14 Cute Outfits With Corduroy Pants

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I recently wrote about cute closet pieces to pair with corduroy skirts. Now, I want to focus on corduroy pants, which can be just as stylish. Corduroy is a coarse woolen cloth manufactured in England during the 18th century, known for its soft and cozy feel, and it’s still being worn today!

Every woman deserves a comfortable pair of pants that she can lounge around in and also hit the streets wearing, still looking like a fashion masterpiece. Corduroy pants fit the description perfectly. They’re professional, casual, chic, and trendy.

As ladies, I find that we often go in search of those wardrobe pieces that can become our go-to looks, making getting all dressed up so much easier. You can style your corduroy pants with t-shirts, off-the-shoulder tops, long-sleeve blouses, tank tops, blazers, trench coats, boots, sneakers, and tons more. Here are 14 cute outfits you can wear with your corduroy pants.

1. White, Long-Sleeve Blouse and Black Boots with Brown Corduroy Pants

Steal The Look

For a chic, corduroy pants look, pair it with boots and a long-sleeve top that’s tucked in. If your pants have a bright color like this one, go for a top and shoes that will complement that color such as a white blouse and black boots. This will make your outfit easy to accessorize.

2. ​​​​​​Black Tank Top and Black Boots with Brown Corduroy Pants

Steal The Look

Here’s a laid back corduroy pants look–black tank top, black boots, and brown corduroy pants. The boots are ankle length and the pants are slightly folded at the end to give a slight tomboy vibe. Leave as is or add a cute crossbody bag for a more feminine flair.

3. ​​​​​Gray Plaid Jacket, White T-Shirt, and White Sneakers with Brown Corduroy Pants

Steal The Look

This is what you call a business casual look–mixing professional wear with casual closet pieces. Your corduroy pants are already playing both sides of the field as the trouser easily fits into both the professional and casual categories.

Sneakers are a great substitute for heels or the usual flats. They are comfortable and help create an edgy style when paired with a blazer. Just ensure your top is tucked in so you maintain a refined appearance.

4. ​​​​​​White Sweater Blouse with Brown, Bell-Bottom Corduroy Pants

Steal The Look

I’m loving this chic fashion forward style combo. The white sweater blouse is very ladylike yet a bit daring and looks warm enough for the fall to winter season.

The shade of the brown corduroy pants are also very flattering as it works well with the pure white look of the top. Wearing a cute pair of wedge heels with this look will definitely be a plus as the bottom of the pants is long and wedges will give you some height off the ground.

5. ​​​​​​​White T-Shirt and Black Mules with Brown, Bell-Bottom Corduroy Pants

Steal The Look

I’m digging this work-friendly look–a white top, black mules with brown, bell-bottom corduroy pants. It’s stylish, yet easy going and is a great example of making your basic wardrobe pieces work for you.

We sometimes don’t give much thought to our plain white tops and black shoes, but they are foundation pieces that help bring an outfit to completion. A black blazer would go well with this combo.

6. ​​​​​​Olive Trench Coat, Multicolored Blouse, and Green Boots with Blue Corduroy Pants

Steal The Look

Wearing a sleek trench coat with your corduroy pants is such a sophisticated look. You can experiment with your inside blouse by wearing a multicolored one like the one above or you can keep things simple with a plain colored top.

Boots are always ideal footwear options when wearing flared bottom pants–they create a very edgy and high fashion style combo and a cute outfit.

7. ​​​White Lace Blouse and White Pumps with Blush Pink Corduroy Pants

Steal The Look

This outfit reminds me of cupcakes and brunch. The blush pink corduroy pants, white lace top, and matching pumps make a sweet and charming ensemble.

Although the outfit is modern, it still has a classic and timeless twist, especially as lace is observed to be ladylike. The bottom of the pants is folded to give that youthful boost and she paired a peach hat and cat eyed sunglasses for that bright spring/summery feel.

8. ​White Sleeveless Top with Brown Corduroy Pants

Steal The Look

As simple as this top is, there is a posh attitude that it brings. It’s always beneficial to invest in those simple tops that can still add an exquisite touch to your wardrobe.

Tucked into these brown corduroy pants, there’s no denying it’s a stylish matchup. The black purse was just right to complete this sharp and fancy look.

9. ​​​Black and White Stripe, Long-Sleeve Blouse and Black Boots with Brown Corduroy Pants

Steal The Look

By now, I’m pretty sure you know how I feel about striped blouses. I think they’re modern and tasteful, especially when tucked into a mid-waist trouser such as this brown corduroy pants.

The boots increase the chic tone of the outfit, complementing the black stripes in the blouse.

10. Beige Stripe Blouse and Nude Boots with Orange Corduroy Pants

Steal The Look

The colors and patterns at play in this look are flattering–the beige, long-sleeve top has orange stripes that harmonize with the orange pants. The nude boots blend in with the nude shade of the top.

11. ​​​​​Beige Sweater Blouse and Brown Mules with Light Orange Corduroy Pants

Steal The Look

This is a comfy casual look for the fall/winter season. The sweater blouse has brown, orange, black, and white stripes which suits the orange corduroy pants and brown mules.

​12. ​​​​​​​​​​Red, Blue, and White Plaid Blouse and Pink Flats with Blue Corduroy Pants

Steal The Look

This is a girly casual look for a day out in the town–a plaid blouse, flats, and corduroy pants.

Your corduroy pants, however, will bring a dressier look to your ensemble. You can wear dressy jewelry as well to improve the outfit.

13. ​​​​​​​​​​White, Long-Sleeve Blouse and Silver Heels with Blush Pink, High-Waisted, Corduroy Pants

Steal The Look

White and blush pink look lovely when worn together. Pair more of your white and blush pink pieces together and see for yourself how pretty your outfit will be.

Because of how well both colors sync, you can wear simple closet pieces and still look polished, such as this laid back white, long-sleeve top with button details and blush pink corduroy pants with silver heels and matching jewelry.

​14. ​​​​White,Long-Sleeve Blouse and Brown Heeled Mules with Brown Corduroy Pants

Steal The Look

This white blouse paired with a brown corduroy pants and brown heeled mules is a classy conservative look.

The sleeves of the top are slightly puffed, adding to the elegant feel and the straps on the mules also bring a feminine touch.

Now you see there are more to corduroy pants than meets the eye. What do you think about these stylish trousers? Which closet pieces do you think look best when paired with corduroy pants? Let me know in the comments below.

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