What To Wear With a Chambray Shirt – 15 Cute Outfit Ideas

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Ladies, let’s have an honest to goodness heart to heart here. If you don’t have a chambray shirt, they are an essential wardrobe item and you need one. 

Like, they’re so essential you need to run to get one, not walk. 

If you’re not sure what a chambray shirt is, they’re basically as if a flannel or linen shirt made a baby with a denim jacket. So, it looks like denim but does not have the weight of denim, making it much more versatile. 

They literally go with everything you could possibly put on your body, and they are meant for EVERYONE. There is no, “these don’t look good on me” excuse because they look great on everyone. All year. Always.

And while we’re being honest, I’ll admit to you, that I have a chambray shirt with these gorgeous pearl buttons that I have worn and loved so much that it developed a hole in the armpit.

You know what I did? I stitched it up because I couldn’t find one exactly like it to replace it.

Then guess what happened? My ghetto stitch job ripped mid putting my hair up out in public once and everyone with me saw AND I had to wear that shirt for the rest of the evening with a hole. Oops.

But you know what? I took it home, gave it a proper fix, and it still hangs in my closet and gets worn.

THAT is how great chambray shirts are. I love it so much that I can’t even get rid of it because I can’t find a new one with the exact color or exact button detail. 

Of course, I have others, but this one is my absolute favorite. Do you have any clothing items that you just love so much you can’t get rid of it?

So in this article I’m going to talk about 15 different outfits you can wear with a chambray shirt.

1) Wearing a Chambray Shirt Around the Waist

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Wearing long sleeve button ups around the waist is a super cute fall look. It serves both fashionable and functional because if you get cold you just take it off and put it on. 

The fashion benefit of wrapping a chambray shirt (or any shirt or sweater) around the waist is that it’s an easy pop of color added to your look. Like in this outfit here, for example. The entire outfit is black except for the shirt.

2) Wearing a Chambray Shirt With Denim Shorts

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This outfit goes back to if it is okay to wear denim with denim. The answer is yes. 

In this look, you’ll notice that her shirt is a tad bit lighter in color than her shorts. This helps the eye see two different pieces, rather than one solid one such as a jumpsuit or romper. 

These cutoff shorts are mega cute and the entire outfit works well with her adidas sneakers. You could have more fun here if your sneakers had blue stripes! 

This is also another outfit where a baseball cap would be a cute addition.  Or, you could substitute the shirt entirely with a baseball jersey.

3) Wearing a Chambray Shirt for Work

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This outfit makes me want to have an office job. I just want to embrace that woman in power look that this displays!

So, she’s wearing her chambray shirt beneath her tan blazer, and has just rolled the sleeve up with the blazer sleeve to let it show. This is a super cute trick, especially because the bottom of the shirt shows beneath the bottom of her blazer. It just makes the flow of the look more fluid.

Can we take a minute and appreciate these snake print heels? Oh my goodness. This is the subtle addition that really steps up a look and gives it that “wow” factor.

4) Wearing a Chambray Shirt With Colored Jeans

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Ugh, just pinch me, these are amazing pastel jeans! This soft peach color is such a spring color, I can’t get enough.

Colored jeans are really fun to play with based on season. Pastels for spring, whites and vibrants during the summer, gorgeous autumn tones during the fall, and darks during the winter. 

No matter what color your jeans are, a chambray shirt will pair perfectly. Don’t forget that you can wear darker, lighter, medium, and ombre wash chambrays to change it up!

5) Wearing a Chambray Shirt With Denim Jeans

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Something that I’ve heard asked a lot is how to wear denim with denim. Is there a such thing as too much denim? 

The answer is probably, in some instances, yes. But in this case, where you’re wearing a chambray shirt that isn’t actual denim, you’ve got the green light to pair the two!

I personally prefer my chambray shirt to be a different hue of blue than my denim jeans, but I’ve seen them be nearly identical in color and still look fabulous. 

She has her shirt tucked into her jeans in this outfit, but it’s definitely not the only way you have to wear them. 

Chambray shirts can be tied into a knot in the front, worn untucked, unbuttoned, and tucked.

6) Wearing a Chambray Shirt With Black Leggings

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It’s so hard to pick just one chambray shirt and leggings outfit to show you because they’re all so cute. Faux leather and vinyl leggings are a favorite of mine, like in this long, gray coat with vinyl pants outfit, so I opted to show you a faux leather pair.

Some chambray shirts are a little longer so they cover your bum some, which is great if you’re uncomfortable showing it all or if you’re wanting a bit more coverage for warmth (especially during the fall). 

I love that she’s rolled her white, long sleeves up within the chambray sleeves,. It adds some flow. You could easily add a cute scarf or a hat to this look too! A fedora or a baseball cap, which would you choose? 

By the way, these yellow mules are super cute, aren’t they? White sneakers would also be super cute! During the fall, I like to wear knee high boots with mineㅡwith leg warmers!

