What to Wear to a Pole Dancing Class – 10 Outfit Ideas

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If you haven’t ever taken a pole dancing class, you should totally give it a try.  I think a few years ago, this wouldn’t have been on my radar at all, but I went with some girlfriends as an activity for a bachelorette party, and it was a ton of fun as well as an excellent workout! 

I know I’m not the only one who feels the opposite of sexy when working out at the gym. When you’re sweaty and tired, it’s just not a super pretty sight no matter how cute your gym clothes are. 

So, to take a pole dancing class, it was quite the surprise to feel beautiful and sexy rather than gross. Plus since you’re having fun, time flies! I’m guilty of focusing on the clock when working out rather than focusing on how my body feels, so this was a nice change. 

I wanted to share 10 outfit ideas of what to wear to a pole dancing class, because you may be surprised!

But before we begin, let's answer a common question.

Can You Wear Leggings Pole Dancing?

While technically, yes, you can wear leggings to pole dancing, the better answer is no. No, you should not wear leggings to pole dancing class, especially if you are a beginner. 

The reason is because your skin is used for gripping the pole, so the more skin you have showing (especially thighs), the more moves and tricks you’ll be able to do without dropping yourself on the ground and getting hurt.

If you do wear leggings, you’re limiting your movement and increasing the chance of slipping off of the pole. Of course, if you’re experienced, you’ve probably established the upper body strength needed to support yourself without your legsㅡleggings are totally cool then.

Here are 10 outfits that would be great to wear to pole dancing classes.

1) Wearing a T-shirt and Shorts to Pole Dancing Class

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By now, you should be seeing a pattern. No matter what top you’re wearing, it’ll benefit you to wear shorts to a pole dancing class. 

T-shirts are totally acceptable, especially if you’re a beginner dancer because you probably won’t be doing a lot of core, thigh dependent, or upside down moves. 

Just be sure that your t-shirt is fitted enough that you won’t have to worry about it flashing anyone if you do go upside down!

Plus if you find that you need some more surface area, such as across your torso, you can always knot your t-shirt up.

2) Wearing Ankle Tacks to Pole Dancing Class

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This one is really another tip/trick only because I can tell you from experience that nothing ruins a good time like pain, blisters, and sores. 

With that said, if you’re going to become a regular pole dance class attendee, these ankle tacks will save the top of your feet, ankles, and lower part of your shin. Those are high pressure points on the pole and will rub raw!

Plus they have these silicone grip areas on them so they will help support you on the pole until you’ve built up the body strength needed. 

3) Wearing a Sports Bra and Athletic Booty Shorts to Pole Dancing Class

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This is probably the most popular outfit choice, which isn’t miserable because there are a lot of super cute sports bra and booty shorts out there!

To maximize your grasping power, wearing the least amount of clothing (while still keeping the goods covered) is your best option. 

A cute sports bra and pair of fitted spandex booty shorts would probably be the most comfortable for you while you’re bending and stretching!

4) Wearing a Tank Top and Spandex Booty Shorts to Pole Dancing Class

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The difference here, is she’s wearing a full tank top rather than just a sports bra. 

If you’re uncomfortable showing all of that skin, this is a great alternative to cover up some without losing your thigh’s surface area for traction. 

A lot of athletic tank tops have built in bras so you don’t have to add layers which will probably help with comfort. You won’t have to worry about a bra riding up under your top this way.

Plus, there are a lot of super cute moisture wicking tank tops out there!

5) Wearing Leg Warmers to Pole Dancing Class

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An alternative to wearing full pant legs is wearing leg warmers. This gives dancers the ability to decrease their skin surface and traction to do specific moves.

You can wear leg warmers with shorts and a tank top or bra top and either scrunch the legwarmers down to your ankles when more leg surface area is needed or pull them up your legs to cover them for more movement.

6) Wearing Knee Pads to Pole Dancing Class

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This is more of a…tip, rather than an outfit suggestion. She’s wearing a leotard/monokini which is a cute option, but this is more about the knee pads.

If your class focuses a lot on ground work or you are taking classes on a carpeted floor your knees will take a beating! 

Knee pads will help cushion any falls and prevent any rug or floor burns. Trust me on this one. Nothing is worse than having scraped knees.

7) Wearing Bodysuits to Pole Dancing Class

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A lot of gymnasts wear monokinis, leotards, or bodysuits. These are acceptable to wear pole dancing and will ensure your clothes stay put, especially when doing some of the more stretched out and flexible moves!

Just be aware, these cover your midsection so if your dance class uses that core surface area for gripping, you’ll miss out.

8) Wearing Soffe Shorts to Pole Dancing Class

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Soffe shorts are super comfortable cotton shorts with elastic waist bands. I remember them being the preferred pair of shorts for any sports or school activities. 

These are looser fitting, so if you’re not wanting tight booty shorts, they’re a great option. 

Pair these with a cute sports bra or tank top and you’re good to go!

9) Wearing Skorts to Pole Dancing Class

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Ah, the skirt/ short combo. These remind me of grade school when my mom did my school clothes shoppingㅡthe attempt to wear a skirt but without actually wearing one because they were shorts beneath.

So in athletic wear, skorts are especially popular in tennis for some reason. You’ll easily be able to find a cute skort that’s made of spandex or rayon. Flexible fabrics will let you move freely without restriction!

Wearing a skort will give you a change in your look while still keeping your downstairs covered up and leaving your thighs exposed to help grip the pole.

10) Wearing Leggings to Pole Dancing Class

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Like I said earlier, leggings limit how much gripping you’ll be able to do on the pole. So, if you’re a more advanced dancer and have the upper body strength to forego that help, leggings are of course super acceptable.

However, if you are more of a beginner, know that you’ll probably be limited to ground work and being upright if you wear leggings!

So what have we learned? To be the most successful at pole dancing classes you need skin! If you cover it up you risk slipping or risk missing out on some fun. 

I suggest picking out a couple of your favorite cute sport bras or tanks and some booty shorts to wear regularly to class. You can always cover up to and from the car. 

Also, I didn’t go over footwear in this post because a lot of studios have their own policy. I know the stereotypical exotic dancer look wears 7” heels, but you certainly don’t need to do that if you don’t want to. Check with your teacher before attending on the footwear policy!

Have you taken pole dancing classes? What did you wear? If you’re going to take one, what are you planning on wearing? Tell me in the comment section below!

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