What to Wear With an Orange Skirt – 34 Outfit Ideas

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Ever considered adding an orange skirt to your wardrobe? You should. Orange skirts are bright and ultra chic – perfect for when you want your look to stand out. Contrary to popular belief, orange skirts can be paired with tons of other colors. It’s all about knowing how to style each piece so that the outfit remains in sync.

In this post, I’ll be highlighting outfits with orange skirts that are casual – some that are flirty and fun and others that are classy and formal. From ankle length to mid-thigh, these skirts are guaranteed to win you over. Here are 34 ideas of what to wear with an orange skirt.

1. Black, Sleeveless, Lace Blouse and Silver Pumps with Orange Pleated Skirt

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The mixture of black orange and silver in this style combo is stunning. The black top has lace decorating the neckline, and although it’s sleeveless, it still has an elegant look.

I spoke about the beauty of a pleated skirt earlier on and so you can see why this orange piece is so flattering, paired with breathtaking silver pumps.

2. Blue Button-Up Blouse and Leopard Print Flats with Orange Skirt

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Accomplish a well, put-together outfit by tucking in a stylish, button-up blouse in an orange pencil skirt with cute flats for a comfortable and polished look.

Also, the brown, leopard print flats and orange skirt complement each other beautifully.

3. Nude Bomber Jacket and White Tank Top with Orange, Floor-Length Skirt

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This look is easy-going but gorgeous nonetheless. A nude bomber jacket was styled with a simple white tank and a flowy, floor-length, pleated orange skirt.

With an outfit like this, it’s best to tuck your top in to really show off the style of the skirt and maintain a neat appearance.

4. Red and White T-Shirt and Brown Heels with Orange Skirt

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Channel your inner doll by styling a flared orange skirt with a striped top and brown heels. This look can work throughout most of the seasons – spring, summer, or even fall – with a light brown scarf around your neck.

5. Orange Trench Coat, White Turtle-Neck Blouse, and Nude Pumps with Orange Skirt

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Here’s a high-fashion professional look that is very bold because of the orange trench coat and matching pencil skirt.

A white turtle-neck blouse was tucked into the orange skirt and nude pumps were added to maintain that respectable and poised appearance.

6. Light Blue, Sleeveless Top and Silver Heels with Orange Skirt

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Because orange skirts are so bright and hard to miss it’s always best to style them with pastel or cool-toned pieces like this light blue sleeveless top.

The silver heels complement the pale blue blouse with ease and keep her looking poised.

7. Black Blouse and Black Flats with Orange Skirt

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You all know I always have you covered when it comes to outfits for the office inspiration. This look is easy-going and professional – a plain black blouse, basic black flats, and an orange pencil skirt.

8. White Tie, Front Crop Top with Orange Floral, Floor-Length Skirt

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Summer is not far from now and you’ll be needing those radiant colors and loose clothing to get you through the season.

This white crop top and orange floral skirt make a cute and flirty combination. All you’d need are some nude or brown sandals to complete the look.

9. White Tank Top and Black Heels with Mini Orange, Corduroy Skirt

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Tank tops help to create some of the most simple and cutest outfits ever. Here, a white tank top was styled with black heels and a mini orange, corduroy skirt. I’d include a black trench coat for a more sophisticated look.

10. White Crop Top and Nude Heels with Floor-Length, Orange Skirt

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A straight fitting, floor-length orange skirt is a great piece to have in your wardrobe. Not only does this one look super comfortable and easy to wear, but it also has a thigh-high split at the side, making this outfit a bit more daring.

I’m also a fan of these cute nude heels and this dressy, white crop top. The two small slits at the front add to its stylishness.

11. Black and White Striped Blouse and Black Heels with Orange Skirt

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I am so smitten with this look. This is a perfect example of how your basic pieces can work for you. 

A black and white striped blouse and black pumps are wardrobe must-haves and foundation pieces that go hand in hand. 

The flared orange skirt serves as the stand out feature of the outfit and might I say, it all looks gorgeous.

12. White Tank Top and Strappy White Heels with Orange Pleated Skirt

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I’m loving this classy ensemble. The pleats on this orange skirt add so much class and elegance to this outfit, and it was paired with a simple white tank top and matching strappy heels. This outfit is just right for a brunch during springtime.

13. Blue Blouse and Blue Boots with Orange, Ankle-Length Skirt

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This outfit is elegant and high-fashion. I am in love with this formal, blue wrap blouse and how nicely its cool tone blends with this semi-pleated, ankle-length, orange skirt.

These blue boots are super trendy as well and the brown purse and earrings she’s wearing adds a classy and vintage style to the ensemble.

14. Black Trench Coat and White Blouse with Orange Mini Skirt

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It’s a win-win situation when you’ve created an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and look stylish.

A black trench coat is a closet staple, and it really upgrades this look. The white top is simple and the perfect blouse to wear with this orange skirt and black coat because it provides a canvas for both pieces to shine.

15. White T-Shirt and White Sneakers with Floral Orange Skirt

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This is a sporty, chic ensemble with a playful vibe. Because this orange skirt is vibrant and has a floral pattern as well, it accentuates the simple white top and white sneakers.

16. Blue Denim Jacket, Black Blouse, and Black Strappy Flats with Orange Skirt

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I love how this mid-calf length, orange, A-line skirt fits right into this stylish, semi-casual ensemble. 

