16 Cute Outfits With a Brown Skirt

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Let us never overlook the beauty of a brown skirt. There’s nothing like that deep chocolatey, or caramel shade of brown to accentuate your outfit.  Brown is truly a pretty color, but it’s not given the love it deserves. There are so many other colors that blend well with brown as well, you just have to mix and match the right shades.

You may have underestimated how a brown skirt can benefit your wardrobe, but I’m about to show you 16 outfits that will make you fall in love with this closet staple. Trust me, you’ll be amazed at all the gorgeous style combos.

1. White Blouse and Nude Heels with Brown and White Polkadot Skirt

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If you’re thinking of a feminine look to wear for a special evening, this outfit serves as great inspiration.

You can tell by looking that the white top is cool and is made from soft fabric by the way it lays easily against her top-half. 

The brown and white polkadot skirt is lengthy and light-toned, and the nude heels help to maintain the pastel appearance which this look is emanating.

2. Black and White Striped Blouse and Black Booties with Brown Skirt

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I love the suede texture of this brown mini skirt. It looks even more flattering as the black and white striped top is tucked in.

This is definitely a sophisticated match up, made complete by her neat black booties. Adding a cute small black purse is also fitting as it doesn’t overpower the outfit. To top it all off, the brown hat really provided that extra balance of the colors.

3. White Blouse and Clear Heels with Brown Leather Skirt

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I love how this outfit looks comfortable and high-end at the same time. The white blouse and clear heels also complements the brown leather skirt.

What brings this outfit off so nicely though is the fact that the top is tucked into the skirt. This is a simple way to spruce up your outfit of the day.

4. White and Black Polkadot Blouse with Brown Floor-Length Skirt

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Yep, this list just keeps getting better and better. Here’s a super lady-like look. I love how this brown skirt is fitted around the waist and hips and then flares out at the end. The bow tie and buttons are also very classy additions to this fine piece.

The white polka dot blouse complements the skirt with ease and also has some nice details as well, that being the ruffle sleeve.

5. Mustard Long Sleeve Blouse with Brown Leather Skirt

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You know I’ve got you covered when it comes to office-ready wardrobe looks, and this is a perfect one right here.

Some people think brown is a tricky color, and they don’t wear many bright colors along with it, however, this mustard top goes so well with this brown leather skirt. 

Simply wear a lighter toned handbag such as this beige one which can act as the accessory that keeps the tones balanced. Nude Heels would also be a suitable addition to this look.

6. Pink Multicolored Long Sleeve Blouse and Brown Boots with Brown Skirt

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This is a preppy and slightly semi-formal look–the skirt of course, being the most formal piece, taking into consideration the layered ruffles.

It’s made a more casual outfit with this multicolored stripe long sleeve top and the brown hat. Although there are multiple shades of brown present in this ensemble, from the skirt to the boots, her bag and hat, they all tie in beautifully with the pink and peach hues of her top.

7. Black Leather Jacket, White Blouse, Black Stockings, and Black Flats with Brown Skirt

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Now, this is a very fall-friendly college outfit. It’s modest, yet flirty, serious, yet fun. Also, combining black, white, and brown always makes for a lovely outfit combo. 

The black leather jacket really adds some personality to this already chic look. Notice that her blouse is tucked into the brown skirt as well, keeping that refined appearance.

8. White Tank Top with Brown Skirt

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Here’s an easy to wear option for those of you ladies who don’t mind the sun kissing your skin or feeling the chilly outdoor breeze.

A white tank top is so versatile. It’s tucked neatly into this burnt-brown mini skirt and accessorized with a fabulous brown ruffled cross-body bag. Let’s not overlook that adorable white headband she’s wearing either. 

Can you guess what type of shoes would totally sell this look? White Mules baby!

9. White Off-the-Shoulder Top and Brown Platform Sandals with Brown Denim Skirt

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One look at this outfit, and you know it’s a show stopper. There are some closet pieces that you bring out when you want to look extremely pretty for an occasion and this white top is one of them.

The ruffled sleeves and all the details at play, here, make this off-the-shoulder top a unique beauty. The brown denim mini skirt is another cute piece that when paired with a white top such as this one, will make you look like a doll.

10. Blue Multicolored Blouse and Blue Heels with Brown Pleated Skirt

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This is a stylish fall look that you can still rock before those harsh winter winds come along in the holiday season. 

The pleats on the skirt introduce a youthful presence to this outfit, while the deep blue tone of the top and heels blend fittingly with the caramel tint of the skirt. The darker, toned brown handbag was a nice touch as well to add even more color variety to this outfit.

11. Nude Trench Coat, White Blouse and Nude Heels with Brown Skirt

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What a sophisticated look! A white top tucked into a deep brown, calf-length skirt paired with a nude trench coat and nude heels.

Everything about this style combo is winning. I love the intense tone of the brown skirt and although it’s a vibrant shade it’s not overbearing. 

12. White, Turtle-Neck Blouse and White Sneakers with Brown Skirt

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This style combo doesn’t need much as it’s a cute everyday look. A white, turtle-neck top for sophistication, a brown mini skirt for youthful flair, and sneakers which easily make any outfit look far more casual. 

Each piece is playing their part and only some sunglasses and a small bag were added as there’s no need for too much jewelry.

13. Black, Long Sleeve T-Shirt and Black Boots with Brown Leather Skirt

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This outfit totally peaked my interest. Maybe it’s the rich colors she’s wearing or the fact that this brown leather skirt stands out against the black shade of her top and boots.

Those are certainly some of the factors that make this look work. I’m also crazy about the unique design of her boots, with the extended tip, stiletto heels, and sock-like material that it’s been made from, which allows them to fit like glue around her feet.

14. Light Brown Turtle-Neck Blouse, Black Stockings and Black Booties with Brown A-Line Skirt

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This look is magazine-ready, elegant and lovely in every way. The deep chocolate shade of the A-line skirt is very beautiful and along with the light brown turtle-neck top, black stockings, and black booties, this ensemble is quite formal.

I can imagine this being worn by a company boss or college lecturer.

15. Black Blouse and Black Heels with Brown Pleated Skirt

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A pleated skirt is always a classic style choice when you want to look graceful. Pairing a brown pleated skirt with a black top is a simple yet very effective way to make yourself look exquisite, especially if the black top is tucked into your skirt.

Without a doubt, heels are the best way to complete this look. It’s no secret that they have a way of making every outfit look more tasteful.

16. White Cardigan, Black Tank Top and Black Heels with Brown Skirt

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Lunch Date anyone? You know me. I love a simple, kittenish look that is still very posh, and this outfit embodies that fully.

A black tank top speaks so many words, but right now it’s exuding that sultry flair because of the lace material which outlines the top. The brown mini skirt adds a vivacious and stylish feel, even more so as the black buttons complement the tank top.

The white cardigan pulls this look together in a modest fashion because of the length most of all, and her black heels are simply stunning with this whole ensemble.

I’m positive that now that you’ve arrived at the end of this post, you must be enthralled by the idea of owning a brown skirt. Each outfit was just stunning. Which look did you like best? What style combos have you created with your brown skirt? Tell me in the comment section below.

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