110 Trendy Shoulder Tattoos for Women in 2022

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Shoulder tattoos are a great option for tattoo lovers and first-timers alike. They have a lower pain level than other areas of the body, like the spine. You also have a variety of choices for covering them up or showing them off. 

For example, you could wear off-the-shoulder and sleeveless tops to show them off or wear sleeves for when you want your tattoo to be a secret. 

There are also many size options to choose from, from minimal tiny tattoos to bold full-shoulder tattoos. Ready to take a look at some shoulder tattoos for women? Let’s get to it.

1. Bee Tattoo


A bee tattoo is a cute choice that represents hard work and teamwork. They can also be a symbol of activism since the bee population is on the decline despite how important they are for agriculture.

2. Lily Tattoo


Lilies are one of the most common flowers at funerals. This may make it seem like it’s depressing, but the reason it’s at funerals is because of the positive messages associated with it — they are symbols of resurrection, purity, and love.

3. Chrysanthemum Tattoo


Chrysanthemums are striking flowers, a beauty that is perfectly captured with this tattoo. The black leaves and outlines create a striking contrast with the inside of the petals and have an overall very bold look.

4. Embossed Heart Tattoo


This tattoo is simple, but it has a unique look due to the shading. The shading makes it look like the heart is embossed into the skin instead of just being a tattoo on top of the skin. 

It’s a striking optical illusion that makes a statement despite being so small.

5. Butterfly Tattoo


Butterfly tattoos are cute and feminine. They can be complex with an arrangement of many butterflies in bright, bold colors, or they can be super simple with a single butterfly like this one.

6. Abstract Botanical Tattoo


Not all tattoos have to have a meaning. Some can just be for aesthetics, and that’s a totally valid decision, especially for tattoos like this one. 

I really love the watercolor effect of this design — it makes it look more like a painting than a tattoo.

7. Tiny Flowers Tattoo


Flower tattoos are cute anyway, but these colorful tiny flowers look especially so. Their small size also makes this a minimal tattoo design, which is great if you’re not into big and bold shoulder tattoos.

8. Wavy Line Tattoo


Keep things simple with this minimalistic wavy line tattoo.

9. Colorful Abstract Rose Tattoo


Rose tattoos might be popular, but they never get old with all the styles they can be portrayed in. I love the abstract art style it uses — it has a very 2D feel, and the ink looks almost painted on.

10. Red Camellia Tattoo


Camellias are symbolic of love, affection, appreciation, and devotion. Red camellias particularly are often associated with romantic love and passion, much like red roses are. 

I love the art style used for this tattoo. The vibrant red color of the petals really stands out against the monochrome leaves.

11. Fall Leaves Tattoo


Autumn is a beautiful season with its falling leaves and mild weather. It represents reaping rewards for your efforts since it’s the harvest season. 

It also represents change and preparation since leaves need to fall as trees prepare for winter. Represent your love for the season and its symbolism with this fall leaves tattoo.

12. Butterflies and Flowers Tattoo


This tattoo has a dreamy look to it with the stars and cute pastel color palette. It’s a great tattoo for showing off your whimsical side.

13. Colorful Sunflower Tattoo


It’s hard not to have a smile on your face when you see a sunflower. These bright and cheery flowers represent happiness and optimism and are a great reminder to stay positive.

14. Wrapping Red Roses Tattoo


Red roses are associated with passion and romantic love. They also look beautiful with black tattoos, giving a gothic aesthetic.

15. Black Roses Tattoo


Pure black roses might not exist naturally, but they’re often depicted in art and media because of the gothic beauty they possess. 

They typically represent death, but this doesn’t need to be a bad thing. It could represent the death of the old self or a reminder to live life well, knowing death is inevitable.

16. Tiny Roses Tattoo


Tiny roses are a great coverup option since they’re subtle but also very elegant.

17. Plum Blossoms Tattoo


Plum blossoms are gorgeous flowers, and the symbolism is gorgeous as well. Because they bloom significantly earlier than other flowers when it’s still cold outside, they represent endurance and the changing of seasons.

18. Yellow Rose Tattoo


Every color of the rose has a different symbolic meaning associated with it. I’ve discussed red roses already, but yellow roses represent friendship. 

They’re great for remembering the friendships you have in your life. They can even be used as a best friend tattoo if your bestie gets one, too.

19. Purple and Blue Fish Tattoo


Fish tattoos often have a very tranquil look to them, and this one exemplifies that concept. This tattoo has an artistic watercolor effect to it and a calming purple and blue color scheme. 

