15 Cute Outfits with Dark Jeans

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During the summer, we don’t see a lot of dark jean outfits. Partially, because it’s too warm to wear jeans (especially dark colors), but also that summer denim is typically lighter denim, bright colors, and acid washes.

Have you ever laid in bed the night before you have plans, trying to plan out what you’re going to wear the next day? I’ll admit, sometimes in my head, I put an outfit together, but when I put it on it doesn’t always feel as perfect as I thought it was going to be.

I remember wanting to wear a pair of these black destroyed jeans with a black band tee I loved to a concert. I had it all figured out the night before, easy, right?

When I put it on the next day I wasn’t as happy with it as I thought I’d be.

It was too dark for my energy level, but I loved these jeans, so I switched my black tee for a white cropped graphic to bring some color variation and contrast into my outfit.

So, I wanted to put a blog post out on my page to give you guys 15 cute outfits with dark jeans for those times when you need a little bit of outfit inspiration!

1) Black High Waisted Skinny Jeans

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These black, high-waisted skinny jeans are awesome because they’re super slimming and help visually elongate the leg. Of course, the heeled boots help, but that’s beside the point.

Golden yellow and mustard are amazing fall colors, which this outfit would be perfect for. She did great bringing the black up with her string wrap choker necklace and purse.

2) Dark Blue Skinny Jeans Fall Outfit

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Dark blue skinny jeans will match with every top you desire to wear. This outfit is cute because it offers some color contrast between the bright white v-neck she’s wearing and the dark jeans and gray cardigan.

I love that her ankle booties match the sweater. It’s a perfect complete outfit.

3) Burgundy Pants Outfit

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Remember I was talking about contrast- isn’t this a great contrasting outfit? Her burgundy pants match her scarf, layered over a cream colored sweater. It’s the classic fall outfit.

You could wear pants like this during the summer too, though, paired with a white tank or tee. I’d probably cuff the ankles to give it a little more of a summer feel to the look!

4) Dark Green Jeans and Kimono Outfit

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I love kimonos, and actually just ordered one for myself. They’re awesome to wear year round, but this one with the lace detail is super amazing!

Green pants don’t get as much love as they should. They’re so fun to wear, and if you’re into military inspired fashion, these are a must have. Of course, this isn’t a military moto outfit, but it’s a great example of wearing green pants with black and brown accents.

5) Black on Black Outfit

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Goodness, can we just stop and take a moment to appreciate this outfit with jeans? It’s similar to the one I was talking about for the concert except these jeans are almost bordering gray.

Hello, high-waist pencil jeans! There is so much going on with the detail in these pants, I can’t get enough! You could wear an outfit like this during warmer months too, so don’t put your dark pants away when the temperature outside warms up!

6) Feelin’ Dark Flare Jeans

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Another amazing pair of jeans to admire- these dark blue high waist flares are fire!  This whole outfit is, really.

A rocking modern taking on 70’s fashion, we’re seeing flare jeans coming back, and they’re too glorious to not wear all year round. Tucked in, a black v-neck tee gives this outfit opportunity to be worn all year long.

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7) Ripped Black Jeans and Camel Jacket Outfit

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I know I showed a black and yellow hued outfit already, but this outfit is too cute to not show- plus I really love punk inspired boots like these. I wear my Dr. Marteens all the time.

Check out my Camel Coat outfit, where I’m wearing Dr. Marteens with my jeans.

8) Dark Jeans and White Bodysuit

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Something that I do love about darker colored jeans, is that they work great for outings that are… dressier.

This outfit, for example, is an awesome dinner date look! She’s wearing this white chiffon bodysuit with a pair of nice dark blue skinny jeans, a cute basket purse, and some slide sandals.

Can you picture how amazing this would look with a pair of heels and a clutch though?

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9) Gingham Top and Black Jeans

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Gingham isn’t for everyone, I know. But this is a really stellar way to wear it without looking like you’re wearing a picnic blanket!

For starters, this off the shoulder feature is so feminine and adorable for a spring or summer outfit, but the added ruffle? Ladies, yes. It’s so cute.

The black ripped jeans look great, especially because it pulls the black from the top, and her white pumps really lock in that edgy femme feel.

10) Eggplant Jeans with Tee

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Eggplant, like the burgundy jeans shown above, is typically a fall color. It’s a beautiful color and would be a shame to only wear it for one part of the year, so this is a great way to style those during the warmer months without being too warm.

The white tee isn’t anything special, but her leopard print flats are super cute. I do wish they were heels, because that’s even more fun.

I picture wearing a black and white striped shirt with these pants, paired with a set of black point toe heels. Truly, you could wear dark green or even a yellow top with these.

11) Fab in Flared Jeans

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I’ll admit, I’m crushing hard on flare jeans right now.

These dark blue flares look great with her yellow shirt, and would look amazing with any color, truly. Paired with some peep toe heels, this look is ready for a day out with the girls! Wine tasting anyone?

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12) Dark Jeans and a Trench Coat

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This look reminds me a lot of my Oversized Coat outfit. I love the color coordination here, it’s a “WOW” winter outfit, for sure.

It sort of looks like the bottoms of a pair of dark blue high waisted bootcut or flared jeans got chopped and shredded some. Whatever happened, they show off these stellar Celine sock boots which match perfectly with her sweater and coat!

13) Mens Coat, Red Boots, Black Jeans

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I’m a fan of wearing oversized blazers or men’s coats. This is a fun way to add a pop of color to your grandpa’s old jacket.

These red ankle boots are so fun, and really make a statement in this outfit, as if it even needed it with how bold the jacket is. Her black, straight leg jeans solidify this look.

14) Dark Blues and Converse

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I know I was just talking about blazers, but look how cute this navy blazer is! I love that it is almost the same color as her dark blue jeans, and almost looks like it belongs with a school uniform.

The addition of converse really changes things up with this look, because starting from the top it’s pretty clean cut. Having a pair of unruly loose laced chucks is fun!

15) Monochromatic in all Black

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This is a sleek look, dressed in black. Her brand name items definitely show, but yet it looks like an incredibly modest and casually comfortable outfit.

I wanted to share this one because it’s solid black the whole way. Ladies, don’t be scared to wear all the same color at once!

So after checking some of these looks out, what do you think of dark pants? Do you wear yours all year? It’s difficult to pick only 15 examples to show you, because dark jeans are super wardrobe compatible and versatile.  

Hopefully after reading this post, you’re ready to break out those dark jeans you have and take them out on a stroll! Which is your favorite color dark jean? Tell me in the comments below!

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