How to Wear Chukka Boots For Women

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Chukka boots are often considered as menswear, but I’ve seen numerous women wear these shoes. They look phenomenal. If you’ve never worn chukka boots then you may want to make it a point of duty to add a few to your closet. They’re fashion-forward and look really neat on your feet.

Chukka boots are great alternatives if you don’t want to look too sporty by wearing sneakers. These boots are also known to make you look smart and well put together, so there are really so many great benefits to wearing these shoes. I’ll be sharing a few with you in this post. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be a pro at styling your outfits with chukka boots.

Chukka Boots You'll Want in Your Closet

Best Places to Buy a Chukka Boots

Our Favorite: DSW | Luxury Option: Nordstrom

What to Wear with Chukka Boots

1. Green Long Sleeve Sweater Blouse and Black Jeans with Brown Chukka Boots

This green sweater blouse and black jeans combo makes for a great chic and casual look, that will also help you to appear very studious. The top also has white stripes on the sleeves, which adds interest value.

The brown color of the chukka boots goes well with the green shade of her long-sleeve top as well. A brown, crossbody bag would be a suitable addition this outfit.

2. Blue Coat, White Blouse, and Blue Jeans with Gray Chukka Boots

It’s still the fall season and even going into winter, you’ll find yourself reaching for your coats more frequently. If you want to avoid wearing those thick winter boots, I suggest pairing your outfit with a stylish pair of chukka boots.

Chukka boots will definitely keep your feet warm while helping you to look refined and sophisticated.

3. Gray Scarf, Brown Cardigan, Black and White Blouse and Black Jeans with Brown Chukka Boots

Here’s a professional look for the workplace. No need to always wear your black pumps, you may end up slipping them off throughout the day anyways to rest your feet, and you may want to give your flats a break too.

In such a case, your chukka boots will be there for you. I can’t stress their comfort enough and how well they sync with staple wardrobe pieces like jeans and cardigans. They fit effortlessly into this classy and easy-going, white-collar look.

4. Brown Sweater Blouse and Blue Shorts with Gray Chukka Boots

I’m loving the color contrast happening in this outfit–a bright, brown sweater blouse with blue shorts and gray chukka boots.

Chukka boots look great with shorts just as they do with jean pants. For a casual summer look, you can pair them with your denim shorts and even your skirts and dresses.

How to Wear Chukka Boots with Jeans

Chukka Boots come up to your ankles and go no higher. They can be worn with full length jeans, as well as, cropped jeans. That’s all up to you. You can even fold the end of your denim pants, and they would still look awesome with your chukka boots.

If your jeans are full length, then it’s best to wear them tucked into your chukka boots, as seen in the green jeans style combo. This way, the style of your boots aren’t hidden, plus it makes your outfit more refined when your jeans don’t look bulgy or crumpled at the top of your boots.

How to Wear Chukka Boots at the Office

These nude chukka boots harmonize well with her nude stripe pants. When wearing your chukka boots to the office, it’s best to wear trousers that aren’t too long or too wide at the end. You’ll look and feel far more professional and aesthetically pleasing if your pants are either cropped or rest about an inch above your chukka boots.

You can experiment freely with the type of tops you wear with your chukka boots, of course as long as they are modest and suit the dress code at the office. Cardigans and blazers also go well with chukka boots, as these boots actually add to the businesslike essence that they bring.

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed by incorporating chukka boots in your wardrobe. You’ll find yourself wearing them with your casual and dressy pieces. 

Are you now a fan of chukka boots? If you already own a pair, what closet items do you wear the most with your chukka boots? Let me know in the comments below.

Best Places to Buy a Chukka Boots

Our Favorite: DSW | Luxury Option: Nordstrom

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