15 Best Shoes to Wear With a Bodycon Dress

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Hello my beautiful readers! Recently, I had a chat with a friend who was in need of a semi-formal dress for a summer wedding. Something modest, yet sexy.

She and I browsed online through a variety of styles of dresses, and we both agreed that she should wear something structured and flattering.

Not to be confused with the bandage dress, though. They do look similar, but there is a big difference between the two.

A bandage dress is form fitting and of material that will stretch and support a woman’s curves. Think like... spandex or a second skin. These typically have more sex appeal.

Short for, “body-conscious,” a bodycon dress is tailored, therefore tracing a woman’s curves but will not conform to a woman’s body shape. This means the dress has its own shape.

Once we had a dress picked out for her, the fun began as we browsed her shoe collection and decided to hit the stores to find a perfect pair of shoes to wear with her new bodycon dress.

Given that an abundance of shoes look amazing with them, I’m here to share the bodycon dress and shoe love with you!

1) Bodycon Dress and Statement Sandals

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These heeled sandals really do make a statementㅡnot that this dress needed any help. They’re an awesome example of unique shoes that can be worn with a dress.

2) Mermaid Bodycon Magic

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Aren’t the lines in this dress beautiful? The whole thing is that it accentuates her hourglass figure, and it’s stunning. The best decision of shoes to wear with a dress like this one here is undoubtedly a pair of heels.

She’s picked out some platform pumps. Not the only option, but the added height really elongates the legs and makes this outfit a jaw dropper!

3) Strappy Heels and a Backless Bodycon Dress

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This black backless bodycon dress is a sexy one, for sure. Wearing black dresses give us the freedom to wear any color shoe we desire, her strappy heels amplifies the sexy here!

4) Bodycon Midi and Heeled Ankle Boots

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This grey midi bodycon dress looks great with these pointed toe, heeled ankle boots. Her long cardigan and bag pair well with the ensemble, making this a fashion statement outfit for sure.

5) Off the Shoulder Bodycon Dress

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Wouldn’t this be an amazing formal dinner dress? This is something I’d pick out for the formal night on a cruise ship. Weirdly specific, huh? I just love it.

The dress has such character with the cross over feature on top and amazing fold lines across the waist. The shoes don’t need to be anything over the top, here.

She’s wearing a simple pair of ankle-strap, heeled sandals. And they’re perfect.

6) Spaghetti Bodycon with Sneakers

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Sneakers and dresses are fun and playful. It’s a great, cute and casual way to wear your favorite dress and a comfy pair of shoes at the same time.

Her white, spaghetti strap bodycon dress and white sneakers are bright and summery.

The addition of the denim jacket wrapped around her waist doubles as an accessory that gives some color while giving her an option to warm up if she needs it. Brilliant!

7) Bodycon Dress with Over the Knee Boots

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Over the knee boots are a love of mine. They’re awesome with these dresses because they give the leg some coverage, which is especially important during the cooler months.

This one is pretty simple, her black, turtleneck sweater bodycon dress matches her black, over-the-knee boots. I have a similar over the knee boot look but with an oversized turtleneck sweater. You can see that here!

8) Off the Shoulder Bodycon and Tennis Shoes

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I LOVE this outfit. Love, you guys. This off-the-shoulder bodycon is the perfect night out dress! Her sneakers are cute, and they work. We talked about that earlier in this post. Her hat adds this playful element.

She could easily have matched her hat and shoes, but you see here that they don’t always have to, and still look good together. That’s what makes fashion fun!

9) Bodycon and Adidas

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I have a post that talks about wearing Adidas with jeans that offers cute ways to style your Adidas sneakers—but with jeans.

Here is a great way to wear your Adidas with your favorite bodycon dress!

You’ll notice in each one with sneakers that these girls have selected a baseball cap to accessorize with. This makes it so the athletic footwear looks purposeful, rather than an afterthought or a, “my feet hurt so I’m wearing sneakers,” moment.

10) Pointed Toe Heels with a Bodycon Dress

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I’m a firm believer that every woman needs a good pair of nude heels. Be it pumps, strappy, platform, or whatever. They go with SO many outfits. If you don’t have a pair, treat yourself to one or two!

This outfit is sleek with a pair of heels with pointed toes. There’s this certain, sexy, edgy feel that comes with them, and it’s awesome!

11) Sporty Bodycon Outfit in Chunky Sneakers

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You’ll see me wear chunky sneakers in several of my outfits. I wanted to share this one, though. I’ve shared sneaker, bodycon outfits already in this post because I wanted to offer a different sneaker, showing the contrast it provides.

Chunky sneakers like this aren’t very feminine, so wearing them with clothing that is form fitting and quite elegant is high contrast in fashion purpose.

My Yellow Polka Dot outfit is a good example of this contrast because while my outfit is pretty and feminine, I’m wearing my Fila sneakers which would otherwise be thought as athletic or sporty.

12) Sexy Summer Bodycon

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I just had to share this one because of how beautiful it is. The ruffles, the nude, strappy heels. It’s a perfect, summer bodycon outfit.

Something important about these bodycons is they’re very shoe friendly. Sneakers can be worn, heels, flats, wedges, sandals, boots. Whatever the event is, you can adapt your bodycon outfit to fit!

13) Playful in Peep-Toe Pumps

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Peep-toe heels are a playful pump. Adding them to such a serious looking dress changes the attitude, and sometimes we need that depending on where we’re going in our bodycon dresses.

She could have worn a pair of pointed toe heels here and looked like she was ready to conquer the world in this power dress! Could you see her wearing a pair of flats too?

14) Bodycon and Boots

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We’ve got a change in scenery here with this bodycon dress.

She’s paired some black boots in her monochromatic black outfit and added an extra layering element with the leather jacket.

There’s some serious attitude here with this dress, and I love it. It’s a great example of wearing an otherwise very feminine dress in a way that says, “I’m here to rock.”

15) Bodycon Dress and Sandals

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I know I’m showing two denim accents back to back, but they’re really cute.

Her camel colored sandals have this fun crisscross pattern across the toe and matches her clutch perfectly. Whatever you wear, if you have the opportunity to match your shoes to your purse or another accessory—do it!

This isn’t a bodycon dress, but my Dalmatian Print Skirt Outfit is a good way to match your shoes to an accessory. In this case, my camel boots match my camel hat!

What are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite look? How do you like the bodycon dress with sneakers? Tell me in the comments below!

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