How to Wear Linen Pants and Rock the Look

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If you aren’t familiar with linen pants, I highly recommend you picking up a pair. They are the most comfortable pair of pants you will ever wear. So comfortable that you could easily sleep in them.

But something that I’ve been asked (and even to myself at some point) is how can pants that pass as pajama pants be fashionably forward? Comfort is usually associated with casual, right?

Usually, yes. But in the case of the linen pant, they’re very easily both dressy wear and casual wear.

Linen pants are flowy and very…minimalistic, if you will. They remind me of the beach, actually. That type of breezy, airy, comfortable, and casual wear. The magic is in the fabric, otherwise they look very similar to culottes and gaucho pants.

I wanted to give you some examples of how you can wear linen pants and rock them.

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How to Wear White Linen Pants

White is such a…pure and clean color. If you’re going to wear white linen pants, I highly recommend that you make sure they don’t drag on the floor at all because they will get dirty!

I wanted to show you a more casual look and a slightly nicer (like work appropriate) look with these white linen pants.

This first outfit would be the more casual of the two, though it’s still super cute. A striped, crop tee and her white pants. 

Notice how nothing here is form fitting. It’s that breezy, comfortable vibe and she dressed it up a bit by adding a fedora. Honestly, she may even be wearing heels with this, but sandals would work just fine.

This second outfit is a little bit more dressed up even though it isn’t anything fancy. 

She either tucked a light wash, chambray shirt into her white linen pants or she’s wearing a button up blouse.

Her rolled sleeves, black crossbody, and white, strappy sandals are all extra elements that make this look more dressy. I could see someone going to a nice brunch in this outfit, spending the day wine tasting, or even wearing it as work attire.

How to Wear Black Linen Pants

This first outfit features a smock waist (the ruffles). She’s knotted a loose white tank and slipped on a pair of black slides to grab a coffee. Is this not incredibly comfortable looking? And it’s cute despite how simple and comfy it looks.

If you wanted to dress it up at all, you could add a hat, a pair of strappy black heels for an evening look, or even a light scarf for some color. This look is perfect as it is, though.

The second outfit has a bit more going on, but it really isn’t anything over the top. It is still incredibly cute!

She’s wearing this beige colored top with a crocheted, yoke pattern on top and it’s so…delicate? It gives this look a feminine touch. Plus, her shoes are super cute with the frill across the top of them.

Because of the top in this second outfit, it would be really cute to add a pair of espadrilles!

How to Wear Gray Linen Pants

I don’t think gray pants get the love they deserve. In linen pant form, though, surely they will. 

This first outfit is really boyfriend inspired, which probably really plays into the comfort aspect of the look. I mean, really. Not much is more comfortable to lounge around in than baggy shirts and sweats. 

She’s wearing an oversized white tee, obviously comfortable, loose fitting, soft linen pants (with rolled bottoms), also obviously comfortable, and a pair of birkenstocks―which if you have never slipped your feet into a pair of those puppies, oh Cinderella, you are missing out! The hat is just a fun accessory.

This second outfit is a bit more feminine because her shirt isn’t swallowing her. This is something that I wish I was wearing while I drank a cup of hot tea and read a book beside a fire. It’s cute because it is so simple. 

All that is happening here is scrunched up sleeves on a loose fitting, long sleeve tee which looks to be tucked in some, gray, linen pants, and white sneakers! Seriously ladies, why wouldn’t you want to wear this?

How to Wear High Waisted Linen Pants

Linen pants come in several colors too, which is awesome because it gives you the opportunity to play with colors and even patterns while still keeping that minimalistic, simple, comfortable look.

So, in this first outfit, you see terracotta colored, linen pants, which by the way is a super seasonally universal color that came back in a big way in 2018. They look great with periwinkle, button-up blouse with big, ruffled sleeves and a pink ribbon detail.

Who knew that terracotta and periwinkle would look good together? But it makes sense, since orange and blue are opposite each other on the color wheel!

She accented her look with gold sandals and looks like she’s ready for being out on the town. Could you imagine cruising the farmers market in this outfit? So cute.

I had to show you some cute, striped, high-waisted linen pants because patterned pants are SO fun!

This outfit shows high-waisted, striped linen pants with a white, spaghetti strap top, tucked in, it may even be a body suit.

She’s wearing nude heels, but honestly I’d probably wear white ones just because it would up the sexy that much more! This would be a great evening outfit to wear out!

Okay so, what do you think about linen pants? This post should have given you some cute ideas of how you can rock a pair of them, and I hope that you do because they are too cute and too comfortable to not give it a try!

Of the topics we covered, wearing white, grey, black, and high-waisted linen pants, which was your favorite? Do you like the more casual look or more dressed up look? Tell me in the comments below!

Best Places to Buy Linen Pants

Our Favorite: Topshop | Luxury Option: Revolve| Budget Option: Boohoo

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