21 Ideas: What Color Shoes to Wear With a Black Dress

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Dressing in a classic black dress signifies elegance, but pairing it with the perfect color shoes can elevate your look to iconic. The right choice can articulate your style, occasion readiness and even mood. This article unfolds a colorful array of shoe options to impeccably complement your black dress.

Whether you're stepping into a casual brunch or a sophisticated evening gala, the harmony between your black dress and the shoes you grace can speak volumes before you even utter a word. Unveiling this synergy, we will guide you through various shoe colors that not only resonate with your attire but add a splash of persona to your ensemble.

Your journey from the classic to the unconventional starts here, ensuring each stride you take is a statement of style.

1. Shimmering Black Dress with Elegant Strappy Heels

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This dazzling black dress is the epitome of evening chic. It's adorned with sparkling sequins that catch the light with every move. Complementing the dress, the strappy black heels add a touch of sophistication.

The minimalist design of the shoes doesn't compete with the dress but rather elevates its glamour. This is pure evening fashion, ideal for parties or upscale dinner events. When you want to make a memorable entrance, this outfit is your go-to choice. Grab yours now at Lulus.

2. Sleek Navy Sparkle Dress with Striking Heels

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This body-hugging navy dress shines bright, studded with subtle glitter throughout. Its long sleeves give an elegant contrast to the short length. Paired perfectly are the simple yet bold black ankle-strap heels. These shoes don't overshadow the dress, but their thin straps and open toes flatteringly accentuate the feet.

This outfit screams nighttime allure, making it perfect for cocktails, dance parties, or any festive event. Slip into this, and you're instantly party-ready, turning heads as you glide by! 

Buy now at Lulus.

3. Chic Black Sweater Dress with Bold Snake Boots

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This cozy black sweater dress is both comfortable and stylish, hitting just above the knees. It features a modern high-neck design and a relaxed fit, making it a versatile piece. Stealing the show are the knee-high snake print boots. These boots add a wild touch, elevating the simple dress into a statement outfit.

The contrasting patterns provide a fashionable edge without being too overpowering. Perfect for a chilly evening out, this look is ideal for dinners, casual parties, or a movie night. Strut with confidence and let those boots do the talking! Grab yours now at Lulus.

4. Elegant One-Shoulder Gown with Sultry Slit

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This black one-shoulder gown is the definition of sleek elegance. It hugs the body gracefully and features a high slit, adding a hint of allure. Paired perfectly are the delicate strappy black heels. Their simplicity complements the dress, allowing the slit to shine while adding height and poise.

This outfit is the epitome of classic evening wear, ideal for formal events, galas, or a sophisticated date night. Wear this, and you're sure to turn heads with every graceful step. Ready to dazzle? This gown's got you covered! Experience this sassy heels at Lulus.

5. Cozy Knit Dress Paired with Sleek Black Boots

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Rocking a comfy, yet stylish vibe, this charcoal knit dress is a cool-weather winner. It's fitted at the top with a relaxed skirt, giving a casual-chic feel. The tall black suede boots are the stars beneath. They extend almost to the knee, drawing the eyes downward and elongating the legs.

These boots don't just add warmth; they bring a dose of drama and contrast to the soft texture of the dress. Perfect for a chilly day out shopping or a relaxed evening with friends, this outfit combines comfort with a touch of sass. Step out and enjoy the compliments! Grab yours now at Lulus.

6. Sleek Black Dress with Striking Lace Accents

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This figure-hugging black dress screams confidence! What sets it apart? The long lace sleeves add a touch of elegance and intrigue. Now, let's talk shoes. Those black strappy heels are the cherry on top. Their design complements the dress's simplicity, adding a dash of edginess without overshadowing. The delicate ankle straps match the delicate lace, creating harmony.

This outfit is high-fashion, ideal for a swanky dinner or a night on the town. When you wear this, expect heads to turn and the spotlight to be on you. Ready to dazzle? This outfit's your ticket! Grab this sexy heels at Asos.

7. Elegant Lace Dress with Peek-a-Boo Details

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Stepping out in this black lace dress? You're making a statement! Intricate lace patterns cover it from top to bottom, but it's the peek-a-boo waist that adds a sassy twist. The shoes? Perfect choice! Black strappy heels with delicate ankle wraps that echo the dress's playful vibe. They're simple yet stylish, balancing the dress's detailed design. This outfit is classic evening wear, great for fancy dinners or special date nights. If you're looking to leave a lasting impression, this dress and those heels are your go-to. Shine on, fashionista! Buy now at Asos.

