How to Wear a Gucci Belt

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Remember back a few years ago when the only people who wore belts were guys? I mean, we wear pants that are form fitting, so there really isn’t much use for a belt, right?

Wrong. So wrong. Belts help your outfits in ways you probably don’t even realize until you put one onㅡeven if it isn’t for holding up your bottoms.

I’m guilty of having gone through a period of time in my youth where I would even throw away the belts that came with my outfits because I disliked them. I then realized at some point that there was a reason they were there. Anyone else do that?

These Gucci belts have become a staple recently. They instantly transform a bland or plain outfit to something that says, “I pay attention to what I wear,” and add an extra dash of “expensive” to an outfit that may already look or be pricey.

Adding a designer belt to your look is not the same as adding a designer bag or wearing designer shoes. These Gucci belts are on display 100% of the time you wear them, which is something you need to know if and when you wear them.

Even if you don’t tuck your entire shirt in, you need to tuck in just behind the “GG” emblem because that is your bling to tell people you keep up with style and fashion, or that you have expensive taste. 

So for those who may be new at the belt game or may need a little refresher course, I wanted to show you a few different ways to wear a Gucci belt.

Best Places to Buy a Gucci Belt

How to Wear a Brown Gucci Belt

Brown Gucci belts aren’t any more difficult to style than any of the other colors the belt is available in. I think they give a warmer touch to outfits, but that’s just me.

In this first example, I wanted to show you a simple summer look that has been a staple for every woman owning this belt. 

A basic white tee and a pair of denim shorts. I don’t care if you wear a different colored tee, or if your shorts are high-waisted. You can wear this belt with any of them and it completely changes the feel of your outfit. 

Don’t forget that the brown belt creates a perfect opportunity to match your shoes. A pair of brown Birkenstocks, leather mules, or even mildly strappy gladiators work just fine!

This second outfit, I wanted to be sure to show you a fall/winter look with a brown Gucci belt. If anyone has ever told you that brown and black do not go together, they were so wrong. 

She styled her brown Gucci belt to match her brown teddy bear jacket. But aside from that jacket, she’s got a black top and black boots on and there is no clashing of the colors. 

I actually love seeing brown, gucci belts with black, skinny jeans and cream sweaters. It reminds me of something cozy, like coffee.

How to Wear a Gucci Belt with Jeans

Gucci belts will match any pair of denim you put it with, and in any style. Skinny, cropped, boot cut, flared, distressed, blue, black, white, the list goes on.

They look great casually and also dressed up, like in these two examples. 

The first example is a casual look. A brown, Gucci belt with a pair of lightly distressed jeans and a heathered gray t-shirt. It’s cute and casual. She tied in her Louis Vuitton tote bag, slipped on sandals, and walked out the door.

This second example shows a black Gucci belt worn with black jeans, a chunky knit sweater, and a leather jacket. I’d wear black pointed toe heels with this look! 

Note that no matter what, the emblem shows. So even if the top isn’t fully tucked in all the way around, it is tucked in right behind the emblem to display it.

How to Wear a Gucci Belt with a Dress

Belted dresses are not a new thing, in fact a lot of dresses will even come with their own dress. Why use a plain, boring one when you can put a Gucci belt on display?

Something great about wearing belts with dresses is that some dresses may not be form fitting. If it isn’t and you want to enhance your shape, all you do is add a belt around the waist. Easy!

This first outfit is one after my own heart, I love the red and black combination. So, here you see a red dress with a black, Gucci belt around the waist.

The black belt pulls nicely with her black leather jacket draped over her shoulders (oh my gosh, the floral embroidery is adorable here!) and black over the knee boots. So cute.

In the second outfit you see she’s wearing a longer slip dress. I cannot stress enough that you can wear a belt around any length of dress or skirt even. Belting a looser fitting dress helps you to not lose your shape.

Even if the dress isn’t overly loose, adding a belt can help break it up some, add a touch of color, and help the eye distinguish top from bottom.

What do you think of the brown belt paired with the gray dress? These are colors not always seen together, but they look good don’t they. I really like her boots, too.

Check out my Gucci belt with a denim skirt here!

Alright. So hopefully, if you haven’t gotten yourself a Gucci belt yet, you’re inspired to do so. Yes, they’re a bit pricey, but if you want to know a secret, there are some great deals out there if you look hard enough.

It’s the thought that counts, right? Either way, you’ve seen here examples of brown and black gucci belt outfitsㅡcute, casual, and a little more dressyㅡand ways to wear them with jeans, and even how you can wear them with that favorite dress of yours.

I want to hear from you! What is your favorite way to wear your Gucci belt? Do you have a preference of which color? Tell me in the comments below!

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