35 Cute Outfits With Brown Boots

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Ever felt the need to try something different from the usual pair of black boots? Brown Boots are great alternatives for that. Brown boots are staple wardrobe items that you’ll find will go with tons of your looks, adding color contrast and giving your outfit a warm and chic appearance.

Brown boots are extremely versatile. In this post, you’ll see just how stylish they look when paired with dresses, jeans, skirts, and basically any piece you can think of, while blending in naturally with the color scheme already created by the other articles of clothing that you’re wearing. Plus, brown boots bring life and intrigue to your ensemble without overpowering your look one bit. Here are 35 cute outfit ideas with brown boots.

1. Brown Trench Coat, Black and White Striped Blouse, and Black Jeans with Brown Boots

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Whenever I want to make my casual outfit look more confident, I sometimes add a trench coat. Trench coats not only keep you warm but add a level of sophistication to your look.

Styled with a black and white striped blouse and black jeans, this brown trench coat was complemented by a pair of brown boots. I also love the curvy design at the end of the top. Its features like this that help increase femininity.

2. Black Sweater Dress with Brown Knee-High Boots

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Create an effortless style combo by pairing a black sweater dress with brown knee-high boots. Some of the best pieces to pair your boots with are comfy sweater dresses, and this is a classic one that looks so cute and fashionable with these brown boots, black purse, and sunglasses.

3. Blue Scarf, Black Leather Bomber Jacket, Black Blouse, and Black Jeans with Brown Boots

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Brown boots work really well in edgy ensembles as well. In this look, a black bomber jacket was styled with a black top, black jeans, and a simple blue scarf for a simple, fashion-forward combo.

4. Leopard Print Scarf, Black and White Blouse, and Black Jeans with Brown Boots

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I love how a scarf can transform your outfit of the day into an ultra chic look. This leopard print scarf was paired with a dressy black and white blouse, basic black jeans, and brown boots which not only accentuate the basic pieces but also complement the scarf and handbag.

5. Gray Cardigan, White T-Shirt, and Black Jeans with Brown Boots

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This outfit is on the simple side, but it’s still very stylish. The gray cardigan is super cute, and I love the length. Along with the brown booties, it elevates this look which would otherwise be quite basic with just the white tee and black jeans.

6. Brown Long Sleeve Blouse and White Wrap Skirt with Brown Boots

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Integrate your brown boots into a modest, comfortable, and classy look. By styling a brown, long-sleeved top with a cute white skirt – whether it’s a wrap skirt or not – and pairing it with your brown boots, you can create this look.

Also, don’t forget to include a brown belt to snatch your waist and pull off the color coordination.

7. Black Long Sleeve Blouse and Brown Pleated Skirt with Brown Boots

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Here’s another classy outfit that is easy to put together – a black, long-sleeve top matched with a girly brown pleated skirt and brown boots.

8. White Long-Sleeve Blouse and Blue Jeans with Brown Boots

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If I were you, I’d totally consider this cute look for fall or even winter. A long-sleeve white top is a foundation piece that is needed in our closets, and of course, while they keep us warm and fashionable, they look great with blue jeans and brown boots.

The top was also slightly tucked into the jeans for a more stylish appearance and to show off her patterned belt as well. When wearing a white top and jeans with simple brown boots, a patterned belt will come in handy to spruce things up.

9. Burgundy Long Sleeve Sweater Blouse and Blue Jeans with Brown Boots

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Burgundy is one of the many colors that complement brown really well. Here, a burgundy, long-sleeve sweater blouse was paired with blue jeans and brown boots for a laid back look.

Just include a stylish shoulder purse to add some extra cuteness to the outfit.

10. Brown Scarf, Brown Trench Coat, and Beige Dress with Brown Boots

Steal The Look

Let’s take a moment to appreciate this jaw-dropping outfit. All the pieces are coordinating extremely well with the brown scarf and trench coat matching perfectly, and blending in with this cozy beige dress.

The brown boots make this look come alive with its deep, rich chocolate shade and shiny appearance.

