What Color Shoes to Wear With a Red Dress

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Red is a sexy color, isn’t it? All year round, for any event, and for any time of the day. You can easily make it a more playful or casual color or really amp up the sex appeal potential! 

I have a girlfriend who will only wear one, dark shade of red because she feels like brighter reds wash her out. (She’s a redhead, I guess I get it.) Only for evenings or during the fall and winter, too. A shame, though because they’re all so fun to wear. 

Have you ever picked up a red dress, had to have it, but not known which shoes to wear with it? I mean, really, what colors DO match red?

I’ve got good news for you though. It’s much easier than you’d think because red has staple colors that will always look good with it, no matter what.

1. ​What Color Shoes to Wear With a Red Floral Dress

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I talked about floral prints in one of my other blogs. I love to wear floral prints and pull colors from the print for my shoes and accessories, especially if the background is white or black because it adds an extra pop of color!

In cases like this, where the background is a pretty, vibrant color, it’s not always necessary to pull colors from those prints. 

However, like with this pretty red floral dress, you can see she matched her shoes with the background and is wearing red. It’s great and doesn’t make her look too busy. 

If you look, you’ll see that the flower detail on the dress are black and white, so if I could suggest a shoe other than the red, it would be either a black or white shoe!

To avoid being too busy, try to keep the shoe color you’re wearing a color that is on your floral print dress!

2. What Color Shoes to Wear With a Casual Red Dress

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Casual dresses call for casual footwear. Sneakers. Sandals. Flip flops. Mules. Espadrilles. Nothing too fancy!

What I like about this casual red dress look is that it’s still a cute and flattering fit. She could have dressed it up with a pair of pumps or heeled wedges, but wearing crisp white sneakers is adorable and keeps it casual.

What color shoe you wear with your red dress outside of a neutral white or black should depend on the color your red is. Depending on your preference, some girls like to wear dark shoes with dark clothes, and bright shoes with bright clothes. You’ll always be safe with white or black, though!

​3. ​​What Color Pumps to Wear With a Red Dress

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Pumps are sexy shoes, there is no doubt about it. Red is a sexy color and is given a bit more of a sex appeal when black pumps are worn with it.

Of course, you will be able to easily wear white, nude, black, or matching red pumps with a red dress. I think it depends on where you’re going and what accessories you’ll be wearing. 

This, for example, the black pumps tie in her black clutch and sunglasses.

I’d love to see studded pumps with a red dress, or even an animal print on them!

4. Best Shoes to Wear With a Long Red Dress

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Assuming that the long red dress you’re wearing is a casual one like the one you see here, you’ll probably want to wear a pair of sandals, flatts, or espadrilles with it! Comfort, right? 

However, if you’re wearing a long, red dress for something like a date or evening event, I highly recommend you wear strappy heels or pumps with it!

The type of shoe you wear with a long dress is going to depend on what type of dress you’re wearing. You can easily adjust your footwear for your needs! Check out my Long Tulle Skirt outfit, where I’m wearing grunge inspired boots! A dress like this one could be really cute with boots too!

Alright ladies. Red dresses and shoes was our topic for this post, and I hope you’re inspired to pick up a red dress for yourself if you don’t have one already! It’s such a pretty color for a dress.

Matching shoes though, it’s really a breeze because you’re color selection is limited while the style selection is not. Makes it easy, right? 

I mean, we talked about shoes to wear with long red dresses, wearing pumps with red dresses, what color shoes to wear with floral dresses, and even casual dresses. We’ve covered all the bases, right?

Do you have any questions about what shoes to wear with red dresses? Which is your favorite look? Tell me in the comments below!
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