7) Wearing a Chambray Shirt With White Jeans

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I know I’m showing you another with the shirt tucked in, but doesn’t the chambray shirt look great with these bright white jeans? 

She rolled her sleeves up and has an oversized black cardigan over top which is a great way to wear these during cooler months because the chambray shirt itself isn’t very thick.

Plus the addition of her animal printed slip ons is a great pop of color and pattern!

8) Wearing a Chambray Shirt With Maxi Skirts

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Maxi skirts are really underutilized. This outfit shows a white tee or tank tucked into a maxi shirt with a chambray shirt over the top of it. 

It would be just as easy to button up and tuck the shirt into the top of the skirt or to knot it up in the front if you weren’t wanting it to be open!

This is a super comfy, casual, and cute look that you could easily dress up and accessorize. She’s using a belt to accessorize, but you could easily add a baseball cap, fedora, or even a scarf to it!

Also note that she’s wearing flip flops with her skirt. Since your feet are mostly covered, it isn’t really necessary to wear shoes such as heels or wedges. Flip flops, slides, mules, and even sneakers would work just fine.

9) Wearing a Chambray Shirt Dress

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I know this isn’t for everyone, but if you’re into it, they’re 100% worth wearing!

They’re cute and don’t really need anything added to it. It’s hard to see, but she’s either wearing a pair of sandals or maybe even flip flops.

I have a similar mini dress that I love to wear during the summer, you can see that here! I’m wearing Vizanno heeled sandals with it, which would totally work with a chambray shirt dress. 

10) Wearing a Chambray Shirt With Colored Shorts

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Isn’t this such a perfect summer look? I mean, the majority of these are, truly, but what else would you wear with these salmon/red shorts? White? Black? Maybe a mustard yellow? 

Chambray looks great with all colors. You’ll hear me say that numerous times. I just want to make sure you don’t forget! Since the chambray is solid, you could have a lot of fun wearing shorts that have patterns with it!

I actually wear mine with a blue and white vertical striped pair of old navy shorts just like this and a pair of espadrilles for a super beachy and nautical looking outfit!

11) Wearing a Chambray Shirt With Scalloped White Lace Shorts

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I am always pleasantly surprised with these lace scalloped shorts. How well they work with a plethora of tops just never ceases to amaze me.

The chambray shirt is almost softened by these shorts, if that makes sense. It’s a sweet and feminine look, which would be perfect for daytime socials, wine tasting with girlfriends, or a brunch date!

Of course, you can totally wear a chambray shirt with white denim or even linen shorts. The point is that the shirt pairs perfectly with white shorts!

12) Wearing a Chambray Shirt Over Dresses

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This dress actually has a cool story. It’s a recycled bridesmaid dress where she covered the top of it with a chambray shirt that is just knotted in the front. 

Isn’t it cute? If you look up chambray shirts with skirts you’ll see these gorgeous tulle skirts with a chambray knotted just at waist. These are really popular in bridal parties pictures! 

Of course, you don’t need to tie the shirt. You could let it hang loose as if you were to put on a cardigan, or you could tie it around the waist!

Additionally, these look great over bodycon and bandage dresses. Something fitted to show off curves would be cute!

13) Wearing a Chambray Shirt With Long Dresses

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This cute look is seasonally workable also. She’s wearing a chambray shirt over top of a maxi dress. The addition of the fedora is playful and makes for a great spring or summer styled outfit!

If you dislike the unbuttoned unkempt look here, you could knot the top in the front and button a couple of the buttons. 

During cooler days, a scarf would be a cute accessory to pair with this outfit as well!

14) Wearing a Chambray Shirt With With Mini Skirts

The options are endless when wearing chambray shirts with mini skirts. They look great with denim skirts, vinyl skirts, pencil skirts, skater skirts, printed skirts, white skirts, you name it. 

Because of how great they are together, I struggled to pick just one to show you. I do have a soft spot for edgy leather and vinyl clothing, so this was the winner. 

See how well the chambray looks tucked into her leather skirt? Two very different textiles are being displayed, but just like leather jackets look stellar with denim jeans, a denim shirt looks great with a leather skirt.

Plus, her boots are mega cute. They look like they’re ankle cowboy boots with a velvet pattern on them. Yes, please! 

Imagine how great a chambray would look with a denim skirt like this OOTD skirt!

15) Wearing a Chambray Shirt With Overalls

Steal The Look

I know overalls aren’t for everyone, but they really can be worn fashionably. It isn’t difficult, either. 

So we see a chambray shirt buttoned all the way up beneath her black overalls. The combination of the two isn’t hugely bold, in my opinion, but the addition of her nude heels makes this outfit what it is. 

I probably would give a pair of white sneakers a try, too.

Alright. So, hopefully after getting a good look and having a few extra ideas thrown out there, you’re feeling the same chambray shirt love I am. 

These 15 different ideas of what to wear with a chambray shirt should have covered the bases. But I want to hear your thoughts. Which was your favorite look? How do you wear your chambray shirt? Tell me in the comments below!

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