18 Cute Outfits to Wear With Palazzo Pants

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Is it weird that I can’t imagine life without palazzo pants? I recently did a post on these pants because they’re truly one of my favorite wardrobe style pieces. Palazzo pants have a certain flair that I haven’t seen any other trouser possess. They are form fitting at the waist and flare out at the end, but in a gradual and eye-pleasing way.

Palazzo pants are just perfect for formal events when you can’t be bothered with wearing the usual skirt or dress but you still want to look respectable, and they work for other occasions too. Plus, when wearing these pants, there’s not much you need to do because their design is already doing the most–in the best way! 

I’m about to show you the magic that you can create with these closet gems. Here are 18 cute outfits you can rock with palazzo pants.

1. White Tank Top with Pink Palazzo Pants

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What really caught my eye about this look is the adorable bow detail at the front of the pants. Bows always make an outfit much more intriguing. Also, I’m a fan of the faded blush pink color which looks stunning with this white tank top.

Her gold purse is really the finishing touch, adding a pop of color, but at the same time, not too much, to make this outfit even classier.

2. White Off-the-Shoulder Top and Nude Stilettos with Nude Palazzo Pants

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Ooh! Words cannot describe how I felt when I laid my eyes on this masterpiece of an outfit. Each piece is commanding your attention. The white off-the-shoulder top has amazing puffed sleeves which always make for a good formal look.

On the other hand, the palazzo pants has a few pleats and buttons on the sides which really add to the uniqueness of the trousers. Off-the-shoulder tops and palazzo pants make for a mind-blowing ensemble. as you give a sultry yet elegant vibe. The nude heels are brilliant additions, making this look even sharper.

3. Black Blouse and Yellow Block Heels with Grey and Black Plaid Palazzo Pants

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The office will just not be able to handle you when you step in rocking this look. The yellow heels are definitely the high points of this outfit, as yellow looks great when paired with black and white.

The best thing about wearing palazzo pants on the job is the trendiness that they bring to whatever you’re wearing as opposed to the usual straight-legged trousers. I also find myself admiring the flares on the black top, and how well they complement the bow on her palazzo pants.

4. Gray Crop Top and White Sneakers with Blue Palazzo Pants

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Being able to dress down while still being in style is very important to me. Being comfortable on most days is a must as well, which is why this look is so idyllic. 

The white sneakers and gray crop top are providing a more casual essence to this get-up while the blue palazzo pants are quite high fashion. Also, owning blue palazzo pants is so convenient as the color is not too bright where it drowns out the other pieces, nor is it too dull.

5. Yellow Blouse and White Sandals with Blue Denim Palazzo Pants

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We are accustomed to wearing skinny jeans but the wideness of this denim palazzo pants has made this casual outfit a lot more fascinating and refreshing as well.

The tie at the front and the fact that this pair of pants has a few rips on both sides makes it a lot easier for you to find other closet pieces to wear with it. A simple top and sandals were just right to accompany this denim bottom, as they allow the beauty of the pants to be put on full display.

6. Green and White Floral Crop Top and Nude Wedge Heels with Green and White Floral Palazzo Pants

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This palazzo pant set is gorgeous. The outfit in general is very cool toned, just right for the spring or summer seasons. I won’t forget to mention the green leaves, which seem to symbolize how lush plants and trees are during these seasons. 

Also, the nude wedges, handbag, and earrings blend with this whole look delightfully, and they suit her natural makeup well.

7. Denim Jacket, Black Crop Top and White Pumps with Black and White Polkadot Palazzo Pants

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I tend to throw on a denim jacket when I want to include a youthful touch to my entire outfit. The polkadot palazzo pants are already acting as the fashion-forward and sophisticated piece in this look. The denim jacket performs as the sporty and playful feature.

The black crop top helps to simplify this look and harmonizes well with the casual essence of the jacket and the black and white colors of the palazzo pants. 

The white pumps go hand in hand with the pants for a classy flair, and the brown purse is the hint of pigment this look needed.

8. Black and Gray Sequin Sheer Top and Black Pumps with Black Palazzo Pants

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When shopping for palazzo pants, including a black pair is crucial. I think it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyways, black is a universal color and when it comes to any style piece that you’ll be wearing pretty often, having a pair in black is wise.

Black goes with anything, however, with this look, the colors of the top and pumps have been kept pretty safe but still stunning. The sequins on the sheer top are very tasteful and remove the need for too much jewelry.

