24 Cute Outfits to Wear With Wedges

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Wedges are extremely cute closet pieces that really upgrade any outfit you can think of. If you’re in the mood for a classy pair of shoes that are still very comfortable, then wedges are the right choice for you. They give you the balance you need while providing the flair that a high heel would in more of a girly, laid back way.

Wedges are also ideal for spring and summer. They look great with skirts and dresses and bring off a warm beach vibe as well as a chic energy. To prove it to you, I’ve compiled a list of stunning wardrobe looks that were taken to a whole other level because wedges were included. Here are 24 cute outfits to wear with wedges.

1. Black and Beige Leopard Print Dress with Black and Nude Wedges

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Here’s a fun leopard print dress that looks marvelous with wedges. The color combo is very fitting as the black and beige tones of the mini dress complements the black and nude wedges. 

I also love the butterfly sleeves on this dress and how light and free the material appears to be–perfect for a night out dancing.

2. White Tank Top and Black and White Shorts with Black and Nude Wedges

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The white tank top keeps this outfit looking simple, while the flared shorts adds a playful essence. Paired with wedges and a black clutch, this is a classy look that will take no time to accomplish.

3. Blue and White Stripe Blouse and Blue Jeans with Brown Wedges

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This casual everyday look is brought to life by the brown wedges that she’s wearing. If you want to dress down for the day but still desire to be stylish, wedges will do the trick. Add a cute handbag to complete the look.

4. Blue Denim Jacket and Blue and White Stripe Romper with Brown Wedges

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A romper is one of the most adorable wardrobe pieces you can own. They look great when worn alone, but it doesn’t hurt to make the outfit more fashionable by including a denim jacket. 

Also, wedges complement the youthful and doll-like appearance that rompers so effortlessly help you and I achieve.

5. Black and White Stripe Maxi Dress with Brown Wedges

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I love a good maxi dress. Their floor length design and easy-to-wear nature really draws me in. It’s like looking fashionable at the snap of a finger. 

Wedges suit these type of dresses so well because they keep you lifted off the ground, protecting your dress from touching the floor. They also blend well with the elegantly casual theme that maxi dresses create.

6. White Button-Up Blouse and Blue, Ripped Denim Shorts with Nude Wedges

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A white button up top is always a sophisticated addition to any ensemble. Here, it’s been paired with blue, ripped denim shorts and nude wedges. 

A black belt was added to ensure that where the white top and shorts meet is kept looking neat. It also introduces some color variation to this look. Overall, a very trendy outfit.

7. Green and White Dress with Black and Nude Wedges

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The green color of this dress is bright and stunning, and harmonizes well with the nude shade of her wedges. I love how snatched the dress is at the waist but it becomes loose at the bottom with a sexy split at the side. 

It’s such a sweet and feminine look, but it screams attitude with a lot of sassy!

8. White Blouse and Black Ripped Jeans with Black Wedges

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I find white tops to be cute in general, but when they have a cold-shoulder or flared sleeve, I just fall in love. So you can just imagine my admiration for this adorable top, paired simply with stylish, black ripped jeans and black wedges?

The wedges go hand in hand with the dressy look of the top as the jeans give the outfit an easy-going touch.

9. Black High-Low Dress with Black and Nude Wedges

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Every closet needs at least two types of black dresses–one that is bodycon and one more laid back that you can twirl and dance in. 

This black high-low dress is perfect for an evening out to dinner or brunch with friends. The wedges maintain that modest, relaxed tone. Include a black clutch for a more classic appeal.

10. White Blouse and Blue Ripped Jeans with Brown Wedges

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Remember what I said about white tops? They add a soft touch and a pureness to your look of the day. This white blouse paired with blue ripped jeans and brown wedges is sure to be a comfortable look to rock, without compromising your desire to be stylish.

11. Baby Blue Dress with Nude Wedges

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A dress like this will have you looking like a real life doll. It looks so cozy, graceful, and girlyーall of which I love in an outfit. 

I also adore the long sleeves and how they almost cover her hands, as well as, the tassels hanging from the neckline. The nude wedges really accentuate the baby blue shade of this dress. Don’t hesitate to incorporate a nude or even a red purse into this cutesy look.

12. Black Off-the-Shoulder Blouse and Brown Mini Skirt with Brown Wedges

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Off-the-shoulder tops are among my favorite set of blouses because they’re so posh and regal which is something you don’t always find in a top that can double as a cute casual piece. 

In this outfit, everything was kept rather relaxed but still fashion-forward, with a brown suede texture mini skirt and brown wedges to match.

13. White Off-the-Shoulder Blouse and Black Jeans with Brown Wedges

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Here’s a chic look that will definitely not break the bank. One of the things to consider when shopping is where to find those cost-effective stores that offer gorgeous closet pieces. 

