Elevate Your Look: What Color Shoes to Wear With a Navy Dress

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Ah, the navy dress—a timeless piece that graces almost every woman's wardrobe. But as you stand in front of the mirror, the recurring question emerges: "Which shoes do I pair with this?"

We've all been there: The classic navy ensemble hanging elegantly, waiting for the perfect footmate. This article dives straight into that very question, unearthing the nuances of shoe color choices that complement a navy dress to perfection.

Whether you're heading to a brunch or an evening soirée, let's decode the ideal footwear to elevate your navy number. Ready to step out in style?

1. Navy Floral Dress Meets Elegant Black Heels

Steal The Look

Dressed in a mesmerizing navy hue, this dress flaunts delicate blue floral patterns, creating a captivating visual. Its tiered design gives it a playful flow, perfect for a twirl. At its base, the sleek black strappy heels are the unsung heroes. Their simplicity doesn't compete but complements, letting the dress shine. These heels are versatile, stylish, and timeless. This outfit spells contemporary chic. Ideal for occasions like a friend's wedding reception, a classy dinner date, or an art gallery opening, it’s a look that says, "I'm here, and I've got flair."  Buy these shoes at Lulus.

2. Navy Wrap Dress and Dazzling Silver Heels

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This navy dress radiates elegance with its sheer, star-patterned fabric, gracefully flowing around the wearer. Accentuating the waist, the dress features a flattering cinch that seamlessly transitions to its high slit, showcasing the legs.

The dazzling silver heels steal the spotlight – their mirror-like shine perfectly complements the dress's deep hue. This high-fashion piece is tailored for evening occasions, like upscale dinners or gala events. A dress to turn heads, especially when paired with those eye-catching heels. Grab yours now at Lulus.

3. Elegant Navy Dress with Striking Strappy Heels

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This navy gown boasts a deep V-neckline, perfectly cinched waist, and a daring thigh-high slit. It's a look that speaks volumes in its simplicity. What's eye-catching is the choice of footwear: white strappy heels. These heels not only provide a delightful contrast to the deep hue of the dress but also accentuate the wearer's legs, making them appear longer.

Such a look is quintessential cocktail party attire or ideal for a sophisticated evening event. It combines modern chic with timeless elegance. If you're aiming to turn heads while keeping it classy, this outfit hits the mark flawlessly. Buy these stunning heels at Lulus.

4. Off-Shoulder Navy Gown with Sleek Nude Heels

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This navy dress draws immediate attention with its trendy off-shoulder design and flowing silhouette. The slight train adds drama, giving it a regal touch. Matching this elegance, the nude heels are a masterstroke. Their understated color doesn't compete with the dress but complements it, letting the navy shine. The open-toed design adds a dash of fun and flair.

This outfit is a top choice for formal gatherings, from weddings to red-carpet events. It offers the wearer an air of confidence and grace, making her the star of any room she steps into. Dress to impress? You've got it right here. Grab these heels at Lulus.

5. Sparkling Navy Mini with Silver Stiletto Sandals

Steal The Look

This is a showstopper! The navy mini dress glistens with every move, thanks to its sequin finish. With a relaxed V-neck and fluttery sleeves, it strikes a balance between fun and sophisticated. Now, let's talk shoes. The silver stiletto sandals are like the cherry on top.

Their shiny finish matches the dress's sparkle, and the delicate straps add a touch of elegance without stealing the spotlight. This outfit screams party time, making it perfect for a night out, a New Year's Eve bash, or any event where you're aiming to dazzle and shine. Ready to dance the night away? This look has got you covered. Grab yours at Lulus.

6. Sleek Navy Dress with Elegant Nude Heels

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This navy dress is a stunner, capturing a modern, youthful vibe with its sleeveless halter design and playful flare at the waist. Accentuated by delicate lace detailing, it brings forth a touch of sophistication. But let's dive into those shoes! The nude strappy heels are a masterstroke.

Their neutral shade balances the richness of the navy, elongating the legs and adding a dash of elegance. This look screams contemporary chic, ideal for a cocktail party, summer soiree, or even a classy date night. The beauty lies in its simplicity, where every piece makes a statement, yet nothing overshadows the other. Buy these heels at Lulus.