I also love the inked details in the center, which call more attention to the fish and make this shoulder tattoo design feel complete.

20. Realistic Strawberries Tattoo


Realistic tattoos often take more time than standard tattoos because of all the small details involved. Still, for many women, they’re worth it because they look beautiful and almost appear to pop off the skin. 

This realistic tattoo is super cute and a great choice whether you’re trying to make an artistic statement or just show your love for strawberries.

21. Morning Glories Tattoo


Morning glories have a variety of symbolic meanings attached to them. Some of them conflict, like them being associated with eternal love and unrequited love. 

One of the most common meanings attached to them is hope, since morning glories open up as the sun rises, marking the end of the night.

22. “Amor Fati” Tattoo


The phrase “amor fati” is Latin for “a love of fate.” This means that you have an appreciation for everything that happens in your life, believing that it happens for a reason. 

For example, you might believe that happy times are something to appreciate, and the challenges life brings make us stronger. If you have this perspective on life, this is one of the simplest ways to portray it.

23. Cherry Blossoms Tattoo


If you don’t live near cherry trees, you might not know that cherry blossoms actually don’t last that long. They last around two weeks between the end of March and the beginning of April. Because of this, many people associate them with the fleeting nature of life — something beautiful that fades quickly. It can be a reminder to appreciate life while you still can.

24. Red Spider Lily Tattoo


Red spider lilies are vibrant flowers with a unique aesthetic. The “spider” in the name comes from the long and thin petals which look like spider legs. 

The flower is often associated with final goodbyes as well as rebirth, making it a great memorial tattoo.

25. Butterflies and Sunflowers Tattoo


Butterflies and sunflowers make for a cheerful tattoo, even without color.

26. Purple and Blue Roses Tattoo


Purple and blue are very rare in nature, so putting them in a botanical tattoo can give it a unique and fantastical feel.

27. Peony Tattoo


Much like roses, peonies are a very popular choice for tattoos. They’re often associated with femininity and elegance, so if you want your tattoo to have that aesthetic, it’s an option to consider.

28. Skull Tattoo With Flowers


Skull tattoos are another popular option. People get them for many reasons, from the rock and roll type aesthetic to the symbolic meaning. 

Pairing a skull with flowers can represent duality since it portrays life and death right next to each other.

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29. Sunflower Tattoo


If you’re looking for a simple and cute tattoo, a single sunflower is a great option.

30. Shaded Rose Tattoo


Shading can change everything in a tattoo. Having no shading makes a tattoo more minimal while having deep dark shading like this one gives it a very bold aesthetic.

31. Flowers and Barbed Wire Tattoo


Barbed wire tattoos often represent captivity since they’re found on fences to keep people from getting in or out. They can also represent difficult circumstances as well. 

Putting flowers over barbed wire can represent overcoming struggle or the beauty found in challenging times.

32. Abstract Rose Tattoo


This rose tattoo has a unique aesthetic to it, with the effects used and the abstract lines around it. It looks like an ink painting, giving it an artistic look.

33. Chrysanthemum Tattoo With Bees


Because chrysanthemums have many petals, they have an intricate look when portrayed up close in a tattoo. Much like a mandala, it has a mesmerizing look but with a natural flair.

34. Sun Tattoo


This tattoo has a simple aesthetic since it’s made up of only lines, and varying lengths of the lines keep the design interesting.

35. Red Peonies Tattoo


Red peonies, much like red roses, represent romantic love and passion since they both share the same shade. If you’re looking for a tattoo to represent this concept, it’s good to know that you have multiple options.

36. Pink and Blue Butterfly Tattoo


Pink butterflies don’t actually exist, so pink and blue butterflies definitely don’t. But part of the fun of a tattoo is that you can portray things that aren’t possible in real life. 

You can experiment with all sorts of colored butterflies to suit your preferences.

37. Watercolor Dragon Tattoo


I love the dramatic ink brush effect used in this tattoo — it stands out against the skin and looks very bold.

38. Vine Tattoo


If you’re looking for a botanical tattoo with a minimal aesthetic, then a vine tattoo might be the right choice for you. With just the leaves on the vine, the tattoo looks simple.

39. Pink and Purple Peony Tattoo


Much like pink and blue butterflies, coming up with creative color combinations for things in nature can give your tattoo a striking look.

40. Monstera Leaf Tattoo


Monstera, also known as swiss cheese plants, are popular houseplants. They’re easy to take care of, grow quickly, and even have an air purifying effect. If you love monstera plants, this might be a great tattoo to get. 

Even if not, you may like the symbolism — monstera plants are associated with longevity and respect.

