Best Picks: What Color Shoes to Wear with a Purple Dress

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Picture this: you've found the perfect purple dress. It fits like a glove, highlighting your best features, and the shade complements your skin tone beautifully. But there's one hiccup—you're unsure about the right shoe color to pair with your gorgeous gown.

We've all been there. Selecting the right color footwear can make or break an outfit, and with a purple dress, the stakes are high. The good news? You've come to the right place.

In this article, we'll explore the best color shoes to wear with your purple dress, ensuring you step out looking and feeling your absolute best. After all, fashion is not just about clothes; it's about creating a harmonious ensemble that reflects your unique style.

1. Shimmering Purple Dress Paired with Strappy Heels

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Dive into the world of nighttime elegance with this eye-catching shimmering purple dress. It boasts a subtle sparkle, making it ideal for evening events or a night out on the town. What truly completes this look, though, are those delicate strappy white heels.

The simplicity of the heels balances the dress's dazzle, creating a harmonious balance. Not too overpowering, but just the right touch of chic. Ideal for cocktail parties, formal dinners, or a dance night, this fashion choice whispers confidence and style with every step. Get this sassy heels at Lulus.

2. Chic Purple Dress with Bold Knee-High Boots

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Stepping into fall fashion, we have this snug-fitting, plum-toned dress. Its long sleeves and soft texture suggest cozy afternoons, while the flare at the waist adds a hint of playfulness. Now, let's talk shoes! Those black knee-high boots aren't just for warmth; they're a statement.

The combination? Pure magic. This look is perfect for a casual day out, perhaps a stroll in the city or brunch with friends. With a dress this versatile and boots this bold, it's a pairing that screams style without trying too hard. Buy these comfortable boots at Lulus.

3. Elegant Flowing Purple Gown with Shimmering Heels

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This dress is all about grace and movement. Its deep purple hue exudes a rich sophistication, with the asymmetrical hem allowing for a captivating flow. The one-shoulder design gives a modern twist to a classic look. But it's the shoes that steal the show!

Those crystal-clear strappy heels sparkle subtly, complementing the dress without overshadowing it. The see-through design makes them a universal match, but with this dress? Absolute perfection. With every step, it's a dance between elegance and shimmer. Grab yours at Lulus.

4. Twirl-Ready Purple Dress with Chic Nude Heels

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This dress screams fun and flirty! The rich purple shade feels both elegant and playful, with the skirt just begging for a spin. A crisscross neckline offers a modern and youthful touch. Down below, the nude ankle-strap heels are the unsung heroes.

Their neutral color balances the vibrant dress, and their simplicity ensures all eyes stay on that twirl-worthy skirt. The heels add height without drama, making them the perfect sidekick. Whether you're headed to a daytime party, a semi-formal event, or a date night, this combo promises both comfort and compliments. Buy yours at Lulus.

5. Lavish Purple Lace Dress with Sleek Silver Heels

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Dive into elegance with this captivating purple lace dress! The intricate floral pattern pops, creating a look that's both sophisticated and lively. Now, those shoes! The silver ankle-strap heels perfectly complement the dress, adding sparkle without overshadowing.

Their metallic shine matches the dress's regal feel. This combo is ideal for special events, like weddings or formal dinners. With this outfit, you're not just attending; you're making a statement. When you enter a room, expect admiring glances – it's fashion done right! Grab yours at Lulus.

6. Gleaming Purple Ruffle Dress with Dainty Black Heels

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Step into the spotlight with this shimmering purple dress. Its layered ruffles give it movement and flair, while the deep V-neck adds a hint of drama.

Those sleek black heels? They're the cherry on top! With delicate ankle straps, they bring balance by grounding the bold dress. Together, the dress and shoes scream cocktail party or a fancy night out. Dance the night away, and let every step in those heels show off your fashion-forward choice. Time to shine! Buy this heels at Asos.

7. Dazzling Purple: Dance Floor Ready!

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This sparkly purple dress is all about shining bright! It's got a cool V-neck and a funky asymmetrical cut. Now, let's dive into those shoes. They're clear heels, and that's clever! Why? They let the dress be the star. Plus, they add height without taking away from the dress's sparkle.

This style is totally "party fashion." Think birthday bashes, New Year's Eve, or even a glitzy girls' night out. If you're wearing this, you're not just in the party - you are the party! Buy one now at Asos.

8. Purple Majesty: Shine with Every Step!

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Step into the spotlight with this glitzy purple dress. Designed with intricate patterns, its shimmer grabs attention while the fit flaunts your silhouette. Now, about those shoes: sleek black heels with ankle straps. Genius! They balance the dress's dazzle, giving a grounded yet classy look.

This is pure "glam fashion." Perfect for fancy dinners, cocktail events, or any time you want to be the showstopper. Rock this outfit, and let the world know you're here to shine! Buy now at Lulus.

9. Dazzling Purple: Every Step Radiates Glamour!

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Rock this vibrant, purple dress! The sequined design makes you sparkle, while the figure-hugging fit celebrates your shape. Onto the shoes: matching purple heels with elegant straps, adding that extra flair. They perfectly echo the dress's shine, creating a harmonious look.

This is your ticket to "glam night out" fashion. Best worn at parties, special occasions, or when you're feeling extra fabulous. Shine on! Get yours at Asos.

10. Sleek Elegance: Off-Shoulder Magic in Plum

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Don this plum off-shoulder dress with its flirty, A-line cut, perfect for twirling! The neckline boasts a unique V-detail, adding a touch of intrigue. Now, those shoes: simple silver heels that don't steal the show but amplify the dress's charm.

Their minimalist design balances the boldness of the dress. This outfit screams "cocktail event" fashion. It's ideal for evening parties, dates, or any time you aim for effortlessly chic. Dance the night away! Buy these elegant heels at Asos.

11. Dazzling Purple: One-Shoulder Sequined Delight

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Step out in this eye-catching, purple sequined dress. The one-shoulder design adds a trendy, asymmetrical twist. But what about those shoes? The sleek black ankle-strap heels play it cool, letting the dress shine. Their simplicity contrasts the dress's sparkle, creating a harmonious look.

This outfit is all about "glam night out" fashion. Whether it's a dance party, a fancy dinner, or a special date, this combo ensures you'll shine bright. Ready to turn some heads? Experience these sassy heels at Lulus.

12. Bold Plum: Sweater Dress Meets Chic Boots

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This plum-colored sweater dress is all about confidence! It's form-fitting, with a stylish slit that adds a touch of sass. Now, let's talk shoes. Those cream ankle boots? They break the color monotony and add a fresh pop, complementing the deep hue of the dress. Plus, they offer a modern twist to a classic winter look. 

This outfit screams "sophisticated cozy." Whether you're heading to a casual office day or a brunch with friends, this combo ensures you're comfy yet fashion-forward. Ready to make a statement? Hurry! Grab yours now at Lulus.

13. Ravishing Ruffles: Purple Dress and Lace-Up Heels

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Dive into this deep purple wrap dress, showcasing playful ruffles that dance around the edges. Now, let's step into those shoes! The strappy lace-up heels are the perfect match.  

Their minimalist style ensures the dress remains the star. Thinking about a special date night or maybe a classy evening with friends? This outfit fits right in! Comfort meets style, ensuring you're the talk of the evening. Ready to swirl and twirl? Buy yours at Lulus.

14. Glimmering Glam: Silky Cut-Out Dress with Silver Heels

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Turn heads in this radiant plum-colored dress. The fabric shines with a silky glow, and that front twist? It adds a sassy cut-out, showing a hint of skin. Down to the feet, we've got shimmering silver heels. Simple but sparkly, they perfectly mirror the dress's glossy vibe.

These heels don't just look good; they balance the outfit's elegance. Picture yourself at a fancy dinner or a chic rooftop party. This look is all about confidence with a dash of glitz. Stand tall and dazzle the night away! Grab yours now at Asos.

15. Flowy Plum Dress Meets Chic Nude Heels

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Slide into this airy plum dress for effortless style. With its cinched waist and textured fabric, it floats around you like a dream. Now, peek at those shoes! Nude heels are a fashion secret weapon. They elongate the legs and match with almost anything, especially this dress. Together, they create a balanced look that screams sophistication without trying too hard.

Think garden parties, brunch dates, or evening events by the beach. When you want a touch of grace but still feel breezy, this is your go-to. Stride with confidence and let every step shine! Grab these breathtaking heels at Asos.

16.  Dazzling Purple Dress with Sleek Silver Heels

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This vibrant purple dress is a showstopper with its flowing layers and eye-catching pleats. The asymmetrical hemline adds a playful twist, perfect for twirling. But wait, those shoes! Sleek silver heels give an extra pop of sparkle.

Their simplicity complements the dress without stealing the show, and that shiny touch ties everything together. When the occasion calls for something special but fun, make this your pick. Slide in, stand out, and dance the night away! Buy yours now at Asos.

17. Purple Satin Dress Paired with Chic Black Heels

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This shimmering purple satin dress is all about making a statement. With its sleek cut and side slit, it's both elegant and daring. Those black heels with ankle straps? Perfection! They balance the dress's shine with a classic touch, while their pointed toes elongate the legs.

The heels' subtle patent details match the dress's luster. This fashion screams upscale evening events, like fancy dinner dates or posh parties. If turning heads is on your list, this is the go-to choice. Wear it, own it, and shine! Buy these elegant heels at Lulus.

18. Gleaming Purple Mini Dress with Silver Strappy Heels

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Dazzle in this radiant purple mini dress! It's got a silky finish, hugging the body just right. But let's talk shoes: the silver strappy heels? Spot on! They add a sprinkle of sparkle without stealing the show. Their delicate straps give a graceful feel, letting those legs shine.

This getup is ideal for a night out dancing or a friend's fancy birthday bash. Want to feel glamorous and confident? This dress and heels combo is your ticket! Get ready to glow and grab these stunning heels at Lulus.

19. Flowing Floral Maxi Dress with Silver Sandals

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This dress is a stunner! Vibrant purple with blooming roses dances over the fabric, creating a dreamy look. Now, the shoes: sleek silver sandals with a modest heel. They keep it classy, but also laid-back. Those shiny straps mirror the dress's colors and add just the right touch.

Wear this outfit to summer weddings, garden parties, or romantic dinner dates. With this dress and sandals combo, you're sure to feel both elegant and breezy, no matter the occasion! Perfect for making memories. Get yours at Asos.

20. Sleek Purple Dress Paired with Edgy Black Boots

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Dive into this vibrant purple dress: snug, ribbed, and stretching to the ankles. A real head-turner. Now, check out those shoes. Glossy black mid-calf boots, giving a punch of bold contrast. Together, they create a mix of elegance and edge.

Perfect for fall gatherings, casual work days, or stepping out on a cool evening. With this dress and those boots, you're poised to make a stylish statement. Trendy and utterly captivating! Grab these classy boots at Lulus.

21. Elegant Floral Maxi with Delicate Strappy Heels

Steal The Look

Draped in a sea of purple and gold florals, this maxi dress boasts a daring side slit and graceful long sleeves. The deep V-neck complements the flowy silhouette, adding a touch of allure. Now, look down. Those slender strappy heels? A perfect match.

Their minimalist design lets the dress shine, while elevating the entire look. Think upscale evening events, romantic dinner dates, or art gallery openings. With this dress and those heels, you're the picture of sophisticated grace. Ready to turn heads and steal the scene! Buy these lovely heels at Lulus.

22. Floral Dress Meets Sleek Leather Boots

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This outfit features a striking floral-patterned dress in a deep plum hue. The dress showcases a flattering V-neck and flowy long sleeves, exuding a bohemian vibe. Enhancing the ensemble's elegance are the knee-high, tan leather boots.

Their streamlined design contrasts beautifully with the dress's romantic flow, grounding the outfit with a touch of sophistication. This combination is perfect for semi-formal events, like dinner dates or daytime parties. Wear it when you aim to impress without going overboard. Grab yours now at Lulus.

23. Starry Night in a Glittery Dress

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Dive into a galaxy-themed outfit with this dazzling, glitter-filled mini dress. Its deep blue base sprinkled with sparkles mimics a night sky, ready to light up any event. These shoes, with their minimalistic design, allow the dress to remain the star.

This fashion screams party mode! Ideal for a night out, a celebration, or any event where making a statement is key. Slip into this, and you're set to shine brighter than a constellation. Dance the night away, shimmering at every turn! Grab these elegant heels at Lulus.

Summary and Top Picks

The article delves into an array of fashionable choices for those pondering what shoes to pair with a purple dress, offering a spectrum of styles suitable for different events. It's a visual feast of chic, elegance, and glamour, tailored for the contemporary woman.

  • #2 Bold in Boots: Casual Sophistication: This outfit effortlessly marries casual with sophistication. The knee-high boots add a bold statement, making it perfect for a stylish day out.
  • #8 Purple Majesty: Shine with Every Step!: The shimmer of the dress coupled with sleek black heels is a show-stopper, embodying glam fashion for fancy dinners or cocktail events.
  • #15 Flowy Plum Dress Meets Chic Nude Heels: The airy plum dress paired with nude heels screams sophistication while ensuring comfort, ideal for garden parties or brunch dates.

Which outfit resonated with you the most and why? Do you have a personal favorite or a different shoe choice in mind for a purple dress? Share your thoughts and let's continue this fashionable discussion in the comments below!

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