What to Wear to Salsa Class

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Salsa is a type of dance that originated in Eastern Cuba. It’s a fascinating art form and we’ve seen it in numerous movies and in some of the performances of our favorite entertainers. Salsa class is the place to go to get in touch with your inner Selena and just feel the music. 

It’s known to be a freeing experience and a place to increase your dance skills and ability to move to the rhythm. But have you ever thought about the different outfits you could wear to Salsa class?

That’s right, you don’t have to stick to one particular outfit. You can wear dresses, leotards or even a tank top and some leggings! The trick is to ensure you can move freely and feel comfortable as you’re dancing. Let’s have a look at some of the most ideal outfits to wear to Salsa class.

1. Black Bralette with Black Leggings

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A bralette and a pair of leggings are other options to consider when it comes to finding a comfortable outfit for your Salsa class. It’s all about what you feel most relaxed in and not everyone will want to wear leotards. In this case, a bralette and leggings are good substitutes.

This outfit also fits like a glove and will allow you to dance without any hindrances. You can go for a pair of small-heeled dancing shoes to help you move gracefully on the dance floor.

2. Black Leotard

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As I mentioned before, it’s important to factor in free movement and comfort when choosing what to wear to salsa class. 

A leotard is one of the best options as it fits closely to your body and won’t interfere with your movement any at all.

3. White Crop Top with White Frilly Skirt

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While it’s oftentimes recommended that you wear a fitted bodysuit or leggings to Salsa class, as you’re learning, some prefer to wear outfits that stay true to what is worn when a woman and her dance partner are performing or doing the Salsa at a night club. 

One such outfit is generally frilly and light, moving with you as you dance. This allows you to be more in sync with the actual art form and Cuban culture. Your top doesn’t necessarily have to possess the same frills, though, as in Salsa, the focus is being placed on your hips and leg movement.

4. Black Tank Top with Black Thigh-Length Leggings

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This is a comfy match up that will have you acing every step in Salsa class. Sometimes, it can be a bit of a bother to pull on ankle-length leggings. Opt for a thigh-length pair instead, made complete with a tank top.

5. Black Full-Length Bodysuit

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This look is one of my favorites. Some persons prefer not to show off too much skin while they’re at Salsa class. A full-length bodysuit is an easy-to-wear option that will keep you covered while showing off all your impressive moves.

6. Red High-Low Dress

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This stunning red dress resembles what we generally see the beautiful women in movies wearing as they dance in the arms of their love interest. And just like in those films, all eyes will be on you if you wear a dress like this one to Salsa class.

Moreover, the frills will allow you to flow with the music effortlessly. Take into consideration that this dress is not exactly floor-length either which ensures you won’t trip as you’re dancing. Pair this look with some lovely stiletto heels and show that Salsa class what you’re made of.

7. Red Tassel Mini Dress

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This is another common look that I’ve seen worn to Salsa classes on numerous occasions – a mini dress with sequins and tassels. 

The tassels, of course, shake non-stop as you’re dancing which helps to provide added visual representation of how swift and carefree your body is moving while you’re doing the Salsa.

8. Red Tassel Crop Top with Red Tassel Mini Skirt

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This red tassel crop top with the matching skirt make a super flirty combination and reminds me so much of a Spanish-inspired film in which the lead star is letting loose on the dance floor. 

This look really embodies the sassy, sultry and exuberant nature that surrounds Salsa. Wearing this to Salsa class will really get you into character.

Going to Salsa class any time soon? I hope this post has helped you out tremendously as you consider what to wear. The choice is up to you and what you feel most comfortable in. How has this post helped you? Which look do you think you’d rock to Salsa class? Let me know your thoughts, in the comments below.

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