This white Teddy Bear coat outfit is self explanatory! How comfortable and cozy does this look? Wouldn’t you want to cuddle with someone wearing this coat? Kidding! Or am I?

So this white Teddy Bear coat is from Forever 21. It is a fun play on texture because of it’s “teddy bear” like fabric. But it is really coat, lapels and all. It is nice because it is a little longer which provides more function with the fashion!

Plus, we all have a favorite pair of blue jeans in our wardrobe. These high waist FashionNova pants add to the comfort level of this outfit. They sort of tone it down from the unique jacket. Don’t miss the belt accessory!

But we don’t want to tone it down all the way, right? The Revolve body suit adds a dash of subtle fun, as a new more formal texture and polka-dot pattern mix nicely into the ensemble. 

Keeping up with dressing up rather than down, these black Raye heels. Aren’t they fun! They add some edge and angles while bringing the eye all the way down, from the polka dots, to the belt, to the shoes. 

And of course, we can’t forget a bag to tighten up the look. Louis Vuitton never fails. Never.

Coat: Forever 21 / BodySuit: Revolve / Pants: Fashionnova  / Shoes: Raye / Bag: Louis Vuitton

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