18 Cute Outfits With Peep Toe Booties

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Peep toe booties are some of the most stylish closet pieces you can own. They can totally upgrade any casual look and even look stunning with a semi-formal ensemble. Peep toe booties are often worn with jeans because they create a more sophisticated look, but they can be worn with dresses and other dressy pieces too. 

You may find yourself wondering how you can make the most of your peep toe booties and which wardrobe items they’ll look best with. Well, I’m about to give you some style inspiration right now. You’ll be filled with outfit ideas in no time. Here are 18 cute outfits you can put together with peep toe booties.

1. Burgundy Blouse and Ripped Blue Jeans with Nude Peep Toe Booties

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This is a cute, casual look that is still a bit dressed up because of the style of the burgundy top. The long V-neck line also gives this look some personality.

Her ripped jeans are really adding the casual flair, and notice that they are folded at the end to give full view of her nude, peep-toe booties.

2. White, Cold-Shoulder Blouse and Blue Ripped Jeans with Brown, Peep-Toe Booties

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I love how dressed up this white top makes this outfit appear. The cold shoulder sleeves are flattering, so too the frills and wide sleeves.

The blue jeans were perfect to keep the outfit having a casual balance, while the brown peep toe booties add a nice pop of color, and also, give off fall season vibes.

3. White Blouse and Blue Cropped Jeans with Red Peep-Toe Booties

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Here’s a girly, white top, layered with ruffles, that also looks very warm. A blouse like this would be just right for the Christmas holidays–keeping you looking stylish and cozy.

The blue jeans are cropped, which adds some interest value to this outfit, giving a nice lead up to red, peep-toe booties, which as you can see, have cute slits at the side. A black handbag would be just right to rock with this matchup.

4. Burgundy Sweater Blouse and Black Jeans with Black Peep Toe Booties

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Every girl needs a snug sweater blouse in her closet. It’s always great to have them in multiple colors as well, especially for winter time. 

The black jeans allows the deep shade of this top to shine through, and of course you could never go wrong by completing the look with black booties.

5. White, Floral, Off-the-Shoulder Blouse and Blue Jeans with Nude, Peep-Toe Booties

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A floral, off-the-shoulder top is always a beautiful addition to any wardrobe. I also love the layered, flared sleeves this blouse has. 

Naturally, this top goes well with her blue jeans which incorporates a relaxed feel. The peep toe booties are also fitting, since nude is a shade that generally complements a white top.

6. Green, Sleeveless Jacket and White Dress with Brown, Peep-Toe Booties

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This is a really cute look for the fall season–a white dress with a green, sleeveless jacket and brown, peep-toe booties. These shades are usually worn during this time–deep-toned, warm colors.

The white dress is beautiful and makes her look youthful and ready to have the time of her life, wherever she may be headed.

7. Green Jacket, Black and White Stripe Blouse, and Blue Jeans with Nude, Peep-Toe Booties

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I’m so loving this look. The style of the black and white top has won me over as it flares out over her blue jeans. I love tops like that, and also, wearing jackets or cardigans over them to make my outfit look neat.

The peep-toe booties have a lovely nude shade as well, which blends right into the entire ensemble. Her gold necklace is a cute accessory to pair with this look.

8. Brown Leather Jacket, Green Blouse and Black Jeans with Gray, Peep-Toe Booties

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What a stunning look for the office, right? This outfit is chic and also professional. Her brown jacket complements her peep-toe booties well, and the green top adds the needed color variation.

Her black jeans bring the whole look together to create a fashionable and easy-going ensemble.

9. Black and White Striped Blouse and Blue Ripped Jeans with Brown, Peep-Toe Booties

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This is a darling top, made even more adorable by the white tassels. It’s the type of blouse you can wear in a dressier outfit but still looks great with jeans. An edgy look is incorporated because of the brown peep toe-booties.

10. White Dress with Nude, Peep-Toe Booties

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Dinner on the beach anyone? This look suits such an occasion–a white, flowy dress paired simply with classy nude peep-toe booties.

Let’s not forget, her gold jewelry is simple but makes her look exquisite.

11. Black and White Scarf, Nude Blouse, and White Ripped Jeans with Brown Peep-Toe Booties

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Scarves are not just to keep our neck warm, they also make cute fashion statements and can really upgrade your outfit of the day.

Her nude top complements the white ripped jeans nicely and the brown peep-toe booties add a lovely touch as well. They also mesh well with her brown handbag.

12. Black Floral Blouse and Blue High Waist Jeans with Brown Peep-Toe Booties

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Here’s a classy and laid back outfit idea. Floral tops easily dress up any look and don’t need much to look great. 

So, for an easy-to-wear but gorgeous get-up, pair one of your floral or embellished blouses with your favorite pair of jeans and peep-toe booties.

13. Brown Leather Jacket, White Cami, and Blue Jeans with Brown Peep Toe Booties

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Have you ever woken up in the mornings, and you’re confused about what to wear? Here’s a trendy look that won’t take too much time out of your morning. Ever heard of a 5 minute makeup look? Well, this is a 5 minute wardrobe matchup.

Simply reach for your leather jacket, white cami, jeans, and your peep-toe booties, and you’re all set. I especially love how the leather jacket and handbag match the tone of her brown boots, keeping this outfit in sync and very attractive.

14. Black and White Striped Blouse and Blue Jeans with Brown Peep Toe Booties

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Lauren Conrad is hands down a fashion queen. She looks chic in this puffed long sleeve blouse that she’s paired with her blue jeans and brown peep toe booties.

I also like the open back feature on the booties, as well as, the patterned design on the front.

15. White Blouse and Black Jeans with Nude Peep Toe Booties

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This white top has a slight peplum design which always look flattering when paired with jeans.

Also, nude booties were a good choice to pair with this black and white look, maintaining that pastel theme. It also matches her nude handbag.

16. Black Leather Jacket, Green Blouse, and Blue Jeans with Gray Peep-Toe Booties

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Here’s another fall-worthy outfit that is also very edgy. A leather jacket is a closet staple that you can slip on with just about anything you’re wearing. It’s been paired with a pale green top, blue jeans, and chic gray peep-toe booties–overall, a very fashion forward look.

17. Black and Red Plaid Vest, White Long Sleeve Blouse, and Blue Ripped Jeans with Black Peep-Toe Booties

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Who ever said you can’t dress warm and in style at the same time? A white, long-sleeve top is pretty regular, right? It’s made much more interesting because it is so nicely complemented by the black and red plaid vest that she’s wearing.

The ripped blue jeans helps the outfit exude that laid back vibe, so too the black booties which have a stylish v-cut design right at the front.

18. Blue Denim Jacket and Black Dress with Black Peep Toe Booties

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Denim jackets always look great with dresses. If you own one, try it on with your set of mini or maxi dresses and you’ll see how cute you’ll look without trying hard.

The black, peep-toe booties allows this outfit to look easy-going but still very fashionable.

Now that you’ve seen how beneficial peep toe booties are to your closet, what do you think about them? Which of these looks was your absolute favorite? What pieces do you enjoy pairing your peep toe booties with most? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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