How To Wear Snake Print Boots

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Animal prints are no stranger to fashion. If you follow my outfit of the day posts you’ll see that I’m a frequent flyer in the fierce and feral fashion statement piece district. I’m only getting started with the alliterations today, keep up! So! Let’s talk about snakes. Love them? Hate them? Anyone get the house of Slytherin from the sorting hat? (Harry Potter reference, for those who didn’t catch that.) How about snake print pieces in fashion? 2018 is the year for some sexy snake print boots to slither into your closet if they haven’t already- they’re where it’s at this sssseason! (See what I did there? Ha!)

If you have paid attention this year all of the major fashion gods and goddesses are talking about swapping the leopard and zebra prints for snake print. I am a fan of leopard prints though, you’ll see me wearing leopard in my outfit of the day posts so I don’t recommend actually breaking up with the leopard prints just yet. (Check out my most recent leopard crop top outfit or leopard print dress outfit for some fall favorites!) Actually, you may notice that the snake print trend comes in waves and seems to skip every other year. This year’s fashion week we saw snake skin show up full force in pants, blazers, vests, bags, and boots. So, let us make those fashion deities proud and talk about snake print boots!

Best Places to Buy Snake Skin Boots

Our Favorite: Topshop | Luxury Option: Nordstrom | Budget Option: BooHoo

Things to Know About Snake Skin Boot Style

To preface, it is vital for you to know a couple things prior to slipping your toes into some snake boots for the first time. If you’re already a snake print boot lover, you probably already have got this down pat. 

  • You must think of and realize that snake print boots are your new neutral. It is so easy to make your shoes your look’s statement piece, so why not make them snake print? There are a few different aspects to think about here that make them so versatile: colored prints, traditional natural prints, and texture of the boots. In this post you’ll see me focus on the traditional snake print (such as python) because it works with both cool and warm hues as well as dark and light colors.
  • Do not forget that snake print comes in ANY color, because we are not talking about real snake skin boots right now. You can love the pattern of snake print and have it in whichever color your heart desires. I’ve seen them in navy blues, I’ve seen them in white, and I’ve seen them in magenta. Versatility game on point!
  • The print is not all we are looking at on these boots, it is the texture also. A solid black boot can be snake printed because the vinyl (or whichever material) physically feels like snake skin. I know, snake print is stepping up and raising the fashion bar to the next level. 

How To Wear Snake Print Ankle Boots

Let’s talk about how to wear snake print ankle boots. See the image above? She is wearing black and gray python snake printed ankle boots with black skinny jeans, a Gucci statement belt, a gray sweater, and a faux fur jacket. It works beautifully. Her boots are her look’s focal pattern, and her entire outfit follows suit with her boot’s colors. She added the big fuzzy jacket for some texture and color (which is totally neutral and works well with the boots). See how simple and easy this look is to achieve? I see ankle boots everywhere I go during the fall, why not make them snake print?

If you check out the picture on the right, she is wearing ankle boots with a high waist skirt and chunky turtleneck sweater tucked in. These boots pull brown and crème colors so her clothes follow suit. Wearing a skirt with these boots really let them and all their glory show. These would be super cute with a leather mini skirt and turtleneck if you’re wanting to wear a shorter skirt. Check out my Mustard Mini Skirt Outfit and then picture this look with a pair of snake print ankle boots! Yes please!

If you want to show some leg without wearing a skirt you could wear your favorite romper with a pair of snake print ankle boots. Display the boots with a short sleeve romper during spring and summer or with a cute blazer or cardigan over top for the cooler temperatures. For a night out wear them with a classic Little Black Dress and faux fur vest or coat! If you’re digging the skinny jeans with the ankle boot look, try a cute tank tucked into high waist pants with a blazer!

How To Wear Snake Print Knee High Boots

If you fell in love with a pair of knee high snake print boots but need some inspiration with outfits to wear them with, you have come to the right place! I love knee high boots, during the cooler months I think they’re more commonly seen over top of skinny pants, but when you have a boot as fashionable as snake print they really should be worn year round.

So if you check out the image above you’ll see that she is wearing really vibrant snake print boots, so her outfit is monochromatic. A black blazer, a black top tucked into a black mini skirt. Her sleeves are rolled up (making it even more usable during warmer months) and the skirt is distressed. This look screams with an edgy punkness, and I like that by wearing all solid black the boots stand out even more.

Next you’ll see one that I love so much. An over sized sweater dress with snake print knee high boots AND a matching snake print purse! If you watch my Outfit Of The Day posts you’ll know that I love bags that match my shoes, so this look speaks to my soul. If you’re not wanting to wear the big over sized sweater with your knee high boots, try a swing dress or the faithful little black dress. You cannot go wrong with these ones.

How To Wear Snake Print Cowboy Boots

I think it is safe to say we all have a secret love for cowboy boots. The heel, the pointed toe, the power you feel when walking the town in them- it just feels right. So one could understand why snake print boots have made it to fashion- much farther past the Laredo caballero, Wild Wild West times.

So if you take a look at the picture on the left, she is wearing black pants (don’t you love the slits at the bottom?) with a black shirt beneath a cream colored jacket with these giant lapels. The jacket matches the lighter color of the snake print, and it just makes the outfit that much better. The cool thing about these boots is you can wear them just as any of the other ankle boots or even knee high boots but the cowboy shape adds a whole extra element of sass to your look. Imagine wearing these with a pair of high waist denim shorts and a cute white tank, tee, or crop top! A little Daisy Duke inspiration anyone?

But the image on the right  you can see her snake print cowboy boots a bit better, with her pants tucked into them. Take a look at the rest of her outfit though, notice a trend? Lots of black. Ladies, let the boots do the talking.

How To Wear Snake Print Sock Boots

Sock boots don’t get the love they deserve. They’re just as universal as other boots in a sense that they’re great with pants, skirts, shorts, and dresses. I’ve got a few favorite pairs of sock boots that I wear often with my looks. Check out my Basic t-shirt with Denim Skirt outfit, I’m wearing black sock boots but snake print sock boots would be perfect with it!

The thing I like about these two snake print sock boot examples is that the top one shows her pant legs tucked into her boots, whereas the lower one shows the boot beneath a looser pant leg style. It goes to show that these boots work well with basically every pair of pants you have in your wardrobe!

How To Wear Snake Print Over The Knee Boots

Last, but not least, the over the knee boots aka thigh high boots in snake print. I’m a lover of the over the knee boots, another you’ll see in some of my OOTD posts. If you’re needing inspiration, check out my Long Sweater with Red Boots outfit. This is another perfect example where snake print over the knee boots would be cute and fashionable with an oversized sweater/ sweater dress!

If you take a look at the image on the left and haven’t fallen in love, I need you to look again! It’s so cute! This is a textbook example of how to wear over the knee boots with a monochromatic color scheme that is not black. Plus, she’s got the skirt, an oversized turtleneck, and a super cute fuzzy jacket to go with her stiletto snake print boots that work so well. On the right is a great example that I feel is more casual way to wear your over the knee boots. She’s wearing a cute dress and long jacket that both pull tones from the boots.

You can also wear over the knee snake print boots (or any other color) with skinny jeans, leggings, beneath a dress, and with a skirt like you see above.

So, what snake print boot style is your favorite? Comment below and share your thoughts!

Best Places to Buy Snake Skin Boots

Our Favorite: Topshop | Luxury Option: Nordstrom | Budget Option: BooHoo

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