What to Wear to a Rodeo – 16 Outfits to Impress a Cowboy

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Hey y’all! We’re about to dive into 16 cute outfits to wear to a rodeo! You know, you’ve got to impress those cowboys!

I know that the southern gentleman, cowboy style isn’t for everyone. But, if you’re an avid country music listener, there is no doubt that at one point you swooned over what the songs were talking about. 

Let’s be honest. They’re dreamy, aren’t they? Who wouldn’t want a rough, true country gentleman who loves his family, is respectful to others (especially his lady), and takes pride in his work? 

Have you ever been to a rodeo? A country concert? What about line dancing at a country club? Bar hopping in Nashville on Broadway?

Even if you’re not a country girl at heart, it’s fun to dress up like a southern girl. Southern Belles are a little more fancy and proper, so we won’t be wearing our best belle dresses out to the rodeo, but you can bet your boots we’re about to bring out the cowboy boots and daisy dukes!

If you’re not already fluent in the country girl scene, it’s time to get up in the saddle!

1. Western With a Kimono

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Another modest outfit. It’s cute with this long kimono! She’s rocking a band graphic tee that is knotted just above her boot cut jeans, a long kimono, and leopard printed boots! I love it.

If you were wanting to show a little more skin, you could opt for a cropped graphic beneath the kimono, or a crop of any sort really. Even a v-neck tank would show a little bit of cleavage and up the sexy element. I guess it depends on how hard you’re shopping for a cowboy and how much skin you’ll show.

Kimonos have grown in popularity over the last year or so. I see a lot of them at music festivals lately!

2. Colored Cowboy Boots

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Not quite the true country style as far as functional wear goes, but this is a popular look for events such as rodeos or country concerts.

She’s wearing high-waisted, cutoff denim shorts with a crop top and cowboy boots. It’s cute because her boots match the graphic on her shirt, which is actually a spin on a Budwiser beer logo. 

Plus, she’s so cute and having so much fun, it’s contagious.

3. Long Kimono, Short Shorts

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This one is like the kimono outfit above and the indie outfit made a baby. It’s super cute, and I love what it does to the eyes since she’s wearing short shorts that contrast with the length of the kimono.

Plus, she’s got the indie looking hat, but a graphic tee tucked behind a giant belt buckle. It’s the best of both worlds, really.

Also, take a moment to appreciate her shoes! They’re so ruggedly rustic, its like cowboy boots that have been turned down, so they don’t go all the way up her shin. Love, love, love this!

4. Cowboy Hat Happiness

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You can’t mess up with a cowboy hat. They look great with shorts, dresses, pants, and clearly rompers! 

Isn’t this romper super cute? I know we can’t see her footwear, but if I had to guess I bet she’s wearing cowboy boots. Just a wild guess, though, ha ha. 

Cowboy boots aren’t the only footwear though, this would be super cute with a pair of wedges or a pair of gladiator sandals!

Perks of wearing cowboy boots to any type of event like this is that they protect your feet from getting stepped on in crowds AND they protect your feet from getting really dirty. Ew.

5. Fringe Vest and Denim

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This one is a cute spin on the horse show looks. She’s wearing a fringe vest, in which the fringe is primarily the entire vest. It’s over a denim crop top, which is super cute with her denim shorts. You could totally wear a denim mini skirt here too!

Instead of wearing cowboy boots, she’s wearing regular riding boots. If you can’t swing or don’t want to swing the cowboy boots, these are a cute alternative! A belt with a big chunky buckle would be a cute addition too.

6. Bell Sleeves for the Belle

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I’m just kidding. This isn’t a true Southern Belle dress, BUT we can pretend it’s a casual one because the bell sleeves are too perfect.

Technically, I think this is more of a bohemian dress, but it’s super cute and looks great dressed with her cowboy boots. 

I promise I’ll show you more than just cowboy boots, but I have to mention that they go really well with dresses! Don’t you agree?

Given that this is a long sleeve and black, it’s probably better for a nighttime Rodeo or concert, or a fall festival if wearing it during the daytime. Nobody wants to be sweaty when trying to impress a cowboy!

7. Boot Cut Jeans and Big Belt Buckle

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Remember when I said that the chunky belt buckle was something you’d see at a rodeo? Here it is.

This is a much more modest outfit from what we were looking at in the beginning. Let me tell you, ladies, modesty leaves much more for the imagination. Sometimes guys prefer a woman who’s more modestㄧplus it makes them work to see what they want!

But really, all she’s wearing here is a boho blouse, boot cut denim, displaying her belt buckle, a pair of boots beneath, and a great statement necklace. It’s not flashy, but if you follow country music, you’ll see big faces like Miranda Lambert wearing outfits just like this!

8. Overalls

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Overalls really go back to the farmers, so the cowboys who’s heritage comes from farming may appreciate you wearing a cute pair of these!