41. Mandala and Scrollwork Tattoo


Since mandalas are abstract themselves, they look great with other abstract elements like this scrollwork design.

42. Tiny Mandala Tattoo


Mandalas are one of those designs that look great, no matter the size. Large mandalas have a bold look, while tiny mandalas have a cute and intricate look to them.

43. Flowers Tattoo


You can always have a floral tattoo with one type of flower, but I find that floral arrangements tend to have a more varied look, especially if the styles of flowers are very different. 

You can also customize it to your exact liking, like using flowers that have a particular symbolic meaning you’re attached to.

44. Colorful Fish Tattoo


I love this tattoo — the colors in it are so vibrant, and the long tails of the fish make them look flowing and elegant.

45. Mermaid on the Moon Tattoo


A mermaid on the moon is a cute fantasy tattoo option. It can represent freedom since mermaids are typically confined to the sea.

46. Hibiscus Tattoo


Hibiscus flowers are beautiful, and this beauty is reflected in their symbolic meaning. They’re associated with beauty, feminine energy, and love.

47. Colorful Butterflies Tattoo


Butterflies are symbols of transformation since caterpillars have to undergo metamorphosis to become them. Having a colorful and vibrant butterfly design can represent hope for a bright future ahead.

48. Bird and Floral Moon Tattoo


This tattoo combines a variety of elegant elements — flowers, a bird, and a crescent moon — for a unique-looking tattoo.

49. Crescent Moon With Face Tattoo


Moon tattoos with a face often have a more artistic and personal feel to them, which is a great choice if you feel like the moon represents you.

50. Bee and Flowers Tattoo


Butterflies are common accents to floral tattoos, but bees are another cute option to consider.

51. Butterfly Tattoo With Drop Shadow


Tattoos with drop shadows stand out no matter how simple they are. The shadow behind it creates the illusion of depth and makes it seem like the design is popping out at the viewer.

52. Red and Pink Roses Tattoo


Pink and red roses represent different aspects of love. Red roses, as I’ve already mentioned, reflect the passion found in romantic relationships. 

Pink roses represent gentle love, tenderness, kindness, and appreciation. They’re great for representing different types of love in your life or a well-rounded romantic relationship.

53. Botanical Ornamental Tattoo


I always appreciate unique ornamental tattoos. There are just so many possibilities with them, and you can create or tweak a design to fit your exact preferences.

54. Face Moon Tattoo With Clouds and Stars


This tattoo adds a whimsical twist to a classic celestial design with the personified moon, clouds, and stars.

55. Pink Magnolias Tattoo


Pink is a popular choice for floral tattoos. It has connections to femininity and tends to look elegant when paired with intricate flowers like magnolias.

56. Crane Tattoo


Cranes have many positive meanings associated with them — everything from good fortune to happiness. They’re also very elegant birds with long legs and necks.

57. Cockatiel Tattoo


Cockatiels are popular pets that make super cute tattoos. Whether you have a cockatiel or you just love their aesthetic, this might be the right choice for you. 

They also make great memorial tattoos for a beloved cockatiel who has passed on.

58. Minimalist Bird Tattoo


If you’re into minimalist tattoos, this might be the one for you. It keeps things simple by outlining the bird’s essential features and having only a little bit of shading.

59. Purple Butterflies Tattoo


Purple is often considered the color of royalty. Throughout history, it was difficult to get purple dye because it was so rare and expensive. 

Because only royals could afford them, the color became associated with them. When put on butterflies, the tattoo has a very regal and elegant look to it.

60. Dramatic Magnolias Tattoo


I love how the artist portrayed these magnolias with a bold, dramatic look. It goes to show that the art style can change the look of things drastically.

61. Roses Tattoo


Rose tattoos are super popular designs that have an air of elegance and femininity to them.

62. “If There Ever Comes a Day When We Can’t Be Together, Keep Me in Your Heart, I’ll Stay There Forever” Tattoo


This is a popular quote from Winnie the Pooh, written by the author A.A. Milne. It’s a beautiful portrayal of true love and friendship, showing how they continue on even in the face of physical distance.

63. Mandala Tattoo


Mandalas symbolize balance, perfection, and spiritual journeys.

64. Red and Black Butterfly Tattoo


Red and black are a bold color combination that looks gorgeous combined with this unique butterfly design.

65. Intricate Floral and Butterfly Tattoo


I love all the intricacies portrayed in this floral and butterfly tattoo — there are so many small details that it has a mesmerizing look as you try to take it all in.