11. Brown Turtle-Neck Sweater Blouse and Blue Jeans with Brown Boots

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This is a great look for the fall season since brown is a warm, earth-toned color. This brown, turtle-neck sweater blouse was worn with everyday blue jeans and calf-length brown boots. It’s a casual outfit that’s sure to keep you warm and fashionable.

12. Green Jacket, Black and White Striped Blouse, and Blue Jeans with Brown Boots

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Green is another earth-toned color that looks great in the fall season. This green jacket was styled with a chic, black and white striped blouse, blue jeans, and simple brown boots, along with a matching handbag.

The sleeves of the top were extended beyond the sleeves of the jacket just to show off the style of the blouse even more and make this outfit more interesting.

13. Loose, White Sweater Blouse and Black Jeans with Brown Boots

Steal The Look

I love to pair my boots with other comfortable pieces because it makes dressing up and looking cute so easy.

This white sweater blouse is loose but cozy because of the thickness of the fabric, and I love how you can just throw it on over some black jeans or even black leggings with your brown boots for a cute casual combo.

14. Brown Cardigan, White Tank Top, and Light Blue Ripped Jeans with Brown Boots

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Your brown boots will look amazing with your ripped jeans, tanks top, and cardigan. Ripped jeans and boots are very edgy and trendy pieces, while your tank top and cardigan are simple and casual. Put them all together and you’ll be rocking an easy going, urban look.

15. Brown Blazer, Black Blouse, and Black Jeans with Brown Boots

Steal The Look

Spruce up your black outfit by styling it with brown boots and a brown blazer or coat. In this look, the brown blazer and pair of brown boots were the perfect additions to make this black top and jeans combo more sophisticated and refined.

16. White Blouse and Blue Jeans with Brown Boots

Steal The Look

I love styling a white top with my blue jeans and a brown pair of shoes. I find that the colors complement each other so nicely and keep my outfit of the day looking fresh and cute.

This white top is dressy with a unique design in the middle. The blue jeans are cropped and a bit ragged at the end, which adds to the laid back feel of the outfit. The brown boots are ankle length and simple, allowing the style of the jeans to be seen.

17. Long-Sleeve Mustard Dress with Brown Boots

Steal The Look

Snug, bright-colored dresses do come in handy, especially when you want to pair them with other comfy closet gems like these brown boots.

This mustard dress is also fall-worthy, and you can always include a cute scarf and some leggings to add some warmth.

18. Long-Sleeve Black Dress with Brown Boots

Steal The Look

Let this look inspire you to style your simple black dresses with brown boots more often. These brown boots are knee-length which doesn’t leave too much of your legs on display if you want to keep your outfit more modest.

19. Black and White Cardigan, Black Blouse, and Black Leggings with Brown Boots

Steal The Look

Another way you can elevate your brown boots look is by adding a stylish cardigan like this black and white patterned one. Not only do the patterns on the cardigan make this outfit win but the flares and layers at the front also add to its beauty.

20. Leopard Print Scarf, Black Blouse, and Blue Jeans with Brown Boots

Steal The Look

Add some pizzazz to your outfit by integrating a leopard print scarf. By doing so, your plain black top will look more stylish. Plus, I need to re-emphasize that leopard print and brown make a chic combination.

21. Brown Turtle-Neck Sweater Blouse and Blue Jeans with Brown Boots

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Match your brown boots with a brown, turtle-neck sweater blouse to keep your look in sync and warm of course. This is another look that is ideal for fall or winter and as usual, your jeans will fit right into this chic, casual ensemble.

22. Black Leather Jacket, Black Tank Top, and Leopard Print Skirt with Brown Booties

Steal The Look

If you’re ever in the mood to show off how trendy you are while being a bit girly, style your brown boots with a black leather jacket and leopard print skirt.

You can wear a simple tank top to complete the outfit. The jacket will add edginess to your look while the skirt is classy and feminine.

23. White Sweater Blouse and Black Leggings with Brown Boots

Steal The Look

When winter comes around, there’s no rule that you can’t look gorgeous while keeping yourself warm.

