How Any Woman Can Wear Vans and Make it Look Good

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Show of hands, how many of us wear closed toe shoes during the year because it’s either cold, raining, we’re walking a lot that day, or we’re overdue for a pedicure? 

I’ve got both hands raised for all of the above, in case you’re wondering.

So this week, we’ve had a lot of rain, and I knew I wouldn’t be wearing open toe shoes at all. Lately, I’ve thoroughly loved my Vans, so I wanted to add a post on here of different ways you can style Vans. 

You may have seen my 15 Cute Summer Outfit Ideas with a Pair of Vans post (check it out if you haven’t), but this one I wanted to talk about some extra outfits and ways you can make Vans look good.

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How to Wear Vans with Skinny Jeans

This first outfit was hot this 2019 spring season! Women have fully embraced the high waist jean this last year. Thankfully we have a variety of cuts and styles of jeans to pick from in general, but skinny jeans, the most popular, definitely do not disappoint. 

Her basic crew neck tee with cuffed sleeves looks great tucked into her skinny jeans. My favorite part, though, is the cuffed ankles with her classic lace up vans. This outfit will look great on any body type too!

In this second outfit, you see the checkered slip on Vans with skinny high waist denim jeans and an oversized sweater. Doesn’t it look so comfortable? You’ll hear me say this often: comfort and fashion are friends.

If we’re being honest, I don’t think you can go wrong with any style shoe paired with an oversized sweater and jeans. Her addition of the checkered pattern, despite her sweater being striped, is fun though. This would be a great opportunity to wear colored shoes as well, even if they’re a solid color.

Check out my green sweater outfit, for a skinny jeans and oversized sweater look with combat style boots!

How to Wear Vans with Dresses

Vans are a great addition to dresses. They tone down the look, bringing what may normally be a more flirty or formal dress to an edgy or more casual street outfit. 

Plus, they’re so much more comfortable than heels, I know women who have even worn Vans under their wedding dress!

This first outfit shows a long sleeved shirt dress with a pair of traditional lace up vans. I seriously love her addition of fishnet socks with this look, because otherwise the dress and Vans aren’t much to write home about.

In this second dress, adorably displays a bodycon dress with a denim vest and striped slip on Vans. Such a cute summer look, right?

Like I was saying, the addition of Vans tones down the dress. I wanted to give an example of Vans with both a longer and shorter dress so you can get an idea of how well they mesh. 

Both of these outfits would be great with a pair of strappy heels or sandals, but it would completely change the look and possibly limit where you’d be wearing it.

How to Wear Vans with a Skirt

Vans with skirts are just as easy as wearing Vans with anything else. I promise. 

Just like the wearing Vans with dresses section, I wanted to show you here two examples of wearing Vans with a shorter and a longer skirtㅡbut not limited to these! Vans look amazing with all styles of skirts!

In this first outfit, you see a denim skirt with a graphic tee and checkered slip on Vans. It’s really very simple and they look great together. 

I think there is this worry that wearing anything flat and with a closed toe will make the leg look shorter, and that isn’t always the case. Wearing skirts (or any bottom for that matter) that is a higher waist will help accentuate the waistline and elongate the leg!

I love to wear graphic tees with my denim skirts. Check out my GRLFRND high waisted denim skirt with a graphic tee outfit. It would look amazing with a pair of plain white Vans!

This second outfit is incredibly fun and flirty, with a long button up skirt and crop top.  Her Vans give it this playful element, and I honestly wouldn’t change a thing here. She couldn’t have picked a better shoe to wear with this look!

How to Wear Vans with Shorts

Like skirts, dresses, and jeans, it’s difficult to only give you two images as examples for these posts. So as a preface, know that 99% of your shoes are friends with 99% of your shorts. 

This first outfit isn’t too different from the first skirt example above. High waist distressed denim shorts with a cropped graphic tee and checkered slip on Vans. 

I wanted to show this because of how successfully this outfit is at making her legs look long. Yes, a portion of that is due to her standing position (the pointed toe), but the short shorts and higher waist gets a lot of credit also.

This second image features biker shorts! If you’re unfamiliar with the biker short scene, it’s become popular in fashion mostly because of the Kardashian clan, so we see other celebrities wearing them often as well. 

These athletic biker shorts are notoriously compressing and supportive, so why wouldn’t we wear them to give us a little boost and some help in some areas? 

She’s wearing a knotted graphic beneath a denim jacket with hers, and her Vans help pull some white from her shirt down and of course help play on the athletic-ish vibe without having to actually look like she just stepped off of a bicycle. 

Check out this H&M Summer Look I’m wearing to see a pair of paper bag shorts that would look killer with a pair of plain white Vans!

How Wear Vans with Long Socks

Long socks can be a really fun touch added to your outfits! 

Excuse the selfie mirror pic, but I love this first outfit. She’s wearing orange banded long socks scrunched down with her high top Vans! Super 80’s, right? But that isn’t all! She’s wearing rolled up mom jeans (to show off those sweet socks) and an oversized windbreaker. 

I don’t care who you are. This outfit is super adorable and would look great on anyone!

This second outfit is a bit more bold than the first because her socks are bold and striped! The entire outfit is full of color, really. 

A yellow tee tucked into distressed high waisted denim shorts is summery and fun, but these striped socks paired with the checkered Vans are awesome!

In the comments at the bottom of the page, I want to know, would you wear either of these outfits?

How to Wear Vans During Winter

I showed an outfit at the start of this post of Vans with jeans and an oversized sweater. That of course is an appropriate winter outfit, but I wanted to show you a couple with winter jackets.

In this first outfit you’ll see she’s showing off several layers! A scarf over a trench coat which is draped over a regular coat, that is on top of a tee tucked into high waisted skinny jeans paired with these awesome blue and black lace up Vans.

Her skinny jeans are a bit shorter, and she actually cuffed them a tiny bit to help show more ankle and look less like shorter jeans. Which is different from this next outfit.

This second outfit shows her distressed skinny jeans tucked into these awesome high top Vans, with a striped shirt and a matching raincoat. 

Van’s don’t need to be with denim. They’re great with leather leggings (or regular ones) and even joggers. So, for those cooler months that shorts, skirts, and dresses aren’t favorable, know that you can wear Vans with other pants too!

A lot of these Vans shown were the classic black and classic checkered slip ons with the exception of a few. Vans come in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns and are a lot of fun to wear!

Hopefully, from this post and my 15 cute summer outfits with Vans post (linked at the start of this post), you’re inspired to wear vans more! 

I want to hear your thoughts! Which is your favorite way to wear Vans? Do you have a favorite color/ style? Tell me in the comments below!

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