How Women Can Wear a Baseball Jersey and Rock the Look

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We’re mid baseball season right now and let me tell you, living in Chicago, the Cubs fans here mean business! I see baseball jerseys and other swag every time I leave the house. 

I see girls wear these jerseys and I think, gosh, those are cute! But do you really have to be at a game to wear them?

I mean, if you think about it, we wear band t-shirts when we aren’t at concerts, so why couldn’t we wear a jersey regularly, and fashionably?

Oh, but we can! I wanted to talk to you guys about ways to wear a baseball jersey and knock the look out of the park! Reader beware, baseball puns may happen.

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Best Places to Buy a Baseball Jersey

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How to Wear a Baseball Jersey With Jeans

This first image would really knock some Sox off out and about. (get it, the Red Sox jersey?)

She has tucked in a Red Sox jersey into white, distressed, high-waisted jeans and has accessorized red flats with some sort of shiny embellishment and a studded clutch. It’s cute and feminine, despite the jersey and her jeans not being totally fitted. 

I personally would not wear this out to a ball game because of all the white. Can you imagine eating a hotdog and dripping mustard or ketchup on your white pants? Gasp! Therefore, this would be more of a… “look nice” at a baseball related event outfit. Red heels would be awesome with it too!

Check out my Basic White Shirt with Jeans outfit to see another look where red shoes can be incorporated to pull red accents from a look!

In the second image, we see some big players in the fashion game. Throwback Kourtney and Chloe Kardashian, but they’re doing a great job wearing baseball jerseys with denim, and in different ways. I couldn’t resist.

We see Kourtney wearing hers with heavily distressed denim jeans with a cute pair of wedges. There’s nothing fancy. Anybody can make this work!

Then there’s Chloe who is wearing her jersey unbuttoned displaying a black shirt that matches her over the knee boots with her jeans. It’s a different take on wearing a baseball jersey and if you really wanted to step it up, you could easily wear a crop top and high-waisted jeans or even a bandeau with this!

Jeans are so universal that you can easily wear any pair with your baseball jersey!

How to Wear a Baseball Jersey With Shorts

This first outfit is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! She really knocked it out of the park with this one! 

I really love that she’s wearing a gingham crop top with high-waist shorts beneath her oversized Atlanta Braves baseball jersey. The high top converse are also an amazing addition. 

This look needs nothing else, but a hat would probably be cute also! If you weren’t wanting to wear a crop top beneath this, a tank top bodysuit would work well.

In this second outfit, she’s also wearing high-waisted shorts beneath her oversized baseball jersey. Beneath her jersey is a tank top or t-shirt tucked in, and a pair of sneakers.

How to Wear a Baseball Jersey at a Game

With the exception of the white pants, truly any of these outfits in this post can be worn at a baseball game. However, if you’ve ever gone to a game, you’ll know that during the day it’s usually warm and at night it can cool off.

In this first image, these girls are both looking great at the game. Yes, they’re both in jeans with their jerseys buttoned up, but they’re both using something different as an accessory! Do you see it?

One has a baseball cap on and the other has a handkerchief or a towel hanging out of her back pocket. They both matched their accessory to their jerseys. 

This second image is a classic baseball look. Jeans, tee, cap, chucks, and a jersey. She curled her hair and left it down, making her outfit all that much cuter. A fishtail braid or pony would be cute too!

How to Wear a Baseball Jersey Casually

This first outfit maybe isn’t lounge around the house casual (because who wouldn’t want to show it off?), but it isn’t one to wear to a dinner or work for sure.

She’s wearing her baseball jersey overtop of either a tube top or crop top, and I love it. But what makes this outfit a home run is her wearing these with camouflage pants, accessorized with a chain and a pair of vans. If this isn’t street wear, I don’t know what is!

In this second outfit, we see Lauren Conrad. I know, another celebrity, but they know what they’re doing! I wanted to share this one because she’s wearing leggings with her baseball jersey and that is the ultimate casual feel!

This is a great example of casual wear. We see in her outfit: a baseball cap, a long sleeve undershirt, leggings, and converse. 

Wouldn’t this be perfect for watching a game at home or at a friends house? Even a casual bar? (Yes is the correct answer, in case you needed help!)

Some majorly cute outfits for the major and minor league jersey wear, right? Baseball tees are also really cute! You know, with the ¾ sleeves, but maybe I’ll save that for another post.  I’d love to hear what you think!

Do you own baseball jerseys? How do you wear yours? Tell me in the comments below!

Best Places to Buy a Baseball Jersey

My Favorite: Amazon Luxury Option: Nordstrom | Budget Option: Forever 21

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