How to Wear Palazzo Pants

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I believe that by now, you all should know how in love I am with palazzo pants. The style of these trousers is everything and makes a regular outfit look a lot trendier. Palazzo Pants make a bold fashion statement, and so it’s important that you know how to make them work for you.

There are so many styles you can create with palazzo pants–an evening wear look or even an ensemble for a simpler function. Some are detailed with cute bows or buttons at the side, while others are kept plain. Either way, these pants will never let you down when you’re on a mission to look fashionable! Here are some tips on how to wear palazzo pants. 

Palazzo Pants You'll Want in Your Closet

Best Places to Buy Palazzo Pants

Our Favorite: Topshop | Luxury Option: Revolve| Budget Option: Nordstrom

What to Wear with Palazzo Pants

1. Black Lace Crop Top with Black Palazzo Pants

Crop tops are some of the best style pieces to wear with palazzo pants because they don’t distract from the style of the trousers. Palazzo Pants look most flattering when there isn’t a long loose blouse hanging over them, even though that particular style can be pulled off in a lovely way, nonetheless.

If this pair of pants were to have a bow or cute buttons, it would further solidify why a crop top would be a suitable option. It’s never wise to hide the details of your clothing, especially when they make the outfit more stylish.

2. Red Tucked-In Off-the-Shoulder Blouse with Black and White Striped Palazzo Pants

To reinforce my point of the importance of not wearing wardrobe pieces that take away from your palazzo pants, here’s another great example of what you can definitely pair with them.

A cute, tucked-in blouse always looks gorgeous with these trousers–again, because as you see above, the bow tie on her pants is being displayed clearly. I also like the off-the-shoulder design of her red top as it adds a youthful and flirty vibe to the whole look.

Plus, red, black and white always seem to coordinate well when paired together in any outfit.

3. Brown Blazer and Burgundy Tank Top with Black and White Palazzo Pants

For a fashion forward office look, simply pair a fitted blazer with your palazzo pants. Adding a tank top with a pop of color is also ideal. 

Blazers and palazzo pants are like contrasting closet pieces because while a blazer is refined and makes you look professional, palazzo pants are more relaxed but extremely chic, nonetheless. 

With that said, although they contrast, they blend together nicely to create a polished yet dressy look for the workplace. After all, opposites attract.

4. White T-Shirt with Black and White Palazzo Pants

T-shirts bring the casual theme to a palazzo pants outfit. Some days, you’re just going out in the town but if you’re like me, you take pride in wearing some of your most beloved pieces even if you’re just going grocery shopping. 

In times like these, to balance everything out, just pair a casual tee with your palazzo pants. You can finish the look with a pair of sandals or some trendy sneakers.

How to Wear Palazzo Pants with Flats

When it comes to wearing flats with palazzo pants, the lengthier the pants, the more attractive the look is. You really have to pay keen attention to how the eyes react to certain match ups and what fashion presence they help us to create. 

If this pair of blush pink palazzo pants were to be worn with heels, the length of the trouser would definitely drown out the heels. By wearing sandals instead, you are able to get away with so much, like not having to worry about your shoes showing in their entirety. Because at the end of the day, they’re flats, and flats are universally known to be worn mainly for comfort than for making a fashion statement. 

The second photo which features the blue cropped palazzo pants and blush pink flats can totally work and still look beautiful but then after scanning this whole get-up, from the blazer, to the palazzo pants. I have to admit that I became a bit underwhelmed when I caught a glimpse of the flat shoes. With a look such as this one, some classy heels would certainly bring it to its true potential.

How to Wear Palazzo Pants with Boots

The whole point of wearing boots with your outfit is to show off those killer shoes, right? Because let’s face it, boots are chic beyond description and look best when they’re not hidden. So then, in this case, the shorter the palazzo pants, the better. 

The mustard palazzo pants outfit gets a solid pass because of the split at the side which gives a clear view of her stunning white boots. The second look–the gray cropped palazzo pants ensemble is more ideal for those who prefer to showcase their boots, even more so if the boots are calf-length.

With that said, the final look which features the plaid palazzo pants and sleek stiletto boots is simply breathtaking.

What to Wear with Palazzo Pants to a Wedding

That’s right, palazzo pants are perfect for weddings. Of course, when you’re going to celebrate the union of another, you want the focus to be placed on them but still, you want to make sure you represent well by dressing for the occasion.

Palazzo pants make this a piece of cake. Your pants can be the focus of your outfit while you play things down a bit with a simple fitted top such as this black one. An off-the-shoulder blouse or one with butterfly sleeves would also be a flattering pick. All brought to completion by some statement jewelry and a pair of heels or cute wedges.

And just like that, you’ll become a pro when it comes to styling your palazzo pants. Which look was your favorite? Will you now be wearing your palazzo pants more often? Let me know in the comments below.

Best Places to Buy Palazzo Pants

Our Favorite: Topshop | Luxury Option: Revolve| Budget Option: Nordstrom

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