66. Lotus Mandala Tattoo


Lotuses are often connected with relaxation and meditation. They’re also associated with purity since they emerge from swamps with beautiful, clean petals.

67. “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost” Tattoo


This tattoo can be used to express your love for adventure — sometimes, it’s good to just wander and not know where you’re going. It can also be a great tattoo to get if you’re feeling directionless in life. 

There is value in wandering and exploring options, which doesn’t mean you’ve fallen off the path or lost your way.

68. Musical Notes Tattoo


If you’re a musician or just love music in general, this might be the tattoo for you.

69. “When Writing Your Life Story Don’t Let Anyone Else Hold the Pen” Tattoo


This is a popular quote that means you shouldn’t let other people define the life you have. 

People will always have opinions about what you shouldn’t have done or what you should be doing, but your life is your own, and you can write it the way you choose.

70. “Everything Happens for a Reason” Tattoo


Much like the “amor fati” tattoo from earlier, this is another one that relates to everything in life being for the ultimate good. 

Rather than life being a chaotic mess, it’s a great way to show you believe in the hidden reasoning behind everything, even when it’s not easy to understand.

71. Dreamcatcher Tattoo With Flowers


Dreamcatchers were created since they were believed to ward off nightmares and invite good dreams in. Now they’re a symbol of good luck and are popular as tattoo designs.

72. Feather Tattoo


Since feathers are from birds’ wings, they represent freedom. They also represent a sense of weightlessness in a figurative way, like letting go of the past and feeling light and free.

73. Butterfly and Geometric Tattoo


This tattoo shows you don’t have to choose between geometric and natural designs. The two complement each other perfectly and lead to a unique-looking design.

74. Sun and Moon Tattoo


The moon might reflect the sun’s light, but symbolically speaking, they are often considered opposites. For example, the sun is associated with masculinity while the moon is associated with femininity. 

Putting them together can represent a sense of duality as well as harmony in opposites.

75. Disney Castle Tattoo


If you love Disney, this tattoo might be for you. I love the colorful approach the artist gave this design. It matches with the whimsical feeling of going to one of Disney’s theme parks.

76. Colorful Lines Tattoo


This colorful tattoo is a perfect choice for lovers of vibrant, abstract art.

77. Violas Tattoo


Violas are cute little flowers that convey virtues like innocence, modesty, and humility.

78. Red Butterflies Tattoo


Besides red butterflies being associated with love and passion, they’re also considered symbols of happiness.

79. Ladybug Tattoo


This tattoo is ultra small and ultra cute. Since it’s so small, it’s pretty easy to cover up and shouldn’t take much time. If you’re looking for a starter tattoo, this is a good choice. It’s also great if you want another tattoo, but you don’t have a lot of room.

80. Simple Stars Tattoo


If you want a super cute minimal tattoo, this might be the one for you.

81. Snake and Flowers Tattoo


A snake with flowers is a popular tattoo design. Depending on how you view snakes, this might be a positive symbol of growth and life. 

Snakes are associated with rebirth since they shed their skin, and flowers are associated with growth. When you take a snake as a negative symbol, it could represent a conflict between good and evil or life and death.

82. Flower Wreath Tattoo


This is a beautiful floral design that keeps things simple with a wreath shape and cute flowers as accents.

83. Sunshine and Flowers Tattoo


The sun is commonly a symbol of hope, and that’s especially true in this tattoo design. The sun peeking behind the flowers shows that it’s the dawn of a hopeful era, full of life and beauty.

84. Flying Bird Tattoo


This bird tattoo is super cute. Symbolically, it can represent finding freedom, just like a bird leaving its nest for the first time.

85. Abstract Poppies Tattoo


With its minimal and messy-on-purpose outlining, this tattoo has a gorgeous artistic look to it.

86. Red Floral Bouquet Tattoo


Tiny floral bouquet tattoos are great for when you want a minimalist tattoo with a pop of color.

87. Tiger Eyes Tattoo


Tigers represent strength, authority, and power. They’re a great option if you’re looking for an empowering tattoo design.

88. Cherokee Roses Tattoo


Cherokee roses are cute and simple flowers that symbolize hope.

89. “Anitya” Tattoo


“Anitya” is a Sanskrit word reflecting the concept of impermanence. It acknowledges that life circumstances are subject to change at any moment. 

Depending on how you look at it, the word can be both sobering and hopeful — it means that the things we take for granted now may be gone someday, but it also means that suffering will end, too.

90. Huginn and Muninn Tattoo


Huginn and Muninn are two ravens from Norse mythology. They were both sent by Odin, the god of war, to gather information. Huginn means “thought,” while Muninn means “memory.”

