How to Wear Green Pants – Outfits and Styling Tips

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Hello my lovely readers! Doing alright on this fine day? In this post, I wanted to show you a few ways you can wear green pants because this is something I’m often asked about.

There’s just so many shades of green, and according to fashion, some of those shades fit specific seasons better than others. 

I agree, though. I personally rotate my wardrobe based on season, and the greens (though the shades differ) are always present. Green pants are one of those that you can wear year round in all sorts of occasions. 

So in this post, you’ll see a few ways with some tips on how you can wear green pants confidently, all year long.

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How to Choose the Right Shade of Green

Choosing the color green you’re wearing is not 100% of the time seasonally dependent, but it helps to know what colors typically fall into what season to stay fashionably current.

I wanted to give you two things to go off of. The first, an easy to read chart that shows all four seasons and which shades typically fall into those seasons. The second, a green color palette because it helps to know the name of the green you’re going for when shopping.

So let’s talk about this first image here. You’ll see the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Then, you’ll see that the spring and autumn seasons on the left side have yellow “warmer” undertones, whereas the summer and winter seasons have blue “cooler” undertones. 

The way I remember what temperature belongs in what season may be silly to some, but you might find it helpful. Rather than remembering a chart, I always associate spring and autumn with changing colors, and summer and winter with either trying to keep cool or just cold.  

Those warmer tones are seen as spring flowers blooming or autumn leaves changing. There is a lot of yellow in both of those. During the summer, we try to beat the heat by staying cool and winter (for most of the country) is downright cold. Blue is a cold color. 

Going off of the shades of the green color palette, the warmer tones you’ll often see on clothing during spring and summer include: lime, kelly, fern, olive, moss, and army. 

The cooler tones you often see in summer and winter fashion are: sage, mint, jade, sea (seafoam), emerald, hunter, and forest.

How to Wear Green Pants in Spring

Spring is filled with fresh, happy colors, especially in fashion. Here are two examples of bright, happy, green colors that have a yellow undertone, giving a warmer color.

I want you to think of a freshly sprouted plant for your spring pant selection. A bright vibrant green that is ready to take on the day. For the brights, neon green, lime green, and kelly green all have a very thin line between them that sets them apart, which could arguably be difficult in some cases to distinguish.

Both of these images are showing vibrant greens. In the first, she’s wearing a white sleeveless blouse. White tops with green will never fail you. Ever. Remember that.

Her bronze heels give warmth to her look which I really love. This outfit would have gone a completely different direction had she worn white or black heels.

In this second outfit, she’s pulled other bright colors into her look with the design on her crop top, including the green of her high waisted pants. It’s cute, happy, and probably crazy comfortable. I’d imagine she’s wearing some heels to make sure her pants don’t drag on the ground.

Also to note, neons were super popular this past spring and summer. So neon green pants may be ones on your radar!

How to Wear Green Pants in Summer

This first look is the perfect beach linen pant outfit! It’s a green that is somewhere between mint and seafoam. These are from Victoria’s Secret, and they call it, “Gracious Green,” but whatever it is, it’s a gorgeous, cool toned, light green. 

It’s even better that the sweater stripe is the exact same color. It’s a great beach coverup. The colors in her sweater are all great examples that match really well with this shade of green. Off whites and tans are great neutral colors.

This second look is a step away from the neutrals! It is BOLD! But bold is beautiful and I’m a big fan. These pants are between an emerald green and kelly green. 

I love that she paired this bright, electric blue with the pants. They really do go well together. It’s even more exciting that she has matching blue pumps! Her white blazer dresses this look up, maybe for work? It works. So does this bright, salmon-y orange bag!

Of course, given that it’s summer, you probably wouldn’t be walking around in a blazer. BUT you can clearly see that white, blue, and even this salmon color go great with these green pants! Black would also pair nicely.

How to Wear Green Pants in Fall

Autumn colors are warmer tones. It’s my favorite fashion season, really. The cozy colors just feel good. So in this first outfit, you see her pants are an army/ olive green color. They have slight yellow undertones which make it a warmer hue.

Her pairing of a black tank tucked in follows suit with neutral colors. White and tans would also look good with these pants, like her nude heels. 

If you were wanting to add a different color, you could easily add a darker navy blue, chambray, or even denim jacket with this color. Perhaps a lighter, softer pink would work too, but I personally would stick with the basics: white, black, and tans. 

In this second outfit, you can see how that navy blue looks good with the green. She also pulled some browns and burgundy into her scarf, which compliments the green also.  A basic white tee and black boots and bag are staples. 

I wouldn’t be sad if she selected different colored boots and bag, like brown or tan, but maybe you can wear them with your green pants!

I also want to say that I think pastel green is a great color to wear to Spain if you're thinking of a good vacation.

How to Wear Green Pants in Winter

With winter greens, we’re back to the cooler hues.

This first outfit shows a great combination of hunter green pants with a tan coat and hat! I really like the addition of her snake print heels, it pulls white from her shirt and gives the outfit some texture. Plus a little bit of a reddish/ burgundy color shows in her glasses which look great.

This second outfit shows two different shades of green. Hunter green pants and a forest green turtleneck sweater. They’re so close in color but just different enough that they work really well together.

The black sock boots and belt are the perfect choice for this outfit. It’s really sleek and edgy looking. A black trench coat would be the coat of choice for me!

Okay, so. Hopefully this has given you some guidance to wearing green pants, especially with the charts that show what seasons call for the warmer greens and what seasons call for the cooler greens. But to be honest, nobody is going to argue with you for wearing your favorite green pants any time of the year.

Also, don’t forget that green pants also come in fun patterns like plaid, and other textures too like leather or sequined! Green is super trendy!

What do you think of green pants? Do you prefer warmer or cooler greens? What about favorite times of year to wear them? Tell me in the comments below!

Best Places to Buy Green Pants

Our Favorite: Topshop | Luxury Option: Revolve| Budget Option: BooHoo

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