Style a simple white sweater blouse with your black leggings and finish the look with brown knee-high boots for a chic appearance. You can show off a bit of shoulder like she is too, for a flirty touch.

24. Green Blouse and Blue Jeans with Brown Leopard Print Boots

Steal The Look

Again, we are seeing how beautiful green looks when paired with brown. You can just tell that this green blouse is made from soft, warm material and the stylish design at the back adds to the dressiness of this look, along with the brown leopard print boots.

25. Black Floral Dress with Brown Boots

Steal The Look

Pairing your brown boots with a cute floral dress like this one is an easy way to accomplish a modern, chic, and classy look.

I love dresses as they’re easy to wear and are some of the cutest pieces, especially when they’re light and have frills. She also has a brown scarf which will complement her boots and upgrade her overall outfit.

26. Brown Blouse and Blue Ripped Jeans with Brown leopard Print Boots

Steal The Look

This is an edgy, chic look that you can accomplish by styling a cute, dressy nude top with your ripped jeans. Notice the jeans were folded at the end to show off these gorgeous leopard print boots.

27. Brown, Long-Sleeve Sweater Blouse and Blue Ripped Jeans with Brown Boots

Steal The Look

Here’s another comfortable, casual look that is super adorable. I love wearing light colors with my light blue jeans. The overall look has such a soft and pretty blend when the pieces have mild-toned colors.

The brown sweater blouse has a similar shade as the boots, and so they easily complement each other and the light blue jeans maintain that young, fresh appeal, even more so because it’s ripped.

28. Black, Floral Mini Dress with Brown Boots

Steal The Look

This black floral dress is short and so cute. The floral pattern gives it a feminine feel while the v-cut neckline makes it mature.

It’s easy to just slip on your brown, knee-high boots with this look. They’ll keep you looking modest, and they’re comfortable.

29. Pink Floral Dress with Brown Boots

Steal The Look

I know I have a lot of colors that I love but brown and pink are really some of my favorite colors to pair together.

This pink dress is so adorable. It’s a mini dress, with a floral pattern and long flared sleeves. Just to keep the adorable nature of this outfit, I would include a brown or white handbag or purse.

30. Red Dress with Brown Suede Boots

Steal The Look

Red dresses naturally have a classy, womanly look. This mini dress has flared sleeves, which add to the effeminate feel, and was styled with knee-high, suede brown boots and an elegant white purse.

31. Brown Blouse and White Jeans with Brown Boots

Steal The Look

Opt for a chic and casual look by styling a brown, long-sleeve top with your white jeans and brown boots.

The white jeans provide a canvas for the brown shades to really pop and stand out in your look. Plus, white is a sophisticated color.

32. Gray Sweater Dress with Brown Boots

Steal The Look

A gray, sweater dress is a simple, cute piece that will work wonders with your brown boots. For days when you just want to look stylish without taking hours to find an outfit, a cozy gray dress like this will come in handy.

33. White Trench Coat, White, Mini Sweater Dress, and Brown Boots

Steal The Look

Ultra-modern looks like this outfit really bring out your inner confidence. Here, a white trench was paired with a white, mini sweater dress and brown boots. I said earlier on that white is a sophisticated and classy color, and this outfit just proves that even more.

These brown boots also have approximately 3-4 inch heels, which increase the confident aura that this look gives off and makes her appear like she means business.

34. Black Turtle-Neck Mini Dress with Brown Boots

Steal The Look

This black turtle-neck mini dress is fashionable and dressy. It was styled with brown, knee-high boots and a thick brown belt to accentuate the waistline.

35. Blue and White Polkadot Dress with Brown Boots

Steal The Look

You don’t have to worry about compromising professionalism when you’re wearing brown boots. This look proves that with the right dress, you can be office ready.

This blue and white polkadot dress is long and classy with a cute tie at the front, and I love that the boots are knee-high, so they begin not far from where the dress stops.

How in love with brown boots are you right now? I’m positive that this post has won you over, just because so much variety is present and the outfits are beautiful. What are your thoughts on styling brown boots with your other pieces? Which look stood out the most to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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