91. Feather Infinity Tattoo With Birds


Infinity tattoos are classic designs with a straightforward meaning. To make them more complex, you might decide to add elements to the design as this feather infinity tattoo does. Putting it with birds can represent eternal freedom and hope.

92. Tiny Butterfly Tattoo


Besides being symbols of transformation, butterflies also symbolize freedom since they’re lightweight and able to fly around.

93. Dragonfly Tattoo


Dragonflies represent change and transformation. Whether you’re hoping for change or you want to remember the change you already experienced, this is a lovely option.

94. “Dreamer” Tattoo


Embrace the dreamer within you with this cute and minimalist tattoo.

95. “This Too Shall Pass” Tattoo


“This too shall pass” is a popular quote. It’s often said in difficult circumstances since it’s a hope that they’ll end soon, just like all circumstances come to a close eventually.

96. Red Dragon Tattoo


Red dragons are positive symbols representing royalty and good fortune.

97. Floral Heart Tattoo


Heart tattoos are cute ways of representing the love you have in your life. Adding floral accents can give it an elegant and feminine flair.

98. Blue Bellflowers Tattoo


Bellflowers are often underrated as a tattoo design. These cute little flowers come with some powerful symbolic meanings behind them, particularly eternal love.

99. Realistic Roses Tattoo


Realistic tattoos allow you to capture any design with the full details of it intact, which is great if you want an intricate, eye-catching tattoo.

100. Colorful Bubbles Tattoo


This is a super cute tattoo that’s good for portraying a sense of freedom and childlike wonder.

101. Blue Daisy Tattoo


Daisies represent new beginnings, rebirth, and hope, making them great tattoos for when you’ve entered a new and beautiful stage in your life, like having a child, finding love, or getting hired for your dream job.

102. Tiny Bouquet Tattoo


Much like a real bouquet, bouquet tattoos are a symbol of love and affection. They can also be symbolic of accomplishments in your life.

103. Colorful Chrysanthemum Tattoos


I love these colorful chrysanthemum tattoos. Because they’re slightly different colors, they create a bit of contrast while still looking cohesive together.

104. Birds Tattoo With Sun Tattoo


This tattoo can symbolize hope since the birds are flying toward the light. It’s a cute and minimal way to represent the concept.

105. Roses With Beads Tattoo


Roses look gorgeous all by themselves of course, but I love the beaded accents in this tattoo. It gives the design a luxurious look, almost like a chandelier.

106. Wave Heart Tattoo


This super cute and simple tattoo has two waves forming the shape of a heart. If you love the beach, this may be a good choice for you.

107. Cute Travel Tattoo


If you love going on all kinds of adventures, this tattoo may be for you. The plane and car paired with the world shows your willingness to explore the world, and its connection to the heart shows how much you love to travel.

108. “When the Sun Shines, We’ll Shine Together” Tattoo


This quote is a line from the song “Umbrella” by Rihanna. While it came out in 2007, it’s still listened to and loved by fans and mainstream audiences alike. 

It depicts a beautiful relationship where, even when it’s (figuratively) raining, you’ll always have an umbrella to stand under.

109. “Life Is a Beautiful Struggle” Tattoo


“Beautiful struggle” may sound like an oxymoron, but this quote depicts a life that’s filled with beauty and pain in equal measure. It can also reflect how there is beauty that comes from pain, like the strength you gain from overcoming tragedy.

110. Maple Leaf Tattoo


A maple leaf tattoo is another great option if you want to show your love for autumn. 

This one has a more colorful look to it, though, since it shows a vibrant orange leaf rather than brown leaves. Depending on your preferences, you could go for a red, yellow, or mixed-color leaf.

Summary and Top Picks

So, did you like these tattoo designs? There are so many styles you can achieve with shoulder tattoos, from tattoos with bold dark shading and outlines to ones that resemble watercolor paintings. I loved all these styles, and I hope you got some inspiration for your next tattoo!

If I had to choose some favorites, I’d have to say they were:

  • #22 “Amor Fati” Tattoo: So much depth is conveyed in these two short words, showing a love for all of life, from the joys to the sorrows. 
  • #35 Red Peonies Tattoo: I love the vibrant colors in this tattoo, especially against the black leaves. 
  • #62 “If There Ever Comes a Day When We Can’t Be Together, Keep Me in Your Heart, I’ll Stay There Forever” Tattoo: I love this tattoo since it shows that loved ones are always close by even when separated since they live on in our hearts. 

But what about you? Which of these shoulder tattoo designs would you get and why? Let me know in the comments!

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