8. Chic Black Midi Dress with Sleek Leather Boots

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Check out this snazzy black midi dress! Its ribbed design, flowing skirt, and deep V-neck are the height of fashion. Now, let's chat about those boots. Tall, shiny leather boots that rise just below the knee, making a powerful statement. They complement the dress's elegance, adding an edge that screams confidence.

This style is modern, perfect for city strolls or evening gatherings with friends. Want to stand out and feel comfy? This dress and those boots are all you need. Go on, rock that look! Grab yours at Lulus.

9. Stunning Black Tulle Dress with Silver Strappy Heels

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Look at this showstopper! The dress is all about drama with its layered black tulle, giving it a whimsical touch. It's cinched at the waist, highlighting a sleek silhouette up top. Now, for the shoes: elegant silver heels with delicate straps.

They add a dash of shine and make the outfit pop. Not too high, they're just right for dancing the night away. This outfit is red-carpet ready and screams glam. Perfect for fancy parties or a special date night. Shine on and turn those heads! Don't miss yours at Lulus.

10. Sleek Black Sequin Mini with Strappy Heels

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Check this out! A dazzling black sequin mini dress that glitters with every move. It's body-hugging and will have you shining like a star. Now, those shoes! Black strappy heels that wrap around the ankle, adding a chic edge to the look.

They're the perfect pair to this dress because they're stylish without stealing the show. This fashion? It's all about making an entrance. Ideal for a night out on the town, a dance club, or any event where you want to be the center of attention. Rock it and own the night! Grab these elegant heels at Lulus.

11. Chic Black Dress with Business Flair and Heels

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Here we have a stylish black dress, tailored to perfection. Short sleeves, knee-length, and neat pinched details at the waist make it a stunner. But those shoes! Sleek black heels with thin straps, giving the outfit a dash of elegance. The shoes complement the dress, creating a continuous flow from head to toe.

This fashion speaks volumes in the corporate world, or any event that requires a touch of class. It's the ideal outfit for business meetings, dinners, or when you want to impress with a professional yet fashionable look. Confidence in every step! Buy yours now at Asos.

12. Sleek Black Dress Meets Bold Knee-High Boots

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Rocking a cozy black turtleneck dress that hugs just right, ending a bit above the knees. But wait, those boots steal the show! Shiny, black, knee-highs with a solid heel. They elongate the legs and add some edge to the softness of the dress. Together? Pure harmony. This outfit is winter chic, making it perfect for colder days when you want to feel warm but look cool.

Wear it to casual outings, dinner dates, or even a fun night out with friends. Warm, stylish, and ready for anything! Buy yours now at Lulus.

13. Shimmering Black Dress with Showstopper Heels

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Stepping out in a dazzling black dress with a unique shiny pattern that swirls around, making it sparkle from every angle. Now, those shoes! Elegant black strappy heels, simple yet stylish. Their minimal design doesn't compete with the dress but complements its glitz. A pair that adds just enough height, making every stride confident. This is classic evening wear. Ideal for those fancy dinners, parties, or a romantic night out. With this dress and heels, you'll light up the room! Buy yours now at Asos.

14. Chic Black Dress Meets Bold Snake Boots

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Rocking a sleek black turtleneck dress, this look screams sophistication. The dress hugs the body just right and ends with a cheeky slit. Now, let's talk boots! The snake-patterned ankle boots add an unexpected twist. Their bold print brings life to the simplicity of the dress, making it a match made in fashion heaven.

This outfit is a blend of classy meets edgy, perfect for those wanting to make a statement at a dinner, a city outing, or an art show. With these boots, you'll be remembered! Buy these boots at Lulus.

15. Sleek Dress with Eye-Catching Thigh Slit

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This black dress is all about elegance with a twist. Its simple spaghetti straps and form-fitting design highlight the wearer's shape. But what steals the show? That daring thigh slit! It adds just the right amount of flair.

Paired with those shiny ankle-strap heels, the legs get all the attention they deserve. These shoes add a touch of glam without overpowering. Great for a fancy dinner or a night out dancing, this look is a blend of classy and fun. Step out and turn heads! Get this sexy heels at Asos.