7. Chic Navy Dress Paired with Classy Clear Heels

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This navy dress is all about charm and grace. Featuring a lace top that cinches at the waist and flows into a breezy skirt, it effortlessly combines style with comfort. Let's zone in on those shoes. The clear heels with subtle gold accents are pure genius. They're not just trendy but also amplify the dress by giving an almost invisible lift to the feet. It's like they're saying, "Let the dress shine, but we're here too!" Perfect for occasions like graduation parties, weddings, or any event where you want a mix of elegance and modern flair. Every piece speaks confidence and style, making you the showstopper of the day! Grab these stunning metallic heels at Lulus.

8. Dazzling Sequin Dress with Transparent Stiletto Heels

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This sequin dress is the ultimate show-stopper. Glittering with every move, it perfectly hugs the figure, promising a night where all eyes are on you. Now, to those shoes. The clear stiletto heels are not just trendy; they’re strategic.

They let the dress be the main event, without stealing its thunder. These heels complement by giving height and grace without adding more shine. This look is tailor-made for a glitzy night out, perhaps a clubbing adventure or a fancy dinner party. If you're aiming to leave an impression, with confidence, you'll not just attend the party; you'll become the party! Buy these elegant clear stiletto heels at Lulus.

9. Flowing Blue Dress with Strappy Sleek Heels

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This dress is all about easy-breezy elegance. The deep blue hue, combined with its flowy material, makes you think of ocean waves on a perfect summer day. Shifting our gaze downwards, the strappy black heels add just the right touch.

They're sleek, grounding the free spirit of the dress with a touch of sophistication. These shoes promise stability and style in one neat package. Rock this outfit at a beach wedding, a summer soirée, or a sunset dinner. You're set to look effortlessly chic, feeling as free as the wind. Buy these strappy heels at Lulus.

10. Navy Twist: Playful Dress Meets Clear Heels

Steal The Look

Dive into this navy blue dress with a fun twist! Its simple lines, flattering waistband, and playful tie straps give off a youthful charm.

Now, let's step into those shoes. Clear heels are a modern favorite! They're like magic - pairing with any color, including our deep blue. Just add a smile, and you're ready to turn heads!

Hurry! Grab yours at DSW.

11. Sleek Navy Dress with Chic Black Slides

Steal The Look

This outfit features a navy blue dress with a unique tie-front design, revealing a subtle plunge at the neckline. The short, flowy fit gives it a casual yet sophisticated edge. Now, let's talk shoes. The black slides, simple and minimalist, create a harmonious contrast with the navy, grounding the outfit and adding an effortless elegance.

This style can be classified as modern urban chic. Perfect for a relaxed brunch, an evening out with friends, or a summer date night, this combination proves that sometimes, less truly is more when aiming for a stylish yet uncomplicated look. Grab yours at Lulus

12. Sultry Navy Mini with Strappy Black Heels

Steal The Look

Dive into this sizzling navy mini dress! Its sleek silhouette, complemented by a plunging V-neck, screams sophistication. The length is just right to flaunt those legs. Now, let's shift our gaze downwards. The strappy black heels? Pure genius.

Their design plays up the dress's sultry vibe, while the black-on-navy color scheme brings a touch of mystery. This outfit speaks the language of trendy cocktail attire. It's a go-to for a swanky rooftop party, a night of dancing, or that hot date you've been looking forward to. With this look, you're not just in the room; you own it! Grab yours at Lulus.

13. Chic Navy Wrap Dress with Gleaming Gold Heels

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Slide into this stylish navy wrap dress. With its form-hugging design, the dress beautifully accentuates the waist, and that side slit? Perfect for a subtle, yet playful peek of the leg. Now, down to those shoes. The gold strappy heels are a dazzling choice, adding a touch of luxury and complementing the dress's elegance. Their shimmer contrasts the deep navy, creating a striking visual appeal. This outfit oozes modern-day chic, ideal for semi-formal events, dinner parties, or art gallery openings. Step out in this, and you're bound to leave a lasting impression, no matter the occasion! Buy yours at Lulus.

14. Elegant Navy Gown with Crystal-Clear Heels

Steal The Look

Spotlight on this captivating navy gown: it gracefully drapes, featuring a deep V-neckline and an asymmetrical high-low hem, making it perfect for showcasing shoes. Speaking of which, those clear strap heels? A masterstroke! Their transparency ensures they don't compete with the dress but elevate it, adding a modern twist to the classic look. This style resonates with sophisticated evening fashion. Whether you're attending a posh wedding, a gala, or a ritzy dinner, this pairing ensures you radiate confidence and class, making heads turn the moment you step in. Buy this heels at Lulus.

