm out, keep it unbuttoned. When the temperature cools off, button it up! Viola!

But to make things even better, she’s rocking some heavily distressed high waisted boyfriend jeans and a pair of black combat boots. Built in ventilation for the daytime, am I right?

While I was there, I saw women wearing baseball tees with their jeans which is totally cute, but everyone does that. Don’t be afraid to give your team spirit look a little extra spirit!

2) Cropped and Cute

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I have serious love for cropped tops. Here’s one of my favorites: a Nasty Gal Leopard Crop Top with jeans outfit. Given that most of the US is in warmer temperatures right now, I wanted to share how cute a crop top is with jeans!

She’s wearing a cropped button up tee that has a tied bottom with a light wash high waist jean! If this isn’t a perfect summer outfit, I don’t know what is.

Pair this look with some cute pumps, roll up the bottoms for some gladiator sandals, or even wear a favorite pair of white sneakers with it!

3) Cropped Tank and Jeans

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Last one for the crop tops, I promise… maybe. I just wanted to share a cute casual (yet stylish) summer look that is super easy to pull off and perfect for a day out playing.

Behold, distressed mom jeans and a simple white cropped tank. The cool part about this outfit is that she pulled white converse and a light grey hat with it. These accents really show effort in fashion!

4) Off the Shoulder Oversized Tee and Jean

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I feel like this is the perfect, casual, day out look for spring, summer, and fall. It makes it even more fun that she’s wearing a thick strappy lace bralette beneath it that shows at the off the shoulder part- hello layers!

Plus, I’m a sucker for a good hat. You’ll see me wear hats throughout my OOTD posts.

This oversized striped shirt is perfect partially tucked into her distressed jeans─which are rolled up just enough so that she can show off her sandals.

I’d say this is would be my outfit of choice if I were out running errands, grabbing a quick bite, and maybe meeting up with a friend!

5) Not so Plain Tee Jane in Jeans

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Basic t-shirts are like the jelly to jean’s peanut butter. Unless you’re allergic to peanut butter, in which case, almond butter.

Check out how cute and stylish this outfit is, even though all she’s wearing is a heathered crew neck tee with distressed jeans. The simplicity here is beautiful.

It is also proof that a good belt, shoes, bag, and braid can add magic to a look!

6) Stylish in Chambray and Jeans

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Chambray is the simple sister to true denim shirts, which can be hot, heavy, and a bit stiff. It’s no wonder that it came back in a big way and has stayed around.

It looks great tucked into this pair of high waisted denim pants. Her leopard print heels give this look some sass, and her belt and top knot step it up a notch.

Don’t forget to wear your chambray shirt with colored jeans, white jeans, jean shorts, tucked into a skirt, over a dress, or with pretty much anything in your closet!

7) Bodysuit and Jeans

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Let me preface this by saying, ANY bodysuit works wonderfully with jeans. Be it a lingerie inspired tank like this, a tee, a turtle neck, a deep v-neck...THEY ALL work.

But I love the textures in this look, from the lacy black bodysuit to the teddy bear coat. They both look great with her jeans and sneakers!

Check out my Teddy Bear Coat outfit paired with jeans and a turtleneck sweater!

8) Blazer and Jeans

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You may have noticed, but I’m a big fan of blazers─like this Light Blue Blazer and Jeans look. (P.S. It even has a cowl neck bodysuit in it!)

This outfit is so cute. From the ivory blazer, to the blush v-neck tank tucked into her distressed jeans, her matching white purse and heels, this look is perfect! So much that her nails are even painted to match her shirt. Fine details ladies, fine details!

9) Oversized Turtleneck Sweater and Jeans

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When the cooler months come, this is an outfit that needs to be in your closet!

An oversized turtleneck sweater partially tucked into jeans, with ankle booties and a matching purse, is a comfortable yet fashionable way to go out and about!

Check out my oversized Green Sweater Outfit. It is perfect for being cozy casual!

10) Trench Coat and Jeans

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Even wearing jeans in the winter can get cold, and in those instances, it helps when you have a long trench coat jacket to cover up with! 

This look is fun with patterns and texture. It’s misleading almost, because from the top, it looks like a nice blouse beneath nice coat lapels. It may be something business attire worthy, but as your eyes move down you see that is not the case.

We quickly see that she has these awesome cropped high waist distressed jeans that her top is tucked into. Plus, awesome ankle boots!

How easy this look is to accomplish─and if you wanted to warm the look up some you could easily add a scarf!  Check out my Plaid Coat Outfit, similar to this, and how I styled a scarf with it!

11) Barefoot and Boho

Steal The Look

I really love tops like these, with the deep V, tie up front, and bell sleeves. So, it’s only fitting that this top made the list.

Picture this outfit, with a pair of sexy strappy heels. It’s fire and ready for a night out on the town! But also, look how earthy and simple it is without the heels. These jeans look great with it, either way.

12) Tube Top and Jeans

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Tube tops are making their way back into the face of fashion, and they’re stellar with jeans. 

This simple black tube top with ripped boyfriend jeans is a fun look. I like that her black sneakers and bag compliment the flow so well.

Hint: If you’re not fully comfortable wearing only a tube top, layering a blazer, cardigan, or jacket overtop is a cute fix!

13) Plaid Top and Jeans

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LAYERS! I love layers, and this outfit does not disappoint in that department.

This plaid long sleeve looks great tucked into her jeans, but the real fun here is that she’s wearing a letterman jacket overtop with the sleeves pulled up so her plaid sleeves are exposed.

And can we take a moment to appreciate her over the knee boots? They match perfectly with the jacket, hues in the shirt, and her bag. This outfit can’t be tamed!

14) Graphic Tee and Jeans

Steal The Look

Graphic tees are just awesome. If you don’t have any, please treat yourself to one. They’re super easy to find in malls and big stores like Target, Walmart, and Kohls for a great price─like less than $10 great!

Simple enough, the graphic tee is tucked into her distressed denim with a leather jacket draped over her shoulders, a great pair of strappy heels, and an oversized bag. Honestly, I’d select a smaller bag, but the bigger it is the more you can carry!

Here's one of my OOTD’s where I’m wearing my jeans with a graphic tee and a plaid blazer draped over my shoulders. Such an easy look to accomplish!

15) Faux Fur Vest and Jeans

Steal The Look

Like the teddy bear jacket, the faux fur vests came back big this most recent winter.

To me, this look is visually soothing. I love the taupe/suede colors she’s got going on. So, what we have here is a white long sleeve beneath a faux fur vest, which matches her boots, purse, and her hat.

So simple, and so fun. Despite how easy they are to layer and add texture to looks, vests don’t get enough credit. Extra points if your shirt beneath the vest is a turtleneck or a bodysuit!

Alright. I think we’ve covered the bases on several different types of shirts we can wear with our best jeans─for all seasons!

I want to hear from you! Which look here is your favorite? How do you wear your most loved denim? Tell me in the comment section below!


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