15 Cute Outfits with Blue Leggings

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Blue leggings, you don’t often hear people talking about them, but they are valuable closet pieces nonetheless and shouldn’t be hidden or cast away in your closet. If you own a pair, there are numerous outfit options available to you, and that’s what I’m going to highlight in this post.

Whether it’s a loose long tee, a dressy top, crop top, or sweater blouse paired with blue leggings, you can make it your own and look fashionable. You can complete the look with shoes of your choice that compliment your look – heels, sneakers, boots, it all depends. Here are 15 cute outfits with blue leggings.

1. ​​​​​​Black Cardigan, White Tee, and Black Sneakers with Blue Leggings

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Here’s a casual and sporty style combo including blue leggings. These leggings were paired with a simple white t-shirt, a black cardigan, and black sneakers. 

It’s very stylish and relaxed, and guess what, the blue leggings are the highlight of this look.

2. ​​​​​​Blue and White Striped Blouse and Brown Boots with Blue Leggings

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This casual look has some sass to it. The blue leggings were paired with a blue and white-striped, long-sleeve blouse and brown, knee-high boots.

The boots give an outdoorsy vibe while the top is stylish yet relaxed and comfy.

3. ​​​​​Blue Denim Jacket, Red and Black Plaid Shirt, White Tank Top, and Brown Uggs with Blue Leggings

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Here’s another laid back, fashionable look – blue denim jacket, red and black plaid shirt, white tank top, and brown uggs paired with blue leggings.

One thing to note is that uggs are being worn as more fashionable footwear nowadays as opposed to just for keeping your feet warm. They also add style to your look of the day, just as they’ve done with this ensemble.

4. ​​​​​​White Tank Top and White Sneakers with Blue Leggings

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Your white tank top and sneakers will look great with your blue leggings. After all, white can be paired with any color and look amazing. 

This white top was tied at the front into a cute bow. You can do the same to make your outfit more stylish, or you can let it hang loosely atop your leggings.

5. ​​​​​​​Multicolored Scarf, White Overall, Black and White Striped Blouse, and Brown Boots with Blue Leggings

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Here’s a blue leggings outfit that you can rock during winter. It was paired with a chic multicolored scarf, a black and white striped top, a cozy white overall, and brown boots.

The colors work well together too, and although the scarf is multicolored, brown, white, and blue are incorporated, so it complements the other pieces in this look.

6. ​​​​​​White Graphic Tee and Black Boots with blue Leopard Print Leggings

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I would definitely rock this easy going style combo. A white graphic tee was paired with black boots and with a pair of blue leopard print leggings to create a fun and stylish look.

7. ​​​White Long Sleeve Graphic Tee and Nude Flats with Blue Leggings

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This white graphic tee, and blue leggings combo is laid back and cute. Both pieces were paired with nude flats for extra comfort – a suitable outfit for running errands.

8. ​​​​​​White Blouse and Brown Sandals with Blue Leggings

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This look is great for unwinding on the beach before going for a swim. This white top is loose and comfortable, paired with comfy blue leggings and fashionable brown sandals.

9. ​​​Nude, Long-Sleeve Blouse and Nude Flats with Blue Leggings

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Pair a flowy top with your blue leggings and flats for an easy going casual look. For the finishing touch, add stylish jewelry and a cute purse.

10. White, Long-Sleeve Blouse with Blue Latex Leggings

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Thinking of hitting the club soon? Here’s an ideal look. Pair your blue leggings with a cute plain white top and add some killer silver heels. You’re bound to make a stylish impression.

11. ​​​​​Silver Tube Top and White-Heeled Mules with Blue Leggings

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Here’s another look that will be perfect for a fun night out. This silver tube top is so sparkly and gorgeous and really brings off the blue leggings. 

The white heeled mules harmonize well with the other pieces and is a classy pick.

​12. ​​​​​​​​​​Orange Blouse and Orange Pumps with Blue Leggings

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The colors in this look are bright but not too overpowering, as the orange top matches the orange pumps, keeping the outfit balanced. It’s a casual look with a touch of elegance.

13. ​​​​​​​​​​Black Blouse and White and Black Sneakers with Blue Leggings

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I’m loving the style of this black top, it’s loose and easy to wear, and was paired with black and white sneakers and blue leggings.

The sneakers bring a casual essence to the outfit while the shiny blue leggings give the look a more fashionable feel.

​14. ​​​​Gray Striped Blazer, White Blouse, and Clear-Heeled Mules with Blue Leggings

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Here’s a professional look with blue leggings. Paired with a gray blazer, white top, and clear-heeled mules, the overall outfit is chic and refined, and the tone of the look is very soft and classic.

15. ​​​​Black, High-Low Blouse and Black Platform Heels with Blue Leggings

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This matchup is dressy but also on the relaxed side. This pair of blue leggings was paired with a black top and black platform heels and is a stylish option for a night out with friends.

There’s no need to be afraid of wearing your blue leggings. You should feel free to style them as you wish and own your look. What do you think about blue leggings? Do you feel more inspired to style them with some of your favorite wardrobe pieces now? Let me know in the comments below.
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