I believe every closet ought to have a blue denim jacket as well because they make an outfit way trendier and can easily complement your inside blouse, just like it did with this simple black top.

17. White, Turtle-Neck Blouse and White Booties with Orange Skirt

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For a sophisticated, feminine look, pair a white turtle-neck top with an A-line orange skirt and white booties. 

This outfit is so simple, but each piece is a wardrobe staple. You can never go wrong with white and orange.

18. Pink Blouse and White Pumps with Orange Skirt

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This pink puffed-sleeve blouse looks like a timeless piece that can be worn with almost anything, dressed down or dressed up. In this outfit, it was styled in a classy manner with an orange A-line skirt.

To complete this tasteful look, she slipped on some dashing white pumps. A white purse would also be fitting.

19. Yellow Blouse and Yellow Pumps with Orange Skirt

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Yellow and orange are some of the brightest colors. Although they’re both shocking, they blend nicely in this ensemble. The brown handbag balances both colors out.

20. Light Blue, Off-the-Shoulder Blouse and White and Black Striped Sandals with Orange Mini Skirt

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Off-the-shoulder tops will forever be cute closet pieces. I like this one especially because of the office shirt look it has and the bow tie at the front.

This adorable piece was styled with a stylish, orange, mini skirt and a pair of black and white striped flats with cute bows at the front.

21. Black Blouse, Black Stocking, and Black Flats with Orange Skirt

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You can also go for only black pieces to pair with your orange skirt since both colors harmonize well. 

This is a fashionable look that I’d totally wear for the fall season – a black blouse, black stocking, black flats with an orange pleated skirt, and a black purse to bring the look together.

22. White Floral, Long-Sleeve Blouse with Orange Skirt

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A white floral, long-sleeve top is a dressy piece that looks elegant with an orange skirt as seen in this outfit. 

You can experiment with the type of shoes you want to wear with an outfit like this. For a relaxed finish, opt for brown flats or white sneakers. For a more chic look, you can go for nude or brown heels or a pair of white booties.

23. White Blouse and Black Flats with Orange Skirt

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Here’s some vintage inspiration – a modest white blouse, classic black flats, and an A-line orange skirt.

A black belt was added to outline her waist, increase the femininity of the look, and maintain the refined appearance.

24. White, Flared, Off-the-Shoulder Crop Top and Nude Heels with Orange Skirt

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Flirty looks are among my favorite and this orange skirt, white flared top, nude heels outfit is showing skin in the right places to qualify as a cute, flirty ensemble.

25. Nude Blouse and Nude Pumps with Orange Skirt

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Turn heads in the office with this look – a nude tie front, long-sleeve blouse, matching pumps, and a calf-length, orange pencil skirt.

This look is bright, confident, and professional. A chic, black handbag would be a suitable accessory.

26. White Bralette and Nude Block Heels with Orange Floral Skirt

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Who says you can’t look stunning on the beach? Floral patterned clothing not only works for springtime but also for a trip to the ocean.

Pair your orange skirt with a simple white bralette or even a crop top. You can include heels or sandals to complete the look.

27. Blue Denim Jacket, Black Graphic Tee, and Black Booties with Orange Leather Skirt

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Street fashion is still the in thing. Style a blue denim jacket with a black graphic tee, black booties and an orange leather mini skirt and you’ll accomplish a stylish and edgy outfit of the day.

28. Black Cardigan, White Blouse, and Black and Brown Flats with Orange Skirt

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The black cardigan adds modesty to this already classy look. The combination of the cardigan, a white top, and brown and black shoes with this orange flared skirt has a youthful and innocent appearance as well.

29. White Lace Blouse and Nude Booties with Orange Skirt

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This mini orange skirt has a zip at the front which is a cute detail to look for when shopping for stand out pieces.

I also love how well the white-laced top complements the skirt and those gorgeous nude booties.

30. Black, Long-Sleeve Blouse and Black and White Heels with Orange Skirt

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Here’s another simple look you can create with an orange skirt. Style it with a simple black, long-sleeve top which is a wardrobe must-have. 

Finish the look with a pair of heels. I find this white and black pair to be absolutely stunning.

31. White Blouse and Black and Orange Heels with Orange Skirt

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This look takes professional-wear to a higher level and proves you can look well put together while killing the fashion game at the same time.

The white top was tucked neatly into this orange skirt for a sophisticated touch, and accentuated by these black and orange stiletto heels.

32. Pink Cardigan, Blue Blouse, and Brown Chukka Boots with Orange Skirt

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Here’s a neat and girly look with a flared, orange mini skirt. I love pairing cardigans with my skirts as well, along with a cute, button-up blouse just like this one.

The chukka boots fit right in too, adding comfort and matching her brown belt.

33. White Bralette, Clear Heels, and Orange Floor-Length Wrap Skirt

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You’re bound to steal the spotlight if you rock a breathtaking ensemble like this. A cute and simple bralette was styled with chic clear heels and a beautiful, orange, floor-length wrap skirt that is just an enviable piece.

34. White Tank Top and Nude Block Heels with Orange Skirt

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If you want to show off your girly side, this look is for you – a simple, white tank top paired with bomb nude block heels and an orange mini skirt with the cutest ruffles.

Orange skirts are beautiful, and there’s no denying that. Now that you’ve seen 34 amazing outfits, including orange skirts of various lengths, sizes, and designs… Are you more open to wearing them? Which look was your favorite of them all? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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