She’s wearing a spaghetti strap crop top with it, a black hat, and strappy heeled sandals. Realistically, if you’re at a rodeo, you won’t want to ruin your sandals, so maybe opt for a pair of boots instead. 

However, if you’re attending something indoors where you won’t be trekking through dirt and whatever other gunk that falls on the floor, these shoes are super cute.

9. Fab in Fringe

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Okay, technically, she’s not at a rodeo or even in the south because she’s sitting outside of an In-N-Out Burger (YUM!), but fringe and tassels are seen at horse shows in real life, so why not wear them to a rodeo or concert?

Besides, it’s a vinyl skirt that’s red! How cute! But the shirt is what really gets me. “Kick Rocks Cowboys,” will either intrigue and make a cowboy more interested at the sass or make them laugh. The fun in it is the best. 

Oh, her white matching cowboy boots with gold embellishments? Yep. I’ll take a pair.

10. The Rebel Cowboy

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This isn’t your typical country outfit. Instead of following the sweet sexy look, it’s edgy and almost dangerous. Call it the…rebel cowgirl, look.

She’s wearing a button up that has fringe chains instead of leather fringeㄧso rock and roll! Beneath it is a black tank tucked into khaki shorts, accented with a black belt that looks great with her black ankle boots that have awesome, big, chunky buckles on them.

Plus, her glasses are super cute and she’s wearing a bandana in her hair! Check out my How to Wear a Bandana post for more bandana inspiration!

11. Bodysuit Babe

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Tucked in shirts are a thing with the cowboy scene. Partially, because their mama’s taught them to tuck their clothes in and look proper; partially because tucked in clothes don’t get unwanted critters up them when working on the ranch or farm.

So, a body suit should count, right? At least for looks, it’s sure spot on. 

I love this nude bodysuit. She’s wearing it with a pair of denim shorts, accessorized with beaded bracelets. Brilliant actually, for going out to something like a rodeo or concert.

Check out her black cowboy boots. So cute!

12. Indie Instead of Country

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This one is cute for those who aren’t super into the cowboy boots and cowboy hats but don’t totally want to look misplaced.

The hat and glasses give this outfit a much more indie feel instead of southern or country. That’s okay though! The unbuttoned flannel tucked into the high-waisted, cropped, denim shorts would fit in anyway.

Since this has an indie feel, she’s probably not wearing cowboy boots. A cute pair of black ankle boots with chains or a pair of gladiator sandals would be perfect!

13. Vest as a Shirt

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We can’t deny that Jessica Simpson was stunning in her role as Daisy Duke. She had some great Southern Girl fashion on set and, for a while at least, every southern girl wanted to look just like her.

Aside from the Daisy Duke shorts, she wore a brown vest as a shirt and it was crazy sexy with skin tight, boot cut jeans. With a thick, brown belt and an accent chain, she rocked the whole look with pair of brown cowboy boots. 

Vests were used as shirts more often after that, which are still seen at rodeos and concerts today!

14. The Classic Summer Country Girl

Steal The Look

I promise that you will see a girl dressed in daisy dukes, with a flannel shirt, and cowboy boots at any country or southern event. 

It’s the staple look. The flannel, Daisy Dukes, and cowboy boots.

If you’re unaware of what Daisy Dukes are, they’re very short denim shorts. 

The name comes from a tv series called Dukes of Hazzard, which was later turned into a film featuring the gorgeous Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke. The short booty shorts worn by Daisy earned their name and rep because of the sex appeal that Daisy Duke had.

15. Skirts at the Rodeo

Steal The Look

This one was just too perfect because of the Budweiser barn behind her, but once you’re not distracted by that, you can see how cute her outfit is.

She’s wearing a white denim skirt with a blue, boho crop top and matching blue cowboy boots. A super cute look that will keep you cool, tastefully fashionable, and will help you lasso that cowboy! (insert winky emoji face here)

Also, can we talk about how fun her white circle glasses are? Yes girl!

16. Flared Jeans and Crop Top

Steal The Look

Realistically, country girls wear boot cut jeans because they fit over their boots. Real cowboy boots save their feet from getting crunched by horses or livestock. 

We like flared jeans because of the curves it gives us! This outfit is super cute with distressed flared denim and her striped, spaghetti crop top! You can barely see, but her boots are red like her top as well.

Another staple item you’ll see at a rodeo or country event is big, belt buckles. If you’re not a fan of the big buckles, using a chunky belt like this is a great alternative! Beware, this one is strictly fashion, not function.

So, there were 16 outfits that would impress a cowboy. You can wear them at a rodeo, at a concert, at a fair, to a country themed party, and most of them would work as daily wear, even. 

You should by now have an idea of what to wear to wrangle yourself a cowboy, a country boy, or a true southern gentleman. 

Which outfit was your favorite? Do you like the country style and cowboy boots? Tell me in the comments below!

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