If you shop around, you will without a doubt, come across a stylish off-the-shoulder top, black skinny jeans, and a pair of brown wedges. These pieces are universal, but they look so bomb together. Plus, you’ll be sure to find white, cold shoulder tops with unique styles–this one is flaunting a beautiful lace design.

14. Blue Blouse and Blue Jeans with Brown Wedges

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Here’s a blue long-sleeve top that will have you looking poised and fashionable with ease. It’s simply paired with blue jeans that are cuffed just above the ankles, along with a lovely pair of brown wedges.

The design on the blouse looks very festive, making it a suitable piece for a family get-together. I love that she included a brown bag as well. The milky brown shade is beyond elegant.

15. White Sleeveless Blouse and Brown and White Polkadot Skirt with White Wedges

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I’d recommend an outfit like this for church, a brunch party or a dinner date. The colors are mild but in a good way as they depict a form of innocence and stylish modesty.

The white sleeveless top is flirty enough for a romantic date as it shows off your shoulders and arms, but it's classy enough for the House of God. The brown and white polka dot skirt is very elegant and is at the right length, so it doesn’t take away from the youthful essence. 

And of course, the white wedges fit right in, complementing the top and skirt without a question, with a cute bow to top it all off.

16. Black Tank Top and Blue Denim Shorts with Black Wedges

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This outfit is sexy yet sweet–a black tank top with blue denim shorts and a pair of black wedges.

During the warm summer season, a look like this will do you justice. After all, you’re not too covered up and plus, black and denim make a ravishing style combo.

Don’t be afraid to let your hair loose and rock this edgy look with confidence.

17. White Long-Sleeve Blouse and Blue Cropped Jeans with Red Wedges

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More and more women these days are giving love to cropped jeans, and I’m here for it. Cropped jeans give your outfit of the day an edgy yet casual feel.

The white top she’s wearing is on the dressier side which is totally fine, because wearing a dressy top with your jeans is a do in the fashion world. This way you get to be laid back but a style queen all in one outfit. 

The red wedges added the pop of color this ensemble needed and has an eye-catching white detail on the back which matches the high-class, snazzy design of her blouse.

18. Blue Denim Dress with Black Wedges

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I’ve always found blue denim dresses to be attractive and also refreshing. Denim-wear tends to spruce up an outfit, whether it be a denim jacket, top, or bag, there’s an appeal that denim brings to a look. 

The style of this denim dress reminds me of something a young girl would wear–a young girl who is hopeful and longs for adventure. Maybe it’s the knee-high length, wide waist, or flared design, but even along with the black wedges, there is definitely a modern Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz vibe at play here.

19. Mustard, Floral, Peplum Blouse and Blue Ripped Jeans with Brown Wedges

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Wear a peplum blouse for an effortlessly cute look. A peplum blouse will bring added style to your outfit and looks great with jeans.

Also, the mustard color of this top is enhanced by the brown wedges. Along with the floral design, this is a fall-worthy outfit.

20. Yellow Romper with Nude Wedges

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This yellow lace romper is an exquisite piece. At first look, you would probably pair it with nude stilettos but this outfit is transformed into something a bit more fun and flirty as opposed to sultry because of the nude wedges.

The wedges take this look down a notch without downplaying the beauty of the romper.

21. Blush Pink Blazer, White Blouse, and Light Blue, Cropped, Ripped Jeans with Brown Wedges

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A blazer always makes an outfit more sophisticated and professional. It’s the same with this look. The white top is a nice addition to maintain the pastel tone of this outfit. 

An edgy vibe is created by the light blue, distressed cropped jeans and the brown wedges are what really pull off the all-round stylishly-casual appearance.

22. Blue, Button-Up Blouse, Black Cropped Trousers with Black Wedges

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This is another professionally-styled, wedge heel look that is also easy-going. The blue button-up top is tied at the front, and the black trousers have cute, short tassel buds hanging from the bottom. 

A look like this is easy to accessorize. Just as she is wearing, silver jewelry can do no wrong with these colors.

23. Blue Denim Jacket and White Dress with Red Wedges

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Blue, white, and red make a classic style combo that always turns out gorgeous. Pairing a white dress with a denim jacket and wedges is an easy-to-wear look and you are bound to pull it off. 

Simply accessorize with a necklace that adds some personality to your dress, earrings that elevate the entire look, and a handbag for that extra oomph.

24. Black and White Striped Dress with Brown Wedges

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If you’re planning to keep your outfit of the day simple, then I’ve got you covered–feel free to pick out one of your adorbs and casual dresses, leaving the rest to your wedges.

You can always enhance the look with an appropriate handbag, jewelry, and your favorite sunglasses.

Wedges truly deserve all the praise I’ve been giving them throughout this post. But I want to know what you think. Do you love wedges just as much as I do? What look has inspired you the most? Let me know in the comments below.

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