15. Sleek Navy Mini Dress with Edgy Studded Heels

Steal The Look

Step into the spotlight with this sassy navy mini dress. Its fitted top and flared bottom strike a balance between elegance and fun. But wait, there's more – those shoes!

Strappy black heels with bold studs are a game-changer.  In this getup, you're set to shine, dance, and rule the scene! Buy one now at Lulus.

16.  Chic Navy Dress with Dazzling Stilettos

Steal The Look

Sporting a beautifully textured navy dress, this outfit exudes elegance. The short-sleeved design, coupled with intricate lace patterns, gives it a modern flair. What really steals the show, however, are those silver stilettos.

Their delicate straps and shimmering finish perfectly contrast the deep navy, adding a pop of brightness. This combo screams cocktail fashion, making it an ideal pick for evening events and those stilettos? They're not just shoes; they're the exclamation mark to a style statement.

Buy this shoes at Lulus.

17. Sparkling Navy Elegance with Sleek Sandals

Steal The Look

This outfit radiates glitz and glam! Donning a shimmering navy dress, it catches the light with every twist and turn. The dress's slender spaghetti straps and asymmetrical hem create a sultry look, perfect for the confident fashionista.

But let's zero in on the shoes: minimalist black sandals. Their simplicity ensures they don't compete with the dress. When you wear this, it's not just about looking good; it's about feeling unstoppable in the city lights. Grab yours now at Lulus.

18. Elegant Navy Gown with Posh White Heels

Steal The Look

This navy gown screams sophistication. Its plunging neckline and leg-revealing slit balance modesty with a hint of daring allure. Now, to those shoes: pristine white heels. The ankle straps add a youthful twist to the mature elegance of the gown. Perfect for gala events, award ceremonies, or a romantic evening dinner, this outfit ensures you'll be the center of admiration. With these heels and dress, you're not just wearing fashion; you're wearing confidence. Buy this heels at Lulus.

19. Chic Navy Mini Dress with Strappy Black Heels

Steal The Look

This navy mini dress is all about casual charm. The V-neckline and fitted waist highlight a flattering silhouette, while the flowy bottom keeps it breezy.

This fashion choice is ideal for weekend brunches, casual dates, or rooftop gatherings with friends. In this dress and those heels, you're ready to stride into any fun daytime event with confidence and style. Buy this heels at Lulus.

20. Casual Navy Dress with Trendy Tie-Front and Platform Sandals

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Here's a navy dress that screams relaxed summer days! The dress's standout feature is the tie-front, giving it a fun twist. The brown platform sandals not only boost height but also bring an earthy feel, balancing the dress's deep color.

With those chunky straps, they’re a fashionable choice that shouts comfort. This outfit's vibe? Perfect for picnics, boardwalk strolls, or a day of shopping in a seaside town. You'll be soaking up the sun and compliments in no time! Grab yours now at Lulus.

21. Navy Dress Paired with Chic Nude Heels

Steal The Look

Donning a navy dress that softly drapes her frame, the outfit strikes a balance between elegance and casual flair. The nude heels she's chosen, with their minimalist straps, seamlessly blend with her skin tone, elongating the legs and accentuating the dress's playful hemline. This fashion choice is a masterclass in 'smart casual.'

 The combination of a navy dress and nude heels is ideal for semi-formal events, date nights, or even a stylish brunch with friends. Buy these comfortable pair at Pink Lily!

Summary and Top Picks

This article serves as a guide to discovering appealing shoe color choices to accompany a navy dress, offering 21 trendy outfit ideas to inspire your fashion journey. Here are three top picks varied across the article:

  • #5 Sparkling Navy Mini with Silver Stiletto Sandals: This ensemble is ideal for a glamour-filled night out, where the silver stilettos add a sparkle to the chic navy mini, ensuring you shimmer with every step.

  • #15 Sleek Navy Mini Dress with Edgy Studded Heels: A blend of elegance and edginess, this outfit is perfect for those looking to make a bold statement. The studded heels paired with the sleek navy mini make it a standout choice for a dance night or a fancy dinner.

  • #21 Chic Navy Dress Paired with Nude Heeled Sandals: This outfit showcases a navy dress paired with nude heeled sandals, offering a subtle contrast that's perfect for a smart-casual look suitable for brunches, date nights, or sunny afternoon events.

Which of these outfits caught your eye and why? Are there any other color combinations you’d love to try with a navy dress? Share your thoughts and favorite picks in the comments below!

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