9. White Sheer Blouse and Black Heels with Gray Palazzo Pants

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This is another office-friendly look. Owning a pair of gray work pants is vital in my book because it’s not every day that you want to wear black. Also, I find gray to be a very sophisticated color.

Like black, finding items to pair with gray is quite easy. The white sheer top is a great choice and she tops it all off with an elegant pair of black heels and a black purse.

10. Black and White Striped Blouse and Brown Sandals with Brown Palazzo Pants

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As fashionable as palazzo pants are, this look is rather laid back. The pants are riding low, closer to her hips instead of her waist, where most palazzo pants are worn. Either way, it’s still aesthetically pleasing.

Brown is another staple color, along with black and gray that every closet needs. These brown pants look lovely with the black and white striped blouse, and to keep this outfit looking easy and effortless, the brown sandals are perfect.

11. White Blouse and Red Heels with Blue and White Striped Palazzo Pants

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This outfit reminds me so much of France, because of the colors: red, blue, and white. The fact that she’s wearing sunglasses is also giving me tourist vibes. 

With that said, this is the perfect outfit to wear if you’re traveling to Paris. It’s light and comfortable but also very trendy. This goes to show that palazzo pants are great for vacations because they keep you looking stylish while feeling relaxed.

12. White Off-the-Shoulder Top and White Wedge Heels with Brown Palazzo Pants

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Now, this outfit is like a breath of fresh air, and I’ll admit, there’s a lot going on for this look. The palazzo pants have a number of intricate details such as the pleats at the end, buttons on the side, and a bow.

The white top, apart from being off-the-shoulder, which I absolutely love, also has beautiful puffed sleeves. The wedges help to cement this look as a super classy ensemble, and very girly as well.

13. Blue Crop Top and Silver Heels with Orange Palazzo Pants

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This outfit is for those ladies who aren’t afraid to pull out the shocking colors. As bright as the hues of this outfit are, they blend well with each other and no piece is taking glory from the other.

I also have to point out that the heels are more on the plain side, in order to slightly tame the overall look.

14. Burgundy Leather Jacket, Black Bralette and Black Heels with Black and White Striped Palazzo Pants

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I know exactly what you’re thinking–this outfit is bomb! A burgundy leather jacket is not commonly seen, and it looks so heavenly with these black and white palazzo pants.

Don’t get me started on the split feature on these pants; simply exquisite, and very sexy, might I add. The black bralette is fitting for this look as it keeps your eyes focused on the most stylish pieces of the outfit, the jacket and palazzo pants.

The heels couldn’t be more appropriate as they keep this steamy look still very classy.

15. White Tank Top and Nude Sandals with Beige Floral Palazzo Pants

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Summer 2020 is not as far away as you think and some of you may have a tropical island getaway planned, so you can unwind from the first half of the year. 

Kick back on the beach in a tank top, palazzo pants, and a pair of sandals. These floral pants are definitely the highlight of the look because of all the colors that are present. Floral designs give off a tropical feel and make an outfit more beautiful.

16. Orange Blouse and Black Flats with Leopard Print Palazzo Pants

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Leopard Print and orange make a great combination. A leopard print trouser is an interesting piece to have in your closet, and it can be worn with a wide variety of colors.

This entire look reminds me of autumn as the shades are warm and welcoming. A pair of black or brown heels would look stunning with this get-up, but black flats are also an easy way to pull this outfit all together.

17. Black Bralette and Black Stilettos with Black Palazzo Pants

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This all black style combo is ideal for the red carpet, but it can also be worn for other special events. The look in its entirety is sleek and refined, not only because all the pieces are black but because of the texture of each clothing item, which I can tell from looking, is very rich and of high quality.

Wearing a match-up such as this one allows you to freely accessorize with silver or gold jewelry. A sequin purse would make this look even more luxurious.

18. Beige Crop Top and Nude Heels with Orange Striped Palazzo Pants

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This outfit caught my eye because of the mixture of colors. The nude top and soft orange tone of the palazzo pants are very flattering.

What won me over even more are the pink, white, and beige stripes on the pants which complement the beige top and nude heels. A beige handbag would be the perfect item to finish this look.

Palazzo pants are one of the best fashion pieces to have ever been made. Sometimes, I feel super excited to wear them and when a closet item makes you feel that way, it’s a keeper. Which look was your favorite? What do you love most about palazzo pants? I can’t wait to know what you think. Share you thoughts in the comments below.

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