Striped Culotte Pants with Black Shirt Outfit

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I LOVE, love this outfit of the day. Like, really love it. The pants remind me of the beach and the strappy top reminds me of a formal evening gown. Together they are the perfect combination of fun and flirty.

So, let’s start with these pants. These wonderful C&A Striped Culotte pants. Aren’t they great? They’re simple, yet the style says so much. These culotte pants are a play on traditional culotte style because the bottom is cuffed and fitted, which is neat because it draws the eye down and provides an opportunity to wear some cute shoes. 

Speaking of shoes, these nude heels are Vizzano. They have these metal accents across the toe that really make the shoe stand out which makes for a perfect opportunity to pair with matching accessories.

The Chloé bag works perfectly with the shoes, doesn’t it? The blush pink is so subtle it almost makes the nude shoes look as if they’re the same color. But the metal clasp, dangle, and chain on this purse tie in the metal accents on the shoes and it just all works out in perfect harmony.

But in every harmonious pallet outfit, a bold statement is needed. Say hello to this sweet black strappy top. It is from Fashion Nova and just like that staple “little black dress” every woman’s closet needs, this top is one of those same must have pieces. It’s dainty, and flirty, but has so much potential to be casual or even have a blazer thrown over it to be more business appropriate.

Shirt: Fashionnova / Pants: C&A / Shoes: Vizzano  / Bag: Chloé

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