16.  Daring Two-Piece with Intricate Patterns

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Rocking a bold two-piece, this outfit screams confidence. The top's strapless design pairs with a high-waist skirt that's decked out in detailed patterns. Both pieces show off just enough skin to keep things exciting. Down below, simple black heels complete the look.

Their minimal style doesn't compete with the outfit's complexity. Instead, they elongate the legs and add to the overall allure. This getup? Perfect for a posh party or a glitzy event where making a statement is key. Wear it and wow everyone! Grab yours now at Asos.

17. Sleek Black Gown with High-Low Drama

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This dress is all about elegance with an edge. The sleek black material hugs the body, leading to a unique high-low hem that creates waves of drama as you walk. The asymmetry offers a playful peek at the legs, highlighting the classic black heels below.

These shoes, with their ankle strap and pointed toes, are a perfect match. They give height, add sophistication, and let the dress do the talking. This outfit is tailor-made for fancy dinners, gala events, or anywhere you aim to turn heads with grace. Step out and shine! Buy these elegant heels at Asos.

18. Black Mini with Daring Sheer Detailing

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This dress is a showstopper! Made of black material, it's accented with bold sheer panels, making it daring yet sophisticated. The long sleeves contrast with the mini length, striking a balance between sultry and classy. Now, those shoes! Sleek black heels with ankle straps elevate the look, matching the dress's edgy vibe.

They elongate the legs and add a dash of elegance. Perfect for a night out, a cocktail party, or any event where making a statement is on the menu. Slide into those heels, rock this dress, and let the fun begin! Buy now at Asos.

19. Sleek Black Dress with Flirty Flounce

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Here's a classic with a twist! A sleek black dress, it stands out with its playful flounce at the hem. The halter neckline gives it a modern touch, making it both elegant and youthful. Let's talk shoes! The strappy black heels complement the dress perfectly.

They're simple, yet bold, and they give the outfit a polished finish. The ankle straps add a touch of sass, making legs look miles long. This outfit's perfect for a dinner date, a party, or any event where you want to look chic without trying too hard. Put it on, and you're good to go! Grab yours now at Asos.

20. Dramatic Black Gown with Daring Slit

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This isn't just any black dress. It's a statement-maker! Featuring puffy sleeves and a square neckline, it's got the vintage vibes nailed. But wait, there's that daring thigh-high slit adding some modern sizzle. Now, the shoes? A dream match! The pointed-toe heels with studded details are edgy and cool. They peek out from the dress's slit, adding sparkle and flair.

These heels are the cherry on top for the gown. Whether it's an upscale party or a red-carpet event, this outfit's designed to make heads turn and cameras flash. Shine on! Buy these stunning heels at Asos.

21. Sultry Off-Shoulder Little Black Dress

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Hello, party-goer's dream outfit! This off-shoulder mini dress is snug, highlighting every curve. The ruched texture and playful bare shoulders give it a youthful touch. The shoes? Absolute perfection. The strappy black heels, minimal yet stylish, elongate the legs without stealing the dress's spotlight. They're the quiet backup singers to the lead vocal dress.

Heading to a fun party, clubbing, or date night? This is the look to rock. Dancing and turning heads? Totally on the agenda! Don't miss these sexy heels at Asos.

Summary and Top Picks

This article has navigated through the stylish journey of matching various shoe colors with a black dress, offering diverse looks for different occasions.

  • #1 Shimmering Black Dress with Elegant Strappy Heels: Perfect for a glamorous night out, the strappy heels add a sophisticated touch to the shimmering black dress, making it a go-to choice for memorable entrances.
  • #4 Elegant One-Shoulder Gown with Sultry Slit: Embodying sleek elegance, this outfit is a classic choice for formal events or sophisticated date nights, with the strappy black heels complementing the sultry slit gracefully.
  • #6 Sleek Black Dress with Striking Lace Accents: The lace accents introduce a touch of elegance and intrigue, making this outfit ideal for a swanky dinner or a night on the town, with the strappy heels adding a dash of edginess.

Which outfit caught your eye the most, and why? Does the shoe color significantly impact your choice of outfit? Share your thoughts and let's continue this fashionable